Business News

Faster and Cheaper Versions of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Hit the Market

A more affordable version of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 has just been released, as well as two new models that have a faster Intel Core i7 processor. Read full article

4G News

FreedomPop Now Offering Free LTE Data for Tablets

Thanks to a new FreedomPop service, users can receive free data, texting, and voice minutes on many tablets. Read full article

Android News

Nvidia Shield Tablet Now Available for Mobile Gamers

A tablet powered by an Nvidia Tegra K1 mobile processor debuts today. The primary focus of the $299 Nvidia Shield Tablet is gaming. Read full article

Apple Feature

iPad Sales Are Down Again: How Apple Can Reverse This Trend

For the second quarter in a row, iPad sales dropped year over year. Turning things around is going to take a change in strategy. Read full article

Business News

Microsoft CEO: Windows RT and Windows Phone Merging Into Windows

Microsoft currently offers three different operating systems, but this will change soon. CEO Satya Nadella promises that these are going to be merged into one. Read full article

How To

How To Use an Apple iPad to Remote Control a Windows, OS X, or Linux PC

It's possible to use an Apple iPad to control a distant PC. Here's a guide for getting started, including the strengths and weaknesses of six apps that promise to handle[...] Read full article

eReaders News

Read All the Ebooks You Want for $10 with Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Amazon has begun offering Kindle Unlimited, a new subscription service giving users “all you can eat” access to a selection ebooks for a flat monthly fee of $9.99. Read full article

Business News

Lenovo ThinkPad 8 No Longer Available in the U.S.

Neither of the 8-inch Windows tablets Lenovo introduced in the last year are available in the U.S. anymore. This doesn’t mean the company is giving up on small-screen Windows devices[...] Read full article

Android How To

How To Find WiFi When Traveling

Tablets are great when at home, office, or school, but getting an Internet connection when traveling is a bit more difficult. TabletPCReview is here to help with suggestions on how[...] Read full article

Android News

Samsung Knox to Co-exist with Android’s Secure Container Knockoff

Samsung forges ahead with its Knox enterprise mobility management (EMM) tool, despite a free Knox knockoff in Google Android L. More details are available from SearchConsumerization. Read full article