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Tablet Articles for January of 2005

Below are the 17 Tablet articles for January of 2005

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Countdown to CES 80's Beloved Commodore Brand Returns Real Estate Agents - Get "Wired" in 2005

Motion’s Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard Review

TabletPC Buzz has posted an excellent review of the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard from Motion Computing.

Live From CES: New Toshiba Satellite Tablet PC!

Last night we attended the Digital Experience event we were excited to check out the new Toshiba Satellite Tablet PC Convertible which will be officially announced at CES today...

Live from CES: New Tablet PC OS Updates from Microsoft!

Last night while attending the Digital Focus event here at CES in Las Vegas, we had a chance to chat with Microsoft's Tablet PC gurus...

Half Life 2 PC Game Review

In 1998 the original Half-Life set standards and the sequel initially set records in a slightly different way by being one of the longest delayed and yet published games ever.[...]

CES 2005 – Tablet PC’s Steal the Show!

Visitors flocked in droves to learn all about the Tablet PC from the Microsoft Reps. Better yet, Microsoft offered a giveaway...

New Intel “Sonoma” Chip to be Announced

Intel will be announcing its latest Pentium M Centrino platform, dubbed "Sonoma", on January 19 in San Francisco. The new Pentium M chips will feature a faster...

Next Windows OS “Longhorn” to Combine Tablet PC/Media Center Support

Sources are reporting a new packaging strategy for the upcoming release which is currently dubbed "Longhorn". The final name of this new Windows version is unclear, however it seems[...]

Insert Here: Modular PC for “Microtablet” Opens New Computer Portability Option

MCC's Modular PC allows the end user to eliminate the need for multiple operating platforms and supporting multiple software licenses. The Modular PC...

Microsoft Branded Tablet PC? “It is abjectly NOT TRUE”

News swarmed the web recently that Microsoft had plans to offer actual Tablet PC hardware bearing its mighty brand name...

Taxis Love PDAs, Mobile Phones and Notebooks!

Securing your PDA, Smartphone and notebook/Tablet PC is critical. Take this latest study from Pointsec as exhibit A. They studied nine countries over the past six months and found tens[...]

Motion Releases “Client” Tablet PC

Motion Computing has released a new innovative solution by offering a "Client" Tablet PC. This device called the Motion M1400TC Tablet Client is thinner, powered by an Intel Celeron[...]

Toshiba Satellite R15

Toshiba Satellite R15-S822 Tablet PC – Offering you a new level of functionality, this Notebook Computer can easily convert into a tablet PC. Just fold the 14.1″ LCD on top[...]

Toshiba Satellite R15 Tablet PC Available For Pre-Order

While it's not even mentioned on Toshiba's site yet, J&R has started taking pre-orders on the soon to be popular Satellite R15 Tablet PC from Toshiba.

Bug Found in Windows Tablet PC Edition

A bug in Microsoft Tablet PC Edition has been confirmed. Apparently this issue surrounds the small application "Tabtip.exe" which is necessary to allow handwriting recoginition functionality...

Microsoft Pushing Tablet PC Beyond Niche Markets

Back in June I made predictions about the Tablet PC moving into the mainstream consumer market. I predicted that lower-priced models and a larger variety of choices would come[...]

Getting the Most Out of Your Technology – Make a Good Buying Decision

As a writer and a purveyor of current technology, I am commonly asked by my less technical friends and family what PDA, mobile phone, or computer to purchase. I normally[...]