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Tablet Articles for January of 2012

Below are the 90 Tablet articles for January of 2012

OnLive for Tablets Review: Console Gaming On the Go?

Cloud gaming service OnLive has now come to Android tablets, and soon to iOS. Does it actually let you enjoy console-level gaming on the road thanks to being able to[...]

Tablet News Bits: Sony Tablet S Price Drop, ASUS CES Tablet Revealed, Lenovo and Acer Sticking with Wintel

It's 2012 and Sony is slashing prices, pics of ASUS CES tablets are leaking, and Lenovo and Acer are sticking with Intel and Windows. Find out what else is going[...]

All PlayBook Models Discounted to $299 on RIM Online Store

The BlackBerry PlayBook discounts continue today, as all models of the RIM tablet are now available for $299 through the company's online store, including the 16 GB, 32 GB, and[...]

Honeycomb Update Being Rolled Out to American HTC Flyer Tablets

Users of the American version of the HTC Flyer have confirmed that they have begun to receive the Android Honeycomb 3.2 update for their tablets today.

ASUS Transformer Prime Getting ICS Soon and Bootloader Fix

ASUS is ramping up efforts to bring the first quad-core tablet up to spec, announcing today via Facebook that the Tegra 3-toting tablet will receive an update to Android Ice[...]

Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2

The Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 is the first tablet to sport the Motorola Droid branding. It has an 8.2-inch display (1280 x 800) and runs Android Honeycomb 3.2, but will[...]

Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2

The Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 is the first tablet to sport the Motorola Droid branding. It has an 8.2-inch display (1280 x 800) and runs Android Honeycomb 3.2, but will[...]

Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2

The Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 is an 8.2-inch Android tablet with a dual-core processor and 1280 x 800 display resolution. It ships with Android Honeycomb 3.2 but will feature Android[...]

Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2

The Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 is an 8.2-inch tablet with a dual-core processor and 1280 x 800 display resolution. It ships with Android Honeycomb 3.2 but will feature Android Ice[...]

Motorola Droid Xyboard 8.2 Review: Don’t Call it a Xoom

For the Motorola's second stab at an Android tablet, it is leaning on its Droid branding by giving us the Droid Xyboard in two sizes, a 10.1-inch Xyboard and a[...]

Velocity Micro Announces Two Android Tablets Ahead of CES 2012

With CES less than a week away, Velocity Micro has announced two new Android tablets to get a head start on its competitors.

Pantech Element Splashproof Android Tablet AT&T Bound

AT&T will be adding to its tablet portfolio on January 8th with the Pantech Element, a splashproof Android tablet.

Acer Officially Announces Iconia Tab A200 Android Tablet

Acer has officially unveiled its Iconia Tab A200 tablet, a 10.1-inch, Android 3.2 Honeycomb tablet that will be offered starting at $329.99.

Google Nexus Tablet Gunning for Amazon Kindle Fire?

Google is planning to release its own tablet within six months, if comments by CEO Eric Schmidt is to be believed. But it may not be focused on stealing market[...]

Razer Gaming Tablet Ready for CES Unveiling?

Judging from a teaser video that pokes fun at the Apple iPad, PC gaming hardware maker Razer is set to unveil something at CES, possibly a new gaming tablet.

Can Microsoft Windows 8 Tablets Really Make a Dent in Apple iPad Sales?

In Microsoft's uphill battle against Apple iPad, will Windows 8 garner enough tablets from hardware makers, apps from software developers, and interest from consumers? Here are some insights from analysts[...]

E FUN Nextbook Elite 10 ICS Tablet Getting Ready for CES

E FUN is ready to debut its latest Nextbook Android tablet, the Nextbook Elite 10, at CES on January 10.

Apple iPad 3 Leaks Suggest Spec Bump, iPad 2 Sticking Around

The Apple iPad 3 rumor mill is swirling, with new bits of information all but confirming what has already leaked.

Toshiba to Unveil the World’s Thinnest Tablet and More at CES 2012

There is a very good chance Toshiba will show off the world's thinnest and lightest 10.1-inch tablet along with a waterproof OLED reference tablet at CES 2012 next week.

CES 2012: The Future of Tablets Revealed in Vegas

Android tablets dominated CES 2011, but Windows 8 looms large in 2012. As Apple readies the iPad 3, the Kindle Fire and NOOK Tablet have many rethinking the tablet market.[...]

iPad 4 Coming Sooner than Expected?

As iPad 3 rumors heat up, talk is already beginning to emerge regarding the iPad 4! Will it come sooner than expected?

Motorola Xyboard Wi-Fi Leaked Ahead of CES 2012

Good news for cash-strapped Xyboard fans, a Wi-Fi Xyboard is coming.

ASUS Windows 8 ARM Tablet Coming, 3G Transformer Prime Too

The CES news is coming out fast and furious, with ASUS revealing plans to release a Windows 8 ARM tablet in 2012 along with a host of Android tablets.

OLPC XO 3.0 Tablet Nearing Production, At CES 2012

Could a $100 tablet with limited specs that will not be available to consumers really steal the show at CES 2012?

Polaroid Tablet/eReader Images Leaked, CES Debut to Come?

It appears Polaroid will be taking a dip into the tabletsphere this year, as images of a tablet/eReader have been leaked ahead of its supposed CES debut.

Brando Releases Glasses-Free 3D Tablet

While we are expected to see a handful of glasses-free 3D tablets during the CES showcase this week in Las Vegas, it appears Hong Kong exporter Brando has beat the[...]

Pantech Element Available for Pre-Order from AT&T Today

The Pantech Element, an 8-inch splashproof tablet, is now available for pre-order from AT&T, confirming previous reports that the nation?s second largest mobile carrier would be adding the tablet to[...]

Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy Note Heading to AT&T

A day shy of its CES press conference, Samsung has unofficially confirmed that the company's Galaxy Note will be heading to AT&T, thanks to several posters in the public area[...]

Acer Briefly Flaunts Next-Gen Iconia Quad-Core Tablet at CES
UPDATE: It’s the Iconia Tab A700

With its CES 2012 press conference coming to a close, Acer quickly announced its next-generation Iconia Tab A700, only revealing limited details before taking the tablet offstage.

Lenovo Announces IdeaTab S2 10 Android Tablet at CES 2012

Lenovo may have ditched the IdeaPad moniker for its latest tablet, the IdeaTab S2 10, but it is sticking with Android and the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.

Toshiba Excite X10 Hands On: The World’s Thinnest Tablet?

Toshiba claims its new Excite X10 Android tablet is the world's thinnest and lightest 10-inch tablet. We won't argue with Toshiba on that point, but after some hands-on time with[...]

Gigabyte Harnesses Atom Power for Slate and Convertible, Goes Core for Booktop

Gigabyte is in Las Vegas for CES with two Atom-powered devices as well as a Core-powered Gigabyte Booktop, which the company claims is a notebook, tablet, and desktop all-in-one.

Vizio Teases 10-inch Tablet at CES

Vizio teased a new 10-inch tablet at CES 2012, and though details are still limited, the company promised a powerful slate.

Barnes & Noble Offers Discounts on NOOK Line

While the season of giving is over, Barnes & Noble is offering discounts on its NOOK line, though there is a catch.

RIM Finally Details BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0, Coming in February

RIM is finally ready to make good on its BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 promise and detailed the specific improvements it will bring to its PlayBook tablet.

ASUS Spec Bumps the Transformer Prime, Outs Two MeMOs

ASUS isn't sitting this CES out as the Transformer-maker today announced a new Transformer Prime and two 7-inch MeMO tablets.

Lenovo Announces IdeaPad Yoga, A Windows 8 Convertible Ultrabook

We were patiently waiting for a convertible ultrabook since the thin laptop craze began, and Lenovo has stepped up with the new IdeaPad Yoga, a 13.3-inch dual-hinged thin tablet/notebook.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Hitting Verizon 4G LTE, Confirmed

Samsung has just revealed that its Galaxy Tab 7.7 will soon be available on Verizon's 4G LTE network.

Samsung Officially Announces Galaxy Note Landing at AT&T

It's official: Samsung has just announced that AT&T will be offering its Galaxy Note, bringing the device to the United States.

ASUS Tegra 3 Tablet Priced Insanely Cheap

With CES well on its way, NVIDIA has just announced the pricing for the 7-inch slate ASUS introduced earlier today, marking the tablet with a $249 price tag, putting the[...]

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Hands On: An Ultrathin, Ultrabook Convertible

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is a different kind of ultrabook. Instead of a standard swivel hinge design, it sports two hinges and opens up 360 degrees over itself when converting[...]

Texas Instruments to Unveil Windows 8 ARM Tablet at CES, Keeping it Behind Glass

Texas Instruments will be showcasing a Windows 8 ARM tablet packing an OMAP4470 processor at CES 2012 this week, with the unnamed tablet expected to show up at Texas Instrument's[...]

OnLive Desktop App to Bring Windows 7 to Apple iPad

Apple iPad owners who use their tablet for more than just content consumption will be pleased to know that OnLive is bringing Windows 7 to the iPad via the cloud[...]

Comcast Introduces AnyPlay, Streaming Live TV on Subscribers’ iPads

Comcast announced today that iPad users will be able to watch live TV from the comfort of their iPads while at home.

ViewSonic Announces Ice Cream Sandwich-Powered Tablet

ViewSonic has just introduced a budget-friendly 7-inch tablet set to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Razer Announces Project Fiona Bringing Gaming to Tablets

The gaming company Razer is working again to bring PC gaming to a new form factor, this time with Project Fiona, which aims to use the Windows tablet environment to[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note and S Pen Hands On: The PDA, Smartphone, Tablet Combo

Few tablets have generated as much buzz at CES 2012 as the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Note. What is it about the smartphone, tablet and PDA combo that has CES attendees[...]

Intel Chips Coming to Motorola Tablets and Smartphones in 2012

Intel and Motorola have announced a new multi-year, multi-device partnership between the companies that will include tablets and smartphones featuring Intel Atom processors, which will run on the Android platform.[...]

Huawei Announces Ice Cream Sandwich Availability on MediaPad and More

Huawei Device announced today their 7-inch MediaPad will ship preloaded with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the first quarter of 2012.

ASUS Transformer Prime 700 Series and Insanely Inexpensive Quad-Core MeMO Hands On

ASUS had to do something special at CES 2012 to trump its Transformer Prime. So what did it do? ASUS introduced a more powerful Transformer Prime and an insanely inexpensive[...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Hands On at CES: A Super Display

The most recently announced addition to Samsung's lineup of tablets, the Galaxy Tab 7.7, doesn't offer too much that we haven't seen before, with the exception of a new 7.7-inch[...]

HP Releases webOS 3.0.5. Update for TouchPad

Hewlett Packard has released the third webOS update for the TouchPad, which brings minor fixes.

Lenovo IdeaPad S2 Hands On: ICS Transformed at CES

The Yoga convertible wasn't the only tablet Lenovo was showing off at CES; they also had the IdeaTab S2 on display, a 10-inch Android Ice Cream Sandwich tablet with an[...]

CES 2012 Concept Tablets: Waterproof, Flexible, Oddly Sized, and More

CES is all about new and exciting products, and the manufacturers didn't disappoint in showing off innovative concept devices, with technology and features that could be coming soon to a[...]

CES 2012: Where Are the Quad-Core Android and Windows 8 ARM Tablets?

Most manufacturers held off on unveiling quad-core Android tablets, and the Windows 8 on ARM tablet PCs at CES 2012 were hidden behind glass. With a bit of digging, we[...]

CES 2012: Hands On With Windows 8 Metro Apps

What will turn up in Microsoft's first app store, and how are those beta apps now coming along? TabletPCReview picked up some hints at CES in a variety of places,[...]

Apple iPad 3 Set for March Launch with LTE, Quad-Core Chip and Retina Display

It's all but confirmed that the iPad 3 will have a quad-core processor, high resolution display, and support 4G LTE networks; the news sourced from Apple's manufacturing partners have lent[...]

Windows 8 Intel Tablet PCs Won’t Come Cheap

Customers may not be pleased with the reports indicating that manufacturers might price Intel-based Windows tablet PCs as high as $599 to $899 when the tablets ship later this year.

CES 2012 Wrap: New Old Tablets and Exciting Concepts, But Little Else

There simply weren't many "new" tablets at CES 2012. Cool concepts aside, we wanted to see the future of tablets at CES 2012, and instead we got re-releases and modest[...]

Toshiba Thrive 7-inch

The Toshiba Thrive 7-inch Android tablet is a 7-inch variant of the popular 10.1-inch Toshiba Thrive.

Toshiba Thrive 7-inch Review: Tablet Function and Portability

Essentially a shrunken-down version of its predecessor with only a few other changes, the Toshiba Thrive 7-inch tablet is a Honeycomb tablet offering multiple inputs, including microUSB and microSD.[...]

Apple Releasing eBook Creation Platform, Targeting Education

Apple will announce a new app and service for interactive eBook creation, with a new distribution plan in place to bring the custom eBooks to the iPhone and iPad.

Windows 8 Tablet Hardware Requirements Revealed

Microsoft's hardware requirements for tablets running its next platform, Windows 8, have been revealed thanks to a recent hardware certification requirements document.

RIM Working on New BlackBerry PlayBooks?

RIM could be working on two new BlackBerry PlayBook models for 2012: a 7-inch 3G model and 10-inch LTE PlayBook.

Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom Android Ice Cream Sandwich Update Ready

Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 is now ready for the first Android Honeycomb tablet, as the Motorola Xoom will be the second major device to officially receive the update following[...]

LG Optimus Pad LTE Tablet Unveiled, Coming to South Korea

LG did not have any new tablets to show at CES 2012, but it still had one in the wings as the mobile maker today announced its first LTE tablet,[...]

Fujitsu Stylistic M532 Quad-Core Tablet Rumored To Be Released In May

Fujitsu supposedly has a Tegra 3 quad-core tablet in the works, the Stylistic M532, and it's rumored to be released with Ice Cream Sandwich sometime in May of this year.

What Are the Best Honeycomb TV and Movie Watching Apps?

Mobile tablets were made for watching movies, and with Netflix and a host of other movie and TV-streaming apps now available for Android, Honeycomb tablet owners can finally take full[...]

Apple Goes After Education with iBooks 2, iTunes U and iBooks Author

Today, Apple announces a variety of education applications, including iBooks 2, iTunes U and iBooks Author, which are geared towards teachers, student and textbook creators.

Apple iPad 3 to be Named iPad 2S?

Could the iPad 3 actually be called the "iPad 2S"?

Beacon Universal Remote for Android Tablets Review

The Beacon Universal Remote, now available for Android, puts up a gallant effort at ridding the world -- and overly cluttered living rooms -- of unwanted stacks of remote controls.[...]

PlayBook Do Over: RIM Tablet ‘Revamp’ Confirmed Amidst RIM CEO Shakeup

RIM is working hard on a BlackBerry PlayBook revamp for early 2012, which will include the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update in February and perhaps two new models.

Tablet Ownership Nearly Doubles During Holiday Season

A survey released by the Pew Research Center showed that tablet and eReader ownership nearly doubled during the holiday season.

Apple iPad 3: What We Know So Far UPDATED

All eyes are on Apple as it will announce the next-generation iPad on March 7. Officially, we know nothing about the iPad 3 (or iPad HD, or iPad 2S), but[...]

Apple Sets All-Time iPad Sales Record in Q1 2012

Apple set an all-time record for iPad sales in Q1 2012 by selling 15.43 million units, a 111% increase over the Q1 2011 total.

Samsung Galaxy Note Price and Release Date Leaked?

If the rumors are true, the Samsung Galaxy Note has an official US release date and price for AT&T.

Tablet Market Breakdown: Apple Leads, Android Gaining

Coming off its record high quarter, Apple still dominates the global tablet market and scored a 58% share in Q4 2011. However, Android is eating away at Apple's number.

Sprint Rumored to Release a Budget 3G Tablet, the ZTE Optik

If you're looking for a cheap, wallet-friendly 3G tablet, Sprint may have you covered.

What Are the Best Amazon Kindle Fire Accessories?

Your Amazon Kindle Fire needs accessories. It needs a screen protector to prevent scratches, a case to protect against drops, speakers to get the most out of Netflix and Amazon[...]

How Many Tablets Did Motorola Ship in 2011?

Not many.

Verizon ZTE V66 LTE Android Tablet Pics Leak

Images for a Verizon-bound ZTE Android tablet, previously seen in the FCC database, leaked. Unfortunately, they don't reveal much.

Nintendo Wii U To Include NFC Support

Details about Nintendo's next-generation console are still coming to light, as the company's president, Satoru Iwata, announced that the Wii U will feature near-field communication (NFC) support.

Tablet News Bits: New Galaxy Tab MWC Bound, Android Market Breakdown

Weeks after CES 2012, all eyes are on Apple as it readies the iPad 3. However, Mobile World Congress kicks off in a month, and the rumor mill is swirling[...]

Kindle Leading the eReader Market Over the Nook

Since last year, the market for eReaders such as the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes & Noble Nook has been steadily increasing, but the latest reports show that the Kindle[...]

OnLive Desktop Review: Windows 7 on an Apple iPad

With the free OnLive Desktop app, users are provided a cloud-based Windows 7 PC on their Apple iPad that will allow them to create and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note to Ship to AT&T in Mid-February

The American version of the Samsung Galaxy Note, which was revealed at CES 2012, will be available for in-store purchase on February 5 and will be delivered to customers on[...]

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet to Get ICS Update in Q2

Lenovo's business-oriented ThinkPad Tablet will be receiving an OTA update to Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, sometime in the second quarter of this year, according to the company.

Rumor: RIM To Begin BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 Rollout Feb. 17

Though the date hasn't been officially confirmed by RIM, rumors abound that February 17 will be the release date for the long-awaited BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 update.

Macworld 2012 Recap: iPad Apps and Accessories

The recent Macworld/iWorld convention in San Francisco had no shortage of apps and accessories for Apple's iPad and iPhone, but there were also informative TechTalk sessions, too. Here are some[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S II To Receive ICS Update By End Of Q1

Samsung Norway announced via its Facebook page yesterday that the Galaxy Note smartphone/tablet hybrid will be receiving an upgrade to Android 4.0, aka Ice Cream Sandwich, by the end[...]