October 2006 Tablet Articles

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Tablet Articles for October of 2006

Below are the 37 Tablet articles for October of 2006

News – Sony Battery Recall Grows, Intel Seeks ‘Sexier’ PCs, 2nd Generation UMPCs Revealed

Sony Battery Recall Grows Intel Offers $1,000,000 for 'Sexier' PCs 2nd Generation UMPCs Revealed

News – UMPCs Get 3G-Enabled, HP Bets Sony Batteries Safe, Flybook V33i 2.6 Pound Tablet

Sierra Wireless Supports 3G for Intel UMPC Platform HP Bets Sony Batteries Safe (at least in their laptops) Flybook V33i 2.6 Pound Tablet Computer

News — News of FireFox Security Flaw Spreads (MUST SEE PHOTO!), Micro Mac Portable Predicted (Maybe a Tablet?), Ultimate Bluetooth Keyboard

News of "Unpatchable" FireFox Security Flaw Spreads Micro Mac Portable Predicted (Maybe a Tablet?) Logitech diNovo Edge: Ultimate Bluetooth Keyboard

Art Deco Future Fujitsu Tablet PC Model? (pics)

On the opening day at CEATEC in Japan Fujitsu displayed a very cool looking sci-fi type of concept PC that runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. This Apple-esque art deco[...]

“Alleged” Lenovo X60 Tablet PC Specs

GottaBeMobile.com has stated that an "anonymous reader" sent in the following specs for the highly-anticipated Lenovo X60 Tablet PC. There is no confirmation regarding the accuracy of this information, so[...]

News – Vista Lockdown,Vista Upgrade Coupon Stocking Stuffers, Security Vendors Criticize Microsoft Secrecy

Vista Lockdown: "We will let you use your browser for an hour..." Vista Upgrade Coupon Stocking Stuffers Security Vendors Criticize Microsoft Secrecy

TabletKiosk Roadshow Coming

TabletKiosk is about to kick off a roadshow that will highlight their Tablet PC and UMPC offerings. There are four free shows that start October 19th.

ASUS R1F Tablet PC User Review (pics, specs)

"In this review, I'll give you my full, honest and unbiased opinions of the R1F Tablet PC. I myself rely so much on reviews before purchasing. I am not an[...]

Safety Tips for Notebook and Tablet PC Computer Use

From grade-school kids to Wall Street execs, portable computing has become a way of life. But with that way of life comes some potential dangers that can usually be avoided[...]

Doyle Published in Book as “Tablet PC Expert”

After writing as a journalist and reporter for web-based media over several years, I have finally had the opportunity to write about Tablet PCs in a printed book. Editor Gene[...]

New Tablet PC = Free Windows Vista Upgrade?

Recent stories have circulated in the news that Microsoft plans to boost holiday PC sales by including a Windows Vista upgrade coupon "in the box" with new PCs. Details today[...]

News – Tablet PC Webinar, Education Case Studies, EverNote 1.5 Released

Tablet PC Webinar this Wednesday Compilation of Tablet PC Case Studies in Education EverNote Version 1.5 Has Been Released

News – Jet Engine to Power the Tablet PC?, HP Shows Off 2016 Tablet Technology, Intel Mobile Clinical Assistant

Minature Jet Engine to Power Your Next Tablet PC? HP Shows Off 2016 Tablet Technology Concept Intel Mobile Clinical Assistant Concept

mimobot Designer Flash Drives Review

Flash drives are all the rage these days. They come in huge capacities and even in exotic flavors like titanium and biometric. But what most drives lack is any sort[...]

News – 100Mbps Over Phone Lines, 10 New Microsoft Patches, Blocking Internet Explorer 7

100Mbps DSL Over Phone Lines 10 New Microsoft Patches Released Blocking Automatic Installation of Internet Explorer 7

Just How Did “Bluetooth” Get its Name?

"Now you can see people walking the campus of your school, the floors of office buildings and through the mall with earpieces blinking with that saturated trademark blue hue -[...]

Tablet PC / Tech Deals – 10/14/06

Custom Toshiba Satellite R20 Tablet - 10% Off Sling Media Slingbox - $159.99 Microsoft Office Live Essentials - FREE More...

News – Intel Touts Glide OS for UMPCs, Fujitsu Offers More Flash Hard Drive Options, More Draconian Vista Restrictions Surface

Intel Touts Glide OS for UMPCs Fujitsu Offers More Flash Hard Drive Options More Draconian Vista Restrictions Surface

New Fujitsu P1610 Ultraportable Tablet PC Released (pics, specs)

"Fujitsu today released their newest Tablet PC convertible, the P1610 in Korea. The P1610 is the successor to the popular ultraportable P1500 Tablet PC. ...In seeing these first[...]

News – Sony Recalls 300,000 Batteries, Microsoft Says Run Update Again, 7.1 Inch 1080p LCD

Sony Recalls 300,000 Of Its Own Batteries Microsoft Says Run Update Again Sanyo-Epson 7.1 Inch 1080p LCD

GPS Added to the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Navicore and Nokia have announced the addition of GPS Navigation functionality to the popular Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. Navicore is the developer of the Navicore Personal GPS navigation software.

Panasonic Introduces the New CF-19 ToughBook Tablet PC

Panasonic has introduced the new CF-19 Tablet PC. This is the latest addition to the ToughBook series. The CF-19 has the same magnesium alloy case, sealed keyboard and ports and[...]

Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC

The ThinkPad X60 Tablet PC convertible notebook is a convertible Tablet PC / notebook that uses an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The X60 uses Wacom pen technology and a[...]

News – IE 7 Available for Download, Quanta UMPC Entry, LG C1 Ultraportable Tablet

IE 7 Available for Download: Vulnerabilities Found Already Quanta / Intel / Yahoo UMPC Entry 2.8 Pound LG C1 Ultraportable Tablet PC

Toshiba Tecra M7 Tablet PC – Our Full Review

I am significantly impressed by the improvements in the Toshiba Tecra M7 Tablet PC convertible over the older Tecra M4 we worked with over a year ago. The overall feel[...]

News – Samsung “Slips Out” Two New UMPC Models

Samsung quietly updates their flagship UMPC, the Q1 with new chip and memory options.

Table PC / Tech Deals – 10/21/06

Samsung 120GB 5400 RPM Notebook Hard Drive $90 shipped Targus Blacktop Deluxe Case CBT400 $25 Sling Media Slingbox - $159.99 more...

News – Firefox 2.0 Set for Tuesday Release, Flyingmag.com Tablet PC Contest, XP Service Pack 3 Only in 2008

Firefox 2.0 Set for Tuesday Release Flyingmag.com Tablet PC Contest XP Service Pack 3 Only in 2008

News – LG C1 Tablet PC “sexed-up”, Notebook Sales Down, Lenovo Joins the NBA “Courtside”

LG Xnote C1 Tablet PC "sexed-up" Battery and Component Shortages Bring Notebook Sales Down Lenovo Joins the NBA "Courtside" in New Partnership

News – The battery Carnage Continues, One Step Closer to Fuel Cell Tablet PC?, IE 7 Initial Reviews Lackluster

The battery Carnage Continues as Sony Recalls 340,000 More Batteries One Step Closer to a Fuel Cell Powered Tablet PC? IE 7 Initial Reviews Lackluster[...]

Microsoft Plans for Vista Upgrades Official (UPDATED DETAILS)

Microsoft has identified the dates and details for its "Express Upgrade to Windows Vista" program. The offer will be valid for "qualifying" Windows Vista Capable PCs purchased between October 26th[...]

News – New Nokia Tablet?, Sprint is First with EV-DO “Rev A”, Wacom’s Next Generation Tablet PC Pen, Google Pig Latin!

Rumors of New Nokia 330 Tablet Sprint Launches First EV-DO Rev A Network Wacom Brings Up The Next Generation on the Pen Google[...]

Instant Movie Rentals on Your Tablet PC with Movielink

"We now have gadgets like the Slingbox that make it possible to "tune in" to our precorded or live shows remotely from a PC. Then there is DVD rental mail[...]

Lexar Jumpdrive Secure II 2GB Mini Review

When I started looking for a secure USB drive for a trip to Eastern Europe I thought my requirements were fairly simple...

Tablet PC – Tech Deals 10/29/06

10% Off Custom Toshiba Tablet PCs IS BACK! $37 for Norton Antivirus Targus "Mobile X" Notebook Stand - $19.99 Sling Media Slingbox - $159.99

Toshiba Portege M400-S4032 Tablet PC Integrates Verizon EVDO

Toshiba is now offering a flavor of the Portege M400 with integrated WAN connectivity. The Portege M400-S4032 Tablet PC model is now available with embedded EVDO via Verizon's high speed[...]

News – Haunted Laptop Screen, HP Goes Voodoo for Halloween, Mac-o-lantern

Ghostly Fingers on a Haunted Laptop Screen HP Goes Voodoo for Halloween Mac-o-lantern Computer in a Pumpkin