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Tablet Articles for October of 2010

Below are the 54 Tablet articles for October of 2010

Tablet News Week in Review: Apple in the Enterprise, PlayBooks in Best Buy & iPads in BMWs

RIM dominated tablet news this week with the unveiling of the long-rumored BlackBerry tablet, a device RIM describes as "enterprise ready," which they call the PlayBook. Let's take a look[...]

LG Drops Froyo Android Tablet

Don't hold your breath waiting on an LG Android tablet, as the South Korean mobile maker has scrapped a planned device running Android 2.2 (Froyo), presumably in favor of a[...]

Amazon Now Selling Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is now for sale through Amazon. The online retail giant joins Target as the two new outlets now selling Apples market-leading tablet. Currently, Amazon only offers the[...]

Barnes & Noble Debuts PubIt for DIY eBooks

If the digitization of the written word has done anything, it has lowered the boundaries for entry. Any would-be novelist can crank out a 1,000 page epic and publish it[...]

Analysts: iPad Sales Rate Hits 4.5 Million per Quarter

With a sales rate of 4.5 million units per quarter, the Apple iPad is now the most quickly adopted non-phone consumer tech product. Analysts indicate iPad US sales could surpass[...]

Ballmer: Windows 7 Tablet PCs Ready for Christmas

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer boldly proclaimed that Windows 7 tablet PCs will be available in time for Christmas.

Lenovo Mulling ThinkPad Business Tablet

Lenovo is taking a hard look at the enterprise and may develop a ThinkPad tablet, according to Lenovo VP Peter Hortensius.

Cisco Cius to Cost Less than a Grand, Shipping with Froyo

A Cisco Cius software partner FAQ has leaked online, revealing further details on the Android-powered business tablet. Of note, the Cius will run under $1,000 but cost "twice the price[...]

Rumor: Asus Working on EP90 Tablet

Could Asus be working on another tablet for Eee Pad lineup? A leak from the Hebrew-language site ynet suggests Asus could soon unveil the EP90, an 8.9-inch tablet (1024 by[...]

Verizon CEO Promises 4G Tablets by Mid-2011

Verizon head Lowell McAdam claimed his company will have half a dozen smartphones and tablets with LTE (Long Term Evolution, Verizon 4G) service by middle of 2011.

Augen Announces Six New Android Tablets

Augen, makers of the $150 Kmart tablet, have announced six new Android tablets with screen sizes ranging from seven to 10 inches, each named after a coffee drink and broken[...]

Cherrypal $188 Android Tablet Targets “Sub iPad Market”

Affordable computer maker Cherrypal has unveiled a $188 Android tablet the company claims is targeted at the sub iPad market.

Rumor: Sprint Galaxy Tab Price and Launch Date Leak

Rumors suggest that those shunning the iPad and holding out for the first best Android tablet might have to fork over a good chunk of change for the Galaxy Tab,[...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Leak Reveals T-Mobile Price

A leaked internal T-Mobile slide reveals the Samsung Galaxy Tab will cost $399 with a two-year agreement on the T-Mobile network and after a $50 mail-in rebate, TMoNews reports. Those[...]

Tablet News Week in Review: Bugs Ruin RIM’s Christmas, HTC Mum on Tablets, iPad will Dominate 2011

With no major launches or announcement, rumors and leaks dominated the tablet news this week, including the reasons why RIM missed a Christmas launch for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, a[...]

The HP Tablet: WebOS, Windows, or Android?

This much we know. HP is readying a webOS-based tablet unofficially dubbed the PalmPad for release early next year. Things get very muddled, however, when the talk turns to HP's[...]

Update: iPad Coming to Walmart Friday

The Apple iPad retail roll out continues as photos of the market-dominating tablets have been spotted at Walmart.

Windows Phone 7 Tablets not Coming Soon

Don't hold your breath waiting for a Windows Phone 7 tablet, especially if Microsoft product manager Greg Sullivan is to be believed.

Amazon Introduces Kindle Singles

Amazon will soon launch Kindle Singles for its Kindle eReaders, which is content approximately 30 to 90 pages long that slots somewhere between magazine articles and full books in terms[...]

Armor X10gx Rugged Tablet Review

Meet the toughest tablet on the block, the Armor X10gx from DRS Tactical Systems. While other tablets impress with flashy UIs and cute applications, the X10gx takes any abuse the[...]

Armor X10gx

Meet the toughest tablet on the block. The Armor X10gx from DRS Tactical Systems is a 10.4-inch rugged tablet with a Intel Core2 Duo 1.2GHz processor.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi Coming to Verizon Stores

Apple will sell its popular iPad tablet at Verizon stores beginning October 28th. However, those hoping for an iPad or iPhone on the Verizon network will be disappointed to learn[...]

Best RSS Reader Apps for the iPad

RSS feeds are a great way to keep track of everything from the world news to your favorite personal blogs. Unfortunately they can quickly become overwhelming if you don't have[...]

Apple iPad Alternatives: The Samsung Galaxy Tab, Review Coming Next Week

The Samsung Galaxy Tab represents the first best shot an Android tablet has at putting a dent into the Apple iPad's tablet market dominance. TabletPCReview presents the tale of the[...]

iPad Killers Await Future Chips from Intel and TI

With analysts projecting sales of tens of millions of tablet PCs over the next few years, companies that will benefit -- sooner or later -- include not just device makers[...]

Tablet News Week in Review: The Windows Phone 7 Tablet News that Wasn’t

The big tablet news was news that wasn't, actually. On Monday, Steve Ballmer officially unveiled Windows Phone 7 with no mention of tablets. It seems Microsoft is sticking by Windows[...]

Steve Jobs: Apple not Making 7-inch iPad

Forget those seven-inch iPad rumors as Steve Jobs threw cold water all over them during the Apple Q4 earnings call. The Apple CEO called the seven-inch screen size "useless" and[...]

Pandigital Announces Novel Personal eReader

Pandigital is readying its new ePaper model for sale sometime this month. The device features a screen that is said to strongly withstand glare and be suitable for outdoor use.

Barnes & Noble Nook Update Coming

Barnes & Noble is set to release a pair of upgrades related to its Nook eReader. Increased page turning speed and feature enhancements stand at the center of the improvements.[...]

More BlackBerry PlayBook Details Emerge

RIM certainly hasnt been shy about touting the BlackBerry PlayBooks impressive spec sheet, but this week we learned a few additional details about the BlackBerry tablet. Just like the iPad,[...]

Rumor: HTC Tablet Pushed Back?

The rumor mill is active again in regards to the release date of the HTC tablet... if it even exists.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a seven-inch Android tablet that many believe is the first with shot at denting the Apple iPad’s market dominance. With Froyo and a 1 GHz[...]

Amazon Kindle DX Review

The Kindle DX is larger and more expensive than the Kindle eReader. But its sizeable display makes it better suited than smaller eReaders for magazine and newspaper content, as well[...]

DigiTimes: Gingerbread Samples Coming in December

Google has notified Android partners that the Android 3.0 operating system, aka Gingerbread, will be available in December for engineers, giving companies little time to display Gingerbread devices, including tablets,[...]

Verizon Announces Samsung Galaxy Tab Price and Availability

The long-awaited Samsung Galaxy Tab will finally make its way to American storefronts on November 11 -- at least the Verizon version. The Android tablet will begin selling for $600[...]

MSI WindPad 100 Windows Tablet Delayed

Another day, another tablet delay. This time, the already once-delayed MSI WindPad 100, a Windows 7 Tablet PC, has been pushed back again, reports the DigiTimes. According[...]

Lenovo U1 Hybrid Tablet and Notebook Finally Shipping in 2011, Or Not

The innovative but long-delayed Lenovo U1 hybrid tablet PC is finally getting its worldwide release in 2011, Lenovo business director Xiong Wen said.

HP Slate 500 Tablet PC Launched, a Windows 7 Tablet for Business

When it comes to tablet PCs, Hewlett Packard means business, as evident by the new HP Slate 500 Tablet PC, a Windows 7 tablet the company is targeting at business[...]

Lenovo Refutes Reports of U1 Tablet Launch and Windows 7 Plans

Pump the brakes with those Lenovo U1 and Windows 7 reports. Lenovo today officially denied any definite timetable or operating system plans around tablet PCs to be shipped outside of[...]

Best Personal Finance Apps for the iPad

A wide variety of personal finance apps are available for the iPad, and they can do everything from replace your paper checkbook register to helping you track every dime you[...]

Rumor: Barnes & Noble Color Nook Coming Tuesday

Barnes & Noble has been very busy with the Nook, or at least with firmware updates and expanding the Nook eBookstore. But since the launch of the Nook Wi-Fi this[...]

eReader News Round Up: Amazon Kindle to Get Lending, Walmart to get Nook and Kobo

The Amazon Kindle will have a book-lending feature later this year, according to a recent post on the Kindle Community Blog.

HP Slate 500 Tablet PC First Impressions

It's getting crowded in the business tablet market with four devices -- five, if you count the iPad -- competing for the same users. The newest device, the Windows 7[...]

Wi-Fi Samsung Galaxy Tab Price Leaked

Samsung announced it would ship a Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab, but offered little detail on the price. But who needs info from Samsung when a leaked Best Buy advertisement can tell[...]

Barnes & Noble Nook Color Images Leaked

An image of the upcoming Barnes & Noble Nook Color eReader briefly leaked on B&Ns website over the weekend, confirming that the Nook Color will strongly resemble a tablet.

Sprint Galaxy Tab Priced, Pre-orders Begin

Todays rumors were right. The Sprint version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab will ship on November 14th and cost $400 with a two-year agreement.

Barnes & Noble Announces Nook Color eReader

Barnes & Noble has unveiled the Nook Color, its latest-generation eReader featuring a seven-inch color touchscreen, nearly one year to the date it unveiled the original Nook eReader.

Acer Tablets Coming November 23

Acer will officially unveil its tablet computers on November 23, according to Acer chief Gianfranco Lanci. Speaking with Dow Jones Newswires, the Acer exec claimed the company would unveil the[...]

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab Coming a Day Early, Costs the Same

Verizon and Sprint may have beat T-Mobile with the announcements, but T-Mobile will be the first to offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab. T-Mobile customers can snag the Android tablet beginning[...]

Tab Coming to US Cellular, Verizon iPad now on Sale

At this point, it's easier just to report which carriers won't offer the Android tablet because Samsung just announced the Galaxy Tab will be coming to U.S. Cellular.

Asus Announces Tablet Plans, Again

Asus will begin launching tablets this December, each sporting a seven-inch, 10-inch, or 12-inch display, according to Asus chief Jerry Shen. The news comes just months after Shen announced Eee[...]

Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab Hits FCC

We know Samsung is planning a Wi-Fi only Galaxy Tab, and weve even seen it priced on leaked Best Buy ads, but just in case you need further proof, the[...]

Sony Talks Tablets

Sony has been very quite in regards to its tablet plans. In fact, outside of a logo cameo on a Windows 7 partner slide during a Steve Ballmer presentation, Sony[...]

Tablet News Week in Review: Kindle Sales Up, Kobos on Sale and Pocket eDge Spotted

The reemerging tablet market is full of rumors, speculation and news bits that we may have missed. That's why each weekend, we round them all up for the Tablet News[...]