November 2004 Tablet Articles

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Tablet Articles for November of 2004

Below are the 7 Tablet articles for November of 2004

Inside Kerry and Bush’s Technology Agenda

While technology policy isn't the most central issue of the current presidential campaign, government policy, rules, and regulations have had significant effects on the development and spread of many of[...]

Comfort Zones: More Road Warrior’s ‘Truth About Tablet PC’

The following recent post at offers one user's comprehensive view of the utility of the Tablet PC while traveling. Enjoy this "interesting viewpoint"...

Sony Announces VAIO U750 for U.S.

Sony has announced it will be releasing the VAIO U750 (VAIO VGN-U750P to be specific) in the U.S., this device was sold in Japan as the VAIO U70. This[...]

Bluetooth Version 2.0 – Faster, Lower Power Consumption, Enhanced Security

Users of Bluetooth devices and technology can look forward to an upgrade. Up to this point, bluetooth has been a wonderful low-powered, short range wireless technology...

The Averatec C3500 Convertible Tablet PC Full Review

We took the new Averatec C3500 Convertible Tablet PC for a 30 day spin! Does it make the grade? Read to find out!

The Averatec C3500 – What Do Our Readers Think?

So you heard my take in our full review of the C3500. But what do our readers think? I noticed that we got 3 fairly distinct reactions from[...]

Fujitsu Expands Mobile Offerings with Suite of Security Features

Finally, Biometric Fingerpring Scanning for Tablet PC's and other devices evolves to become a reliable security device...