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Tablet Articles for November of 2010

Below are the 51 Tablet articles for November of 2010

ViewSonic Unveils New ViewPad Android Tablets

The ViewPad 7 and ViewPad 10 are set for release in coming months. ViewSonic confirmed the Android-based tablets and their specs in an official press release.

LG Windows 7 Tablet Discovered at FCC

Last we heard from LG regarding the Korean company's tablet plans, an unnamed exec announced LG had dropped a planned Android 2.2 tablet. Now, gadget blog wireless goodness has dug[...]

Surprise! Apple iPad Absolutely Dominates Tablet Market

We all know Apple dominates the tablet market with the ultra-successful iPad. But, how much of the tablet market do you think the iPad owns?

LG Official Leaks Android Tablet Specs and Launch Date

What's up with LG? First the company announces the tablet it won't release, then a Windows 7 device leaks online, and now an unnamed official has gone on the record[...]

Android OS ”Honeycomb” Being Designed for Tablets

An LG executive has revealed that an upcoming version of Google's Android OS is being developed with tablet computers in mind. This version -- code-named "Honeycomb" -- is expected to[...]

Dell Teases Inspiron Duo Netbook/Tablet Hybrid

Dell has released a teaser of its tablet-netbook, the Inspiron Duo.

Samsung Expects 1 Million Galaxy Tab Sales in 2010

Citing strong response in Europe and Asia, Samsung mobile division head JK Shin claims the worlds number two handset maker will sell one million Galaxy Tab Android tablets in 2010.

10 Best Apps to Give Your iPad in 2010

We present a top ten list of "can't live without 'em" apps for the Apple iPad. They run the gamut from productivity to fun, and should provide a good start[...]

Tablet News Week in Review: Desktop/Tablet Hybrid Revealed and Intel Gets Good News

The tablet market was relatively calm this week as we await the unveiling of the next generation of Windows and Android tablets, not to mention the iPad, which is due[...]

Sony Reader Touch Edition Review

The Sony Reader Touch Edition is an electronic reading device with a six-inch eInk Pearl screen, 2GB of onboard memory, and dual SD and Memory Stick Duo expansion slots. Does[...]

enTourage Announces Pocket eDGe eReader/Tablet Device

The folks at enTourage Systems are looking to squeeze reading, writing and web-browsing capabilities into one portable system with its new Pocket eDGe.

E Ink Holdings Announces Color eInk Display

E Ink Holdings, the folks behind the eInk displays found on the Kindle and many other eReaders have announced their first color eInk display, E Ink Triton.

Kno Education Tablet Priced

Kno has finally announced pricing and availability for the student-aimed Kno tablet. The single-screen device will go for $600 while the dual-screen Kno will costs $900.

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Priced, Kind Of

The RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablet will cost "under $500" according RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie. In an interview in Seoul, Balsillie also announced RIM might sell the PlayBook through both carriers[...]

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab Now Available

T-Mobile has become the first major American carrier to launch the Galaxy Tab. Other companies are expected to release this week.

AT&T Charging $50 More for Galaxy Tab?

AT&T has been strangely silent about its Galaxy Tab release date and pricing. We know it's coming to the carrier, and T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon and even U.S. Cellular have announced[...]

eBooks to Become Multibillion Dollar Download

Only seven percent of American read and purchase eBooks -- many of them for devices other than eReaders (Kindle, Nook and Kobo iPad apps, perhaps?) -- but they will purchase[...]

Sony Reader Touch Edition

The Sony Reader Touch Edition is an electronic reading device with a six-inch eInk Pearl screen, 2GB of onboard memory, and dual SD and Memory Stick Duo expansion slots.

Nvidia CEO Claims Tegra 2-Powered Android Tablets Will Offer “Better” Everything

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang thinks the future crop of Android tablets using the dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor will, "give you the benefit of higher performance and much, much better[...]

Lenovo LePad Coming to US

Despite officially denying plans to release the Android tablet LePad outside of China last month, Lenovo Chief Yang Yuanging said Friday the Lenovo tablet will launch in the US next[...]

Rumor: Motorola Motopad Will Be First Android 3.0 Tablet

Could Motorola be the first with an Android 3.0 tablet? That?s exactly what Mobile-Review is reporting via its Twitter feed with this tweet: "Google choose MOTOPAD as a first device[...]

UPDATE: US Cellular and AT&T Announce Galaxy Tab Price and Availability

T-Mobile was the first. Then Verizon and Sprint followed suit. AT&T and U.S. Cellular remain on the sidelines, but rumors indicate that AT&T may begin selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab[...]

Best eBook Apps for the iPad

The iPad has more than just iBooks available for the eBook audience, but which ereader app has the right feature set for your? We break it down in this Buyer's[...]

HP Slate 500 Experiences “Extraordinary Demand,” Shipments Delayed

For Hewlett Packard, this could be considered a good problem to have. Citing "extraordinary demand" on the Slate 500 web page, the HP Windows 7 tablet PC is backordered six[...]

Nook Color Ships Out: Is it a Color eReader or Android Tablet?

Barnes & Noble is careful not to call the Nook Color a color eReader or Android tablet. So, what is it? And can it carve out a market niche somewhere[...]

Browser Battle: BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Apple iPad

RIM is really gunning after the iPad. The BlackBerry maker has released a video showcasing its PlayBook's browser capabilities compared against the iPad.

Dell Inspiron Duo Coming Next Week?

Even though information regarding the Inspiron Duo - specs, pricing, availability - has been vague and leaked out at a slow pace through the summer and fall seasons, it appears[...]

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit Review

There some great photo apps for the iPad. But since the iPad does not have a camera, the only way to load photos on Apple's tablet is via the Apple[...]

Honeycomb Rumor Fuels Motorola Android 3.0 Tablet Fire

Motorola will launch its Nvidia Tegra 2-powered Android tablet in February or March 2011, and it will run Google Android Honeycomb, the DigiTimes reports. LG will then follow with its[...]

Dell Inspiron Duo Price, Release Date Revealed

They said it would be available by the end of 2010, and they weren't lying. The Dell Inspiron Duo, a tablet/netbook hybrid with a dual-hinged display will begin shipping the[...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tops Black Friday Deals

Here's hoping you didn't already buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab. The device TabletPCReview dubs the 'first-best Android' tablet is slated to headline the list of tablet and eReader Black Friday[...]

Tablet News Week in Review: iPad Discount Bin Bound, Android Rising

What kind of Black Friday deals can you expect for tablets? At least two are confirmed, and they involve the major players in the tablet game. Read on to find[...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Review (EU Version)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a seven-inch Android tablet that many believe is the first with shot at denting the Apple iPad's market dominance. With Froyo and a 1 GHz[...]

iOS 4.2 Update Brings Multitasking and Wireless Printing to Apple iPad

Apple iOS 4.2 is now available for the Apple iPad, bringing multitasking to the Apple tablet, in addition to wireless printing and other features that have long been on iPad[...]

Tuning In to Find Out

The Internet has always been a source music, movie clips and user-generated content. Now, it is evolving into a major outlet for entertainment as consumers turn to it as a[...]

LG Unveils Windows 7 Tablet PC for Korea

LG unveiled a Windows 7 tablet PC dubbed the E-Note H1000B. However, the tablet is only available in Korea where it costs approximately $852.

Samsung Galaxy Tab: 600,000 Shipped Worldwide

The most serious iPad competitor to date, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, is off the a fast start. The device posted impressive sale numbers just one month into its availability.

Best Cooking and Recipe Apps for the iPad

The holidays are fast approaching, which means that food is going to be front and center for the next couple of months. Whether you're cooking for Thanksgiving this year or[...]

eReader News Round Up: Sony Gets an App, E-Tab Gets a New Name, B&N Updates Nook

Just like the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo, Sony is finally offering an eReader app for the iPhone as well as Android smartphones this December as a compliment to the Sony[...]

HP Slate 500

The HP Slate is a full-featured Windows 7 based tablet PC with touch capabilities in a sleek lightweight design.

Acer Talks Up Android 3.0 Tablet While Unveiling Other Gizmos

Acer is now planning a dual-screen, 10-finger multitouch Android 3.0 tablet that will later join the Windows 7 and Android 2.2 tablets unveiled at an Acer press conference on Tuesday.[...]

TabletPCReview Black Friday Deals Guide

Who has time for turkey when Black Friday is almost here? While the team at TabletPCReview may carve out a few hours for feasting with the family and watching football,[...]

PocketBook Releasing Mirasol Color eReader

PocketBook USA announced plans to show off its new line of eReaders at CES, the highlight being its Mirasol eBook reader, a color eReader sporting Qualcomm's Mirasol display technology.

Apple iPad SlingPlayer App Now Available

The SlingPlayer Mobile app is now available for the Apple iPad. The $30 app allows users to stream content from their home television to their Apple iPad.

iPad 2 Rumors Suggest Improved Display and Video Conferencing Capability

The second-generation iPad could feature five new features, including a front-facing camera for video conferencing and a USB port, according to the Chinese-language Economy News Daily citing industry sources.

iPad Business Markets: Financial Services, High Tech and Health Care?

Which industries are adopting the iPad fastest? Financial services, high tech, and health care, in that order, according to new research results from Good Technology. Yet to what extent do[...]

TabletPCReview Cyber Monday Deals Guide

Though not as robust as Black Friday, Cyber Monday brings with it great deals on eReaders. The tradeoff, of course, is that these deals can be had online, which means[...]

Apple iPad Can Use Any Printer Thanks to Free Desktop Apps

Apple's AirPrint lets iPad users wirelessly print documents, but this feature only works with a few HP printers. A pair of free desktop apps makes this software much more useful.

Asustek’ Eee Note To Ship in Taiwan This Week, U.S. Next Year

Asustek has officially announced that its Linux-based Eee Note EA-800 will be available this week in Taiwan. Yet the budget-minded, note-taking e-reader probably won't make it to the US or[...]

Analysts: Tablets and E-Readers Will Thrive in 2011 and Beyond

A barrage of recent reports from leading analyst firms agree, with PC sales falling, the future looks very bright indeed for alternatives such as tablets and e-readers.

The PDA 2.0? Asus Eee Note First Impressions

The PDA market is dead, murdered by the smartphone. With the Eee Note, it seems Asus is betting that it can reemerge somewhere in the cracks between the eReader and[...]