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Tablet Articles for December of 2010

Below are the 76 Tablet articles for December of 2010

Tablets the Talk in Taiwan at Computex

Greetings from Taiwan and the Computex Taipei pre-show press event. Computex is held in early June and is one of the largest consumer technology expos in the world, rivaling CES[...]

Dell Inspiron Duo

The Dell Inspiron Duo with Windows 7 Home Premium (32-bit) is an ultraportable netbook-tablet hybrid with a flip-top design. Memory is set at 2GB DDR3. Hard drive can have up[...]

Kindle Battles iPad, with NOOKColor at Starting Gate

The Amazon Kindle, the grandfather of all eReaders, is losing ground fast to the Apple iPad tablet, while an even younger upstart, B&N's NOOKColor, begins to gain footing in the[...]

Technology Plays Key Role in SOHO Success

Small office/home office workers want the same return on investment from technology solutions as the bigger players. In the end, it?s all about having that home court advantage, notes our[...]

Microsoft Tactile Display To Change Shape to Form a Physical Keyboard

Microsoft has filed a patent application on a shape-changing, texture-enabled screen that might eventually lead to mobile touchpads with palpable keyboards for faster text entry, or even to Braille-capable tablets[...]

Best Apple iPad Sports Apps

It's a great time of year to be a sports fan -- we've got football, basketball, and hockey, and depending on the teams you follow you may have multiple games[...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Hits 1 Million Mark

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has hit the 1 million mark, shipping out seven figures worth of Android tablet less than two months after its initial launch in October.

Tablet News Week in Review: Google Confirms eBook Product, Apple Convertible Laptop Rumored

With the December holidays unfolding and the dawn of 2011 just a few weeks away, news abounded this week about the iPad, NOOKColor and other existing tablets and devices, along[...]

Google Android 2.3 Unveiled, Gingerbread Only a Minor Update

Google took Gingerbread out of the oven, finally revealing Android 2.3. Tablet fans hoping for slate-friendly operating system may be disappointed, however, as the incremental update offers a host of[...]

Google Engineer Demos Motorola Tablet Running Android Honeycomb

Did the relatively minor and incremental Gingerbread update leave you hungry and wanting more? Well, Google's Andy Rubin has a Honeycomb morsel in the form of a Motorola Android tablet[...]

eReaders Going Worldwide in 2013

A major research firm is reporting that eReaders will finally outstretch into the global market just a few years from now.

Rumor: iPad 2 Shipping in February

Coming quick on the heels of the 2010 holiday season, Apple may be shipping the iPad 2 as soon as the end of February 2011, according to the DigiTimes. Given[...]

TechnologyGuide Annual Survey/Tablets

What do you think of the tablet market? TabletPCReview wants to know. Are you looking to buy the iPad or an Android tablet, or are you holding out for Honeycomb[...]

Rumor: Toshiba Releasing Three New Tablets in Q1 2011

Toshiba is looking to release three new tablets in Q1 of 2011 as an extension of their laptop lineup, DigiTimes is reporting.

Amazon Kindle for the Web Launched

After a short-lived trial period, Amazon Kindle for the Web has now expanded, allowing anybody with access to a web browser to buy and read full Kindle books without the[...]

Tablet and eReader Holiday Buyer’s Guide

The holiday shopping season is here, and TabletPCReview has gathered information on the top tablets and eReaders for all the gift givers out there. But considering the tablet market is[...]

Archos eReader Spotted at FCC

Archos looks prepared and ready to release its 70b LCD color eReader after it passes through the FCC.

Google eBookstore: How Does It Stack Up?

Do eBookworms really need another eBookstore? Google seems to think so as this week the tech-giant launched Google eBooks, a web-based platform for purchasing and reading both classics and best[...]

Rumor: Samsung Releasing a Windows 7 Slider Tablet PC

It appears that the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab may not have been the end of the company's foray into the tablet market, as the Samsung Gloria, a[...]

Intel to Appear in 35 Tablet Designs in 2011; Smartphones in H2

Intel is tossing its hat into the ring that is the tablet market, as Chief Executive Paul Otellini announced yesterday at the Barclay Capital's Global Technology Conference that the company[...]

Comcast Launching Video on Demand App Soon

As Comcast claims, TV really might end up everywhere, as the company will be taking its iPad, iPhone and iPod touch apps one step further soon, allowing Xfinity TV customers[...]

Sprint to Introduce 4G Tablet in 2011

Sprint has plans to add more variety to its selection of 4G devices, as the company's president of business markets Paget Alves recently stated in an interview with Forbes that[...]

Best Shopping Apps for the iPad

Plenty of folks are shopping online these days, but now that the iPad is in town, there's a much better way to shop than sitting at your desk hunched over[...]

Study: iPad Causing Newspaper Subscription Decline

The Reynolds Journalism Institute surveyed iPad users and came to the conclusion that newspaper sales will take a hit as news apps on the iPad device continue to gain favor.[...]

More iPad 2 Rumors Suggest On-Board Cameras, Improved Display

Reuters has reported that four inside sources "familiar with the situation" said that component suppliers for the iPad are preparing for a new round of component production for the first[...]

Growth in Online Sales Climb Since 2007

E-Commerce sales have climbed the most in the U.S. since 2007 this holiday season after companies like Dell and Lenovo offer incentives such as free shipping and significant cash discounts.[...]

The M-Edge Cambridge Jacket and e-Luminator2 Booklight Review

Every bookworm needs a booklight, and every Amazon Kindle owner should have a protective case to keep the eReader free from dings and scratches. M-Edge offers both with the e-Luminator2[...]

T-Mobile: We’ll Launch 4G Tablets in 2011 Too

T-Mobile released a statement claiming the carrier is "working closely" with partners to deliver tablets integrated into T-Mobile's 4G, HSPA+ network.

DAP Technologies Introduces the M4000 Mobile Rugged Tablet

DAP Technologies has announced its M4000 rugged tablet series which will pair up with the previously released M2000 to try and simplify warehouse settings.

Motorola Honeycomb Tablet Headed to Verizon?

Leaked images of what appears to be the same Motorola Android Honeycomb tablet Google's Andy Rubin showed off at the All Things D conference suggest that the next-generation Android tablet[...]

Microsoft Readying Windows Tablet PCs for CES

Expect Microsoft to give the tablet market another go in 2011 as the software giant is said to be working with hardware partners on a number of Windows-powered tablet PCs,[...]

Apple Looking to Up iPad Presence in Verizon Enterprise

Apple recently posted a job listing for a Verizon iPad Systems Engineer, who will be responsible for "developing confidence" in using iPads in the workplace, but more importantly, it reveals[...]

NOOKcolor Getting Froyo, But Not Android Market Access

Barnes & Noble can claim the NOOKcolor offers "the ultimate reading experience," but at TabletPCReview, we know it's an Android tablet by another name.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Second Look Review: Apps and Features

With more tha one million units shipped the Galaxy Tab is a hit. So we thought this would be a good time to revisit the Android tablet and review some[...]

Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor

The NOOKcolor is an eReading device from Barnes & Noble. While many consider it an eReader, the specs align closely with tablets, and in fact, the NOOKcolor runs the Google[...]

T-Mobile Knocks $50 Off Galaxy Tab Price

For those that missed Best Buy?s Black Friday Galaxy Tab deal, the Android tablet can be had for $350 with a two-year agreement as T-Mobile is knocking $50 off the[...]

HTC CEO Talks Tablets

So long as the demand for an HTC tablet remains among consumers, it's looking more and more likely that it may become a reality.

Motorola Honeycomb Tablet: What We Know So Far

Here's what we think we know about the Motorola tablet based on rumors: Motorola and Google have worked together to create the first tablet running Android Honeycomb. Just like the[...]

Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor First Look Review

The NOOKcolor is the latest eReading device from Barnes & Noble. It runs on the Android OS and sports a 7-inch full-color touchscreen display, 8GB of memory and Wi-Fi capability.[...]

Barnes & Noble NOOKcolor Review

The NOOKcolor is the latest eReading device from Barnes & Noble. It features a 7-inch full color LCD touchscreen. Looking at the NOOKcolor specs, it has more in common with[...]

Amazon Brings News to Android Kindle App

Amazon updated its Android Kindle app to enabled users to buy, read and sync Kindle newspaper and magazine content. The Android Kindle app is the first Kindle application with the[...]

WebOS Tablet Accessory Leaked

Product information slides detailing a Palm Bluetooth keyboard for the upcoming HP webOS tablet have leaked revealing the tablet is codenamed "Topaz."

US Cellular Drops Galaxy Tab Price to $200

We were disappointed when the Galaxy Tab shipped out with a $400 sticker price and data contract, thinking it could have been more competitively priced to compete with the iPad.[...]

Apple Unlikely to Lower Price of iPad Anytime Soon

A recent study from Strategy Analytics author David Mercer showed that two-thirds of possible iPad buyers from the U.S. and Europe want to pay less than the iPad's current price[...]

Tablet News Week in Review: BlackBerry PlayBook Release Revealed, iPad in the Enterprise

It's been a busy week in tablets, with manufacturers scrambling for both the holidays and CES 2011. This week a couple new tablets appeared, RIM inadvertently droped a hint about[...]

Nvidia Possibly Receiving Attention from Samsung, Google for Future Tablets

2011 could be Nvidia's lucky year, as the dual-core Tegra 2 chipset may be getting some love in the tablet market, in addition to its smartphone presence in the LG[...]

Best Buy Offers iPad Bundled with Free Mi-Fi

With the Apple iPad an AT&T exclusive in terms of internet connectivity, customers of other service carriers have been left out in the cold and have had to settle for[...]

Fujitsu LifeBook T580 Now Available

Most probably don't recall the Fujitsu LifeBook T580 launch because it occurred on Labor Day weekend, just about the time the Samsung Galaxy Tab was making headlines. It seems Fujitsu[...]

Fujitsu LifeBook T580

The LifeBook T580 sports a 10.1-inch HD WXGA LED backlight LCD screen with a dual digitizer and N-Trig pen recognition, Windows 7 Professional and either an Intel Core i5 or[...]

CES 2011: Tablets Take Over Vegas

Just as CES 2010 was dominated by 3D HDTVs, tablets are poised to do the same at CES 2011, which is only weeks away. And while we think Android will[...]

Kno Pre-Orders Ship This Week

Lucky students who pre-ordered the Kno, which can purchase and store all of their textbooks digitally, are getting a bit of a reprieve for their backs with the educational tablet[...]

Sony Vaio Tablet Spotted at FCC

Based on comments by Sony CFO Masaru Kato and Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer, we knew Sony was working on a tablet, most likely a unit running Windows 7. Today, we[...]

Viewsonic Addresses Problems With GTablet

Viewsonic has released a statement addressing the problems with its tablet, the GTablet, which Staples has pulled from its shelves, citing manufacturing issues as the problem.

N-trig’s DuoSense Technology Now Compatible With Android

The DuoSense technology, a pen and projected capacitive multi-touch solution enabled over a single digitizer, is now compatible with Android OS, DuoSense developer N-trig announced today.

HP PalmPad Details Leak, Will Be at CES

A spec sheet for the HP webOS tablet has leaked, revealing key details about the PalmPad, including its official unveiling at CES 2011.

UPDATE: Motorola Honeycomb Tablet to be at CES, Named XOOM?

Motorola just blasted out a promotional video seemingly hyping its upcoming Android Honeycomb tablet, the same device Google Android engineer Andy Rubin showed off at the All Things D: Dive[...]

Microsoft Getting ARM Friendly, So What Does that Mean for Tablets?

It looks like Microsoft will be branching out beyond its typical relationship with Intel and Advanced Micro Devices some time down the road, as a version of Windows that is[...]

NEC to Unveil New Android Tablets, Software

NEC Corporation announced today that it will be at CES 2011, debuting its new Android tablet, the Cloud Communicator Tablet, which comes in single-screen or dual 7-inch screen varieties.

Asus EP121 Tablet PC Makes Video Debut

As we said in our CES preview, Windows tablets will make the biggest splash in Vegas. One early candidate to generate some buzz is the Asus EP121 Eee Pad tablet[...]

Asus, ECS and MSI Tablets Ready for CES

Taiwan-based Asus, MSI and ECS are readying their tablets and eReaders for CES 2011, joining an already crowded field that includes the Motorola Honeycomb tablet and a host of other[...]

Android Honeycomb Coming in March?

Buried in a report detailing Taiwanese tablets at CES was this little nugget: "MSI is also prepared to sell an Nvidia Tegra 2-based model in April or May after Google[...]

Apple iPad 2 Rumors Indicate Design Tweaks

More information continues to come out regarding Apple's next generation iPad, including details about size and shape, but an inside source claims that not all speculation about the iPad 2[...]

HP Slate 500 User Review

A slim and portable tablet PC that runs Windows 7 and features an active digitizer? Sign us up! But can HP really cram a true tablet experience in such a[...]

Kensington KeyFolio iPad Keyboard Case Review

The iPad is great for consuming media. But what about producing content, whether it's a quarterly report or the next Great American Novel? Over the next few weeks, TabletPCReview will[...]

Signs Point Toward Dell Tablet Annoucement at CES

Dell's upcoming tablet is receiving some attention just in time for CES 2011, as more information has begun to surface from the FCC and from previews of a TV ad[...]

Amazon Kindle Becomes Highest-Selling Product in Company’s History

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been dethroned as the best-selling product in's history, as the company stated in a press release that the third generation of its[...]

CES Tablet News: Asus Teases New Eee Pad, Galaxy Tab 2 Rumored for Vegas

Judging by the news leaking out of Vegas, where manufacturers are putting the final touches on their CES plans, tablets will dominate the consumer-tech discussion in early 2011. And it[...]

iPad 2 to Come With Multiple Connectivity Options; Case Details Confirmed?

The rumor mill continues to churn out news regarding Apple's iPad 2, with fresh updates coming out regarding the connectivity as well as the physical features of the tablet.

Update: RIM Responds to PlayBook Battery Reports

The specs of the BlackBerry PlayBook may have sounded good on paper, but they're proving to be too much for the battery to handle.

Belkin iPad Case Round Up

Belkin is a name that most tech enthusiasts should recognize--they make quality accessories for a variety of mobile devices, from iPods to eReaders and laptops. But what about the iPad?[...]

Dell Streak 7 Images Leaked

Not long after Dell's upcoming Android tablet, the "Streak 7", received an ad treatment. The first images of the device have surfaced on the internet gleaning a few more details[...]

French Government to Tax Non-Windows Tablets

Microsoft apparently has quite a following in the French government, which has recently decided to tax tablets?but only those that aren?t running a Windows operating system.

Rumor: Honeycomb Tablet Name Confirmed, Won’t Be 4G

Weeks after it made its unofficial debut on stage with Android Engineer Andy Rubin, and just days before it's official unveiling at CES 2011, the Motorola Honeycomb tablet may have[...]

Sharp Galapagos Coming Stateside

Remember the Sharp Galapagos, the Android-powered eReading tablet coupled with its own cloud service? Well, it's coming to America in 2011.

Rumor Round Up: Asus Teases More Eee Pads, iPad 2 Getting USB, HTC Names Tablet

The tablet market is rife with rumors and leaks, especially before CES 2011, where scores of new devices are expected to be announced and on display. So what does the[...]

Sharper Image Literati Review

Sharper Image claimed its Literati eReader would "strike a blow against the technology elite in favor of booklovers." Armed with Wi-Fi, Kobo books support, and a 7-inch color LCD screen,[...]