February 2006 Tablet Articles

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Tablet Articles for February of 2006

Below are the 20 Tablet articles for February of 2006

January’s Most Popular Tablet PC Models

January has been an exciting month for the Tablet PC platform. We now know that powerful new models (like the Toshiba M400) will be rolling out with the exciting Core[...]

Apple Files for Touchscreen/Tablet PC Technology Patent

"Last week Apple filed yet another patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for "Gestures for touch sensitive input devices". As listed on the patent, the abstract[...]

News – Toshiba M400 Tablet PC on Website,OneNote 12 Preview, Kama Sutra Worm

Toshiba M400 Tablet PC on Toshiba French Website (confirmed specs) Sign Up for the Microsoft OneNote 12 Public Preview Kama Sutra Worm Plagues over One Million Computers

NEWS UPDATE: Toshiba M400 Tablet PC Officially Released (pics, specs)

Today Toshiba has made the american release of the Portege M400 Tablet PC official. The M400 comes in a preconfigured model or you can customize your own...

Pepper Computer Pepper Pad

Portable computing just got easier with the rugged Pepper Pad. So convenient, you’ll want to take it along to places most conventional notebooks just get in the way, and at[...]

Toshiba Portege M400

The Port g M400 packs powerhouse performance into a supremely portable package. Extended battery life and an array of connectivity options keep you productive and get you connected while on[...]

Electrovaya Scribbler SC3100 Tablet PC – Our Full Review

NEW RELEASED MODEL 2/9/06 - "...In some respects this device comes straight out of a James Bond film. The Scribbler SC3100 is a significantly practical Tablet PC, yet it's innovative[...]

IE 7 – Secure Your Tablet PC and Keep Your Privacy!

Enhance security. Increase your awareness of the potentially devastating results of a phishing attack. Add the extra protection of Internet Explorer 7 to your Tablet PC.

Spinach, Bacteria and Methanol Batteries for Your Tablet PC!

You may or may not heard about fuel cell technology that has been in the news over the last few months. But what about batteries that use spinach or bacteria?[...]

News – Tablet PC Demo Video, Multi-Touch Tablet Screens, Intel: Sims in Every Laptop

Tablet PC Demo Video (Gotta Love the Soundtrack) Multi-Touch Tablet Screens Research Video Intel: Sims in Every Laptop - Integration of Mobile Phones

ThinkOutside Stowaway Boomtube H2O1 Review (pics)

It's hard to find a great set of speakers in a portable device, be it a notebook, PDA, Smartphone or MP3 player. And by hard, I mean nearly impossible. Outside[...]

Windows Defender Beta 2 – Not Ready for Tablet PC Primetime

Microsoft has finally done a makeover for its AntiSpyware Beta 2. Although this "new and improved" interface looks to be a promising evolution of Microsoft's war on spyware, but we[...]

A Common Sense Approach to Buying A Mobile Computer

Over the course of writing articles and reading through the forums here, I often wonder what it is that keeps so many people asking for help in finding a PDA[...]

Tablet PC and Tech Deals

Toshiba R15, loaded $1000 Custom Toshiba R10 starting at $850 8% off Custom Toshiba M4's $10 wireless router More...

Acer C200 Tablet PC Review

(no description)

News – NuShield Tablet PC Screen Protectors, More Apple Tablet Technology, Microsoft Spills Beans on Vista

NuShield Tablet PC Screen Protectors More Apple Tablet Technology, Microsoft Spills Beans on Vista Product Editions

Acer Travelmate C200 Tablet PC – Our Full Review

(no description)

Windows Vista Hardware Requirements – Is Your Tablet PC Ready?

"...you don't need the top-of-the-line hardware in order to run Windows Vista. However you will need to make the right choices in order to run this to take advantage of[...]

Acer TravelMate C200 Tablet PC – Our Full Review

...we worked with the Celeron M powered base model (C203ETCi). While this model is not going to satisfy the mobile gamer or power hungry technofile, It will fulfill the needs[...]

News – Intel Tablet PC for Doctors, Microsft Origami Tablet Device, Computer Imaging Reveals 19 Year-Old George Washington

Intel Boasts Tablet PC Designed for Doctors Microsft Origami Tablet Device Computer Imaging Reveals 19 Year-Old George Washington