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Tablet Articles for February of 2011

Below are the 87 Tablet articles for February of 2011

Apple Removes Sony Reader App from Store

Apple continues to tighten its grip on the app market, as it was revealed today that the Reader application from Sony would no longer be available in the App Store.

RIM Releases Video Showing PlayBook’s Business Application

Unlike a lot of siblings, RIM's first tablet offering should be pretty compatible with its sister line of phones. A couple of weeks after RIM previewed the BlackBerry PlayBook, the[...]

Honeycomb SDK Preview Finds Its Way Onto NOOKcolor

Less than a week after its release to the public, developer deeper-blue (aka Rafael Brune) has managed to port the Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) SDK preview to his NOOKcolor, and has[...]

Brainchild Releases Kineo Tablet for Schools

Traditionally technology and schools have had a somewhat rocky coexistence, as tech provides numerous learning opportunities, as well as unlimited distractions. A possible solution has been created by the Florida-based[...]

LG Confirms 3D G-Slate Honeycomb Tablet

Though announced at CES, the LG G-Slate was MIA on the show floor and official word on the Honeycomb tablet has been lacking. That changed today as both the company[...]

Can Windows and Android Catch Up to the iPad in Business?

With Apple touting enterprise iPad deployments far and wide, how are businesses really using the Apple tablet so far? Furthermore, how likely is it that tablets running Windows, Android, or[...]

Dell Streak 7 Launches Today

In the great game of tablet leapfrog, it's Dell's turn to jump ahead of the competition as the Dell Streak 7 Android tablet launches today on the T-Mobile network. Branded[...]

iPad 2 Display Images Leaked?

Speculation takes a back seat as slightly more concrete clues about the upcoming iPad 2 have surfaced: images of what is supposedly the iPad 2 display, manufactured in China, have[...]

iPad Newspaper “The Daily” Launches

iPad users now have access to their very own, exclusive newspaper. Media giant News Corp has teamed with Apple to launch "The Daily", a subscription-based news source promising new, varied[...]

HP Teases Curvy webOS Tablet

The HP webOS tablet has been subject to so many leaks, it's hard to believe HP has anything left to hide. But HP is doing its darndest to hype the[...]

Google Honeycomb Event Available Online

Google unveiled Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) at the Googleplex on Wednesday, demo'ing the OS and showing off some of its functionality. Things were looking good for the most part, as Disney[...]

Samsung: Reported Return Rates of Galaxy Tab Are False

The Wall Street Journal ran a story recently about how the return rates for the Samsung Galaxy Tab are up to a whopping 16 percent, but Samsung has since countered,[...]

HP Announces Digital Sketch and Whole Suite of Learning Tools

HP is mobilizing teachers with its newly announced Digital Sketch tablet. The Digital Sketch wirelessly connects to a PC, and allows teachers to control their classroom presentations from anywhere in[...]

ZAGGmate iPad Keyboard Case Review

The ZAGGmate serves double duty as both a keyboard and a cover for the relatively vulnerable iPad screen. It is currently available for $99.99, or $69.99 sans the keyboard. Does[...]

Motorola Xoom Release Date Leaked, Again

If the Motorola Xoom launch were a ship, it would have sunk by now considering all of the leaks it's sprung. At CES, the company claimed the tablet would be[...]

LG G-Slate to Appear at MWC…As the Optimus Pad

In Europe, it turns out you don't call it the G-Slate. LG Electronics' recently revealed G-Slate (as it's called here in the states) will be making an appearance at the[...]

Could the iPad 2 Be Previewed Next Week?

Rumors are swirling that Apple will have an iOS 4.3 event sometime next week, where the company might just tack on an iPad 2 unveiling for good measure.

Best Buy Leak Confirms Xoom Price, Release Date

Verizon and Motorola may be silent in regards to the Xoom Honeycomb tablet price and release date. However, a leaked Best Buy ad is more than happy to reveal the[...]

Velocity Cruz Micro Review

The Velocity Cruz Micro tablet features a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen with Android 2.0, 256MB of RAM, and Wi-Fi wireless networking. It is currently available for $249, with some online stores[...]

Vodafone Leak Confirms HTC Flyer, Pyramid, Optimus 3D; Outs Two Others

A Vodafone Germany inventory system has all but confirmed the appearance of certain devices at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, while also unveiling ones that have never been heard of[...]

Motorola Shows Off Xoom, Satirizes Apple in Super Bowl Ad

Following up on its teaser ad, Motorola delivered the real thing on Super Bowl Sunday, showing the Xoom running a bunch of different apps and taking a few jabs at[...]

Could Apple’s iPad Controls Help Get Android Tablets Off the Ground?

Could Apple's new moves to tighten up eBook and other content controls for the iPad backfire in the end, spurring content providers and end users to turn instead to upcoming[...]

LG G-Slate 3D Demoed on Video

Not long after it was revealed that the LG G-Slate 3D would be showcased at the upcoming Mobile World Congress, a video has since popped up on YouTube that offers[...]

TI Announces New OMAP 5 Processors that Could Supercharge Tablets

Texas Instruments (TI) has announced a powerful new platform that they claim will make mobile computing devices (i.e. smartphones and tablets) as capable as PCs. TI's OMAP 5 processors will[...]

Dell Unveils Two 10-inch Tablets

Maybe seven inches just wasn't enough real estate. Dell officially announced its plans for both a 10-inch Android and 10-inch Windows tablet today during its Dell Means Business event in[...]

Kindle Software Update Delivers Page Numbers and Public Notes

The newest Kindle software update has finally put the eReader on pace with books, adding sorely missed page numbers to the device.

Dell Latitude XT3 Convertible Tablet on the Way

Dell's announcement of two 10-inch tablets at the Dell Means Business event wasn't the only tablet news to come out of San Francisco: also included in the 39-product rollout that[...]

Apple’s Next iPad to be Smaller, Faster; Have Same Old Resolution

An unusual number of details are circulating about the next iPad, considering Apple normally has its releases on lockdown. Recent leaks have not been particularly specific, but they do provide[...]

Kyocera Echo Useable as Mini Tablet Thanks to “Tablet Mode”

The recently revealed Kyocera Echo can do a number of things thanks to its two 3.5-inch touchscreens, one of which is transforming into a "tablet mode," where the two displays[...]

HP Officially Announces the TouchPad

HP has officially unveiled its TouchPad tablet at the webOS event today, but after so many information leaks, there weren't many surprises left to be revealed about the much-anticipated device.

Best iPad Social Networking Apps

Since the Apple iPad is such an excellent mobile companion, you'll probably find yourself using it quite a bit in conjunction with your favorite social networks such as Facebook and[...]

BlackBerry PlayBook Price, Release Date Leaked

Do not tell major electronics retailers any important secrets. Less than a week after Best Buy jumped the gun announcing the release date of the Motorola Xoom, Office Depot has[...]

Magazines Continue Transition to Tablets with Yahoo Livestand

Yahoo has unveiled Livestand, a personalized newsstand app for tablets, less than two weeks after News Corp launched its subscription-based newspaper for the iPad, The Daily.

What We Can Take Away from the iPad 3 Speculation

In the modern era of the blogger, any speculation (especially about the Apple iPad) can launch a thousand rumors faster than Helen of Troy launched a thousand ships. The media[...]

RIM Developing Software to Run Android Apps on PlayBook

BlackBerry PlayBook users are going to get the best of both worlds when the tablet from Research In Motion Ltd. is released: a BlackBerry OS with the ability to run[...]

Android and Windows 7 Dual-Boot ViewPad 10 Pro to Debut at MWC

ViewSonic has decided to kick off this year's Mobile World Conference a little early: the UK branch of the company announced today the ViewPad 10 Pro, which will run both[...]

Nokia/Microsoft Partnership Could Result in New Brand of Windows 7 Tablets

There are new rumblings that if and when Nokia starts making tablets (again), they will run the Windows 7 OS, after Nokia's recent strategic partnership with Microsoft.

Sound Off: The Book is Dead, Long Live the Kindle App

Amazon touts its Kindle apps under the slogan, "Buy Once, Read Everywhere." It intriguied TabletPCReview contributor and bookworm Vince Font, who decided to give the Kindle apps a try. Is[...]

HP TouchPad Price, Release Date Leaked

Of all the leaks leading up to the HP TouchPad unveiling, price and release date information were not included. HP was also especially vague regarding the details at the TouchPad[...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Honeycomb Tablet Unveiled at MWC

Samsung kicked off Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with a bang, announcing the fittingly named Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the successor to what we dubbed the "first best Android tablet,"[...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hands On

Following Samsung's big announcement, TabletPCReview tested out the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and though the Honeycomb OS was extremely unpolished, we were able to gleam a few hardware details from the[...]

MWC: Motorola Xoom Shipping to Europe in Q2

While Americans wait patiently for the first Honeycomb tablet to hit store shelves, it looks like Europeans might have to wait a bit longer. Motorola announced at Mobile World Congress[...]

MWC: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Could Come to All Carriers

The Mobile Word Congress is heating up, as Research In Motion announced two new 4G connection options for its anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. In addition to an already revealed WiMax[...]

HTC Announces Flyer Android Tablet with Stylus Support

Finally, HTC has entered the tablet market at Mobile World Congress with the HTC Flyer Android tablet, which combines what HTC calls "natural touch and pen interaction" with Google Android[...]

LG G-Slate/Optimus Pad Hands On

Even though it debuted at CES as the G-Slate, LG is calling their upcoming Honeycomb tablet the "Optimus Pad" at Mobile World Congress, where TabletPCReview finally got a chance to[...]

MWC: HTC Alludes to Possible Plans for Larger Tablets

Despite having just announced the HTC Flyer, the first entry into the tablet market by the popular smartphone maker, HTC CEO Peter Chou has already hinted that the company is[...]

MWC: Google CEO Dishes on Android After Honeycomb

Google CEO Eric Schmidt gave a preview and rough (very rough) timeline of some of the happenings Android users can expect during 2011.

Sony Working on PlayStation-VAIO-Bravia-Honeycomb Tablet?

Now that HTC has gotten into the tablet game, Sony stands as one of the last major electronics makers without a tablet. And aside from rumors, FCC filings and comments[...]

Dell 10-inch Tablet Shipping with Honeycomb

Dell announced at an investors' meeting that customers do not have anything to fear from Gingerbread (or Froyo, for that matter). Neither of the smartphone or, in an imperfect world,[...]

iPad Takes Apple to Top of Mobile PC Market

The iPad has given Apple the edge in the mobile PC market, as the DisplaySearch Quarterly Mobile PC Shipment and Forecast Report showed that Apple has managed to overtake HP,[...]

Motorola Xoom Pricing Made Official

The rumors were right. The 3G/4G Motorola Xoom will cost $800 at launch, unsubsidized through Verizon Wirless. Motorola chief Sanjay Jha confirmed the price, which was previously leaked[...]

HTC Flyer Hands On

Even though Mobile World Congress 2011 is nearing its end, HTC made a splash, as the EVO maker launched its first tablet, an Android-powered device dubbed "Flyer". Sporting an N-trig[...]

Dell Leak Reveals 2011 Tablet Plans

No doubt Dell will want to beef up security following this leak, because it appears an anonymous tipster has disclosed internal Dell documents revealing the company's 2011 and early 2012[...]

MWC: New ViewPads, MeeGo Spotted, NVIDIA and Qualcomm Announce Chips

Now that MWC is over, here's a look back at the biggest revelations that came out of the congress, and a look forward to some of the slick new devices[...]

Analyst: Tablet Makers Severely Overestimating Demand

2011, the year of the tablet, might see a market that is completely oversaturated with devices according to one analyst. Fred Hickey, of "The High-Tech Strategist" newsletter, feels that essentially[...]

Lenovo LePad Launch Date Revealed

Lenovo will launch its LePad Android tablet in worldwide in June following a late March ship date in China.

Dell Rosemount Tablet Details Surface

Not long after Dell's tablet plans for 2011 were leaked, certain details about its 10-inch Rosemount tablet are beginning to surface and from what we've heard so far, Dell really[...]

Sound Off: Tablet Pricing Shows Dangerous Assumptions

How does the saying go? There are few things that are certain in this life: death, taxes, and the price of the Motorola Xoom is way too high. Somehow, though,[...]

Motorola Xoom Available for Pre-Order, Shipping Thursday

If you want to be the first on your block with a shiny Honeycomb tablet, the Motorola Xoom is now available for pre-order at Best Buy -- that's at a[...]

Motorola Xoom Flash Support MIA at Launch, Flash Player Ready “Within Weeks”

The Motorola Xoom is shipping this Thursday and a disappointing detail has slipped out just before the launch. According to screen images on the Verizon Wireless dedicated Xoom page, the[...]

Kno Execs Contemplating Passing Up Hardware Development

Rumors about the Kno student tablet being ill-fated have not been exaggerated, with shipping of the units being halted and executives considering selling off the hardware division of the business[...]

Point of View Mobii 7-inch Tablet Review

As its name implies, the Mobii 7" Tablet is a 7-inch Android tablet for undemanding users that can perform basic tasks, like Internet browsing or multimedia viewing. Does it offer[...]

Sony to Release Clamshell S2 and Slider VAIO Tablet PC

Sony looks to be taking tips from both Nintendo and Samsung, with a clamshell, dual-screen device and a slider tablet PC due later this year.

Could the HP TouchPad Be Launching Early?

News has trickled out of Taiwan that, based on information from HP's component partners, the HP TouchPad could start shipping in late March and selling in April.

Verizon to Offer Subsidized Price for Xoom

If $800 is too much for you, Verizon is ready to take some of the edge off of the Motorola Xoom pricing, provided you're willing to join its network.

Analyst: Apple iPad 2 Production Stumbles; Delays Expected

Forget about the iPad 3 hitting store shelves this September; current reports of production bottlenecks at Apple's Asian manufacturing plants could more likely push the iPad 2 toward that date.[...]

Fujitsu Business Tablet PC to Have Extra Security Features

Up until this point, we had only been given a glimpse at how the Fujitsu Windows 7 Slate will be "much more cozy." But now, more details have surfaced about[...]

Samsung to Announce 8.9-Inch Android Tablet?

News came out of South Korea that Samsung has preliminarily announced that it will release an 8.9-inch Android tablet.

RIP, Alex eReader

The Spring Design Alex eReader is dead. The Android-powered dual-screen device is no longer in stock and production on new units has ceased. Company officials claim the investor has pulled[...]

HP TouchPad Hands-On First Look

When HP acquired Palm last year, everyone wondered when we'd see a webOS tablet. HP finally delivered, recently unveiling the 'TouchPad', a 9.7-inch tablet featuring Palm's vaunted OS. While HP[...]

Apple iPad 2 To Be Unveiled at March 2nd Event

It's official: Apple will hold an event on March 2nd in San Francisco to give customers and the media their first taste of the iPad 2.

Motorola Xoom Shipping Out, 4G Upgrade Detailed

The Motorola Xoom Honeycomb tablet is shipping out today, and while TabletPCReview tests out a review unit, details concerning the 4G upgrade have surfaced.

B&N Owns Quarter of US eBook Market

Maybe the Amazon Kindle hasn't completely blown the competition out of the water just yet: while reporting its earnings for the third quarter, which ended on January 29, Barnes and[...]

The Daily Coming to Android Devices Sooner than Expected?

When The Daily launched on the iPad, it seemed like the ePublication would be Apple-exclusive for some time to come, with chairman of News Corp. Rupert Murdoch going so far[...]

Rethink Ink

Modern inkjet printers are fast, dependable and surprisingly affordable. However, the price of inkjet consumables can add 'hidden costs.' TabletPCReview's sister site, PrinterComparison, takes an in-depth look at this, as[...]

Motorola Xoom

The Motorola xoom is a 10.1-inch Android tablet running Honeycomb, Google’s OS designed for tablets.

Verizon Offering Subsidized Samsung Galaxy Tab

There's a small ripple in the wake of the Xoom tsunami (Xoomnami, anyone?) at Verizon, as the carrier has quietly decided to begin subsidizing the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab on[...]

Fujitsu LifeBook T580 Review

Windows 7 convertibles are still the device of choice for serious and productive professionals. The Fujitsu LifeBook T580 is a small form-factor convertible that combines mobility with productivity. Does it[...]

MSI to Release Three Business Oriented Tablets This Year

When MSI follows up its first WindPad, released last year, it plans on offering customers a variety of choices right off the bat. The company will be releasing three 10.1-inch[...]

Video Surfaces of Fujitsu’s Upcoming Business Tablet

Fujitsu has offered up a first look at its recently revealed Stylistic Q550 business tablet with a video up on YouTube. In the video, many of the previously unveiled details[...]

NOOK Android App Updated with Better Graphics and Grid Views

Barnes & Noble's NOOK for Android app has recently received a few tweaks to make it more user-friendly.

iPad 2 Only a Modest Update?

There is no doubt that Apple is unveiling its next-generation iPad next week. So what can we expect from the iPad 2? If rumors and leaks are any indication, the[...]

10 Must-Have iPad Business Apps

With your business equipped with tablets and ready to use them, the only thing left to do is decide which apps to use. With thousands to choose from, Apple's App[...]

Asus Eee Pad MeMO Shipping with Honeycomb, Transformer Too

The Asus Eee Pad MeMO, which we previewed earlier this year at CES, can officially be added to the list of tablets running Google's Android OS 3.0, Honeycomb. A product[...]

Archos Releases Arnova 8 and 10 Android Tablets

Archos has released two economical Android tablets that are currently making their way to the market. Both the Archos Arnova 8 and Arnova 10 will cost under $200, and are[...]

Kindle 3G Hitting AT&T Stores Nationwide

AT&T, which has provided wireless data service for the 3G-enabled Amazon Kindle since its inception, is now planning on bringing the wildly successful eReader to its retail stores all around[...]

GoToMyPC Remote Desktop App for iPad Now Available

Citrix Online has just released a new remote desktop productivity application in the Apple App Store. The GoToMyPC app will give iPad users access to their Mac or PC desktop's[...]