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Tablet Articles for February of 2013

Below are the 91 Tablet articles for February of 2013

Samsung Buys Part of Wacom, Clearly Committed to the S-Pen

Samsung will soon own 5% of Wacom, as the two realize the importance of working together more closely. Wacom's pressure-sensitive styli are already integrated into some of Samsung's most important[...]

AT&T Unite 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot To Be Available Feb. 8

Want 4G LTE access for your tablet? The answer might be the AT&T Unite. Learn more about this LTE access point from TechnologyGuide.

It Is Illegal to Jailbreak Your iPad or Root Your Android Tablet

It was big news last week when it became illegal to unlock your smartphone. Almost lost in to hoopla was something just as important: it's also now illegal to jailbreak[...]

Nokia CEO Again Suggests a Windows Tablet Is in Development

Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, says that his company is seriously considering releasing a tablet, although he stopped short of making any announcements.

Amazon Offers Price Cut for Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Tablets

Amazon is offering a special promotion to start off February with noticeable savings for both models of its Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 tablets.

More Evidence Emerges that the iPad mini 2 Will Have a Retina Display

Although the iPad mini is selling well, there's one area where this tablet has drawn criticism: the low-resolution screen. However, there is growing evidence that the second-generation version is going[...]

Amazon Coins Are a New Virtual Currency

Amazon today revealed Amazon Coins, a new virtual currency for Kindle Fire users. Learn more from TechnologyGuide.

Surface Pro Windows 8 Tablet Starting to Appear in Microsoft Stores

The official launch date for the Surface Pro isn't until this weekend, but this tablet running Windows 8 is already showing up in Microsoft's own retail stores.

Apple iPad 4 with 128GB of Storage Launched Today

Those who have been hoping for an iPad with loads of storage capacity don't have to wait any longer -- a version of this tablet with 128GB of internal capacity[...]

Android Version of WINE Windows Emulator in Development

Windows Emulator WINE is coming to Google's Android operating system. The app will allow users to run Windows-based applications on their tablets and smartphones.

Apple Will Equal Microsoft in Enterprise by 2014, Says Study

Apple will be just as accepted in the enterprise as Microsoft by 2014, if a recent study by tech research company Gartner is to be believed. TechnologyGuide has more information.

Documents.Me App Review: Connecting the Clouds

A new, free Documents.Me app for iOS pulls together docs from cloud services, email, and computers into a single space on an iPad or iPhone. Read the full review.

Sony Aims Xperia Tablet S at Schools with K-12 Initiative

Sony will be hitting the books with its K-12 Education Initiative, a new program that will attempt to integrate Sony tech into the classroom. Get more from TechnologyGuide.

FCC Proposes Free National Wi-Fi Network

Imagine being connected to the Internet at all times and not having to pay a wireless carrier to do so? Well, that's what the FCC is looking to do, following[...]

Asus Phonepad Might Combine 7-Inch Tablet with Phone

Asus is reportedly getting close to announcing the Phonepad, a device designed for people looking for a 7-inch tablet and a phone in one. It will supposedly use an Intel[...]

Microsoft Exec Says Surface Pro Tablet Emphasizes Speed and Slim Design Over Battery Life

Tests of the Microsoft Surface Pro have found that this Windows 8 tablet can go between 3.5 and 4.5 hours on a single charge. This is low compared to some[...]

Microsoft Surface Pro Will Have a Bit More Storage Capacity than Previously Thought

There are two versions of the Microsoft Surface Pro, one with 64GB of internal storage, another with 128GB. However, Windows 8 Pro uses up a substantial percentage of this. Still,[...]

TI-Nspire Graphing Calculator App Comes to the iPad

Texas Instruments has released the TI-Nspire app for the iPad, bringing all the usual functions of a graphing calculator to Apple's popular tablet. More details can be found on TechnologyGuide.

Wikipad Gaming Tablet Shrinks to 7 Inches

A 10-inch version of the Wikipad gaming tablet was supposed to debut last year. This product has been put on hold while its developer brings out a 7-inch version instead.

Microsoft Says Additional Accessories in Development for Surface Pro Tablet

Microsoft already offers a pair of keyboard covers for the Surface Pro tablet, but has also made it clear that more such accessories are on the way.

Microsoft Surface With Windows 8 Pro Now Available

Today is the launch of the Surface Pro, Microsoft's first tablet that runs Windows 8 Pro. It's available directly from Microsoft, as well as Best Buy and Staples.

Microsoft Surface Pro with 128GB of Storage Sold Out in U.S.

Microsoft launched the Surface Pro in the United States on Saturday, and the hotly-anticipated Windows 8 tablet is already sold out in most retail stores. Get the full story for[...]

How to Get a Microsoft Surface RT for $425

The Microsoft Surface Pro debuted over the weekend, and one version of it has sold out already. Those who would prefer the Surface RT can get one for 15% below[...]

Android 4.2.2 Apparently Going Out to the Google Nexus 7, Nexus 10

Reports are coming in the Google has started to send out a new version of the Android OS to its Nexus tablets. This appears to be just a "bug fix"[...]

BlueStacks Apps Player Comes to Surface Pro

Android app emulator BlueStacks is now available on the Surface Pro, allowing users to emulate over 750,000 apps on their Windows 8 devices.

Microsoft Working With Adobe To Bring Full Support for the Surface Pen to Photoshop

Early adopters of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet have discovered that Adobe Photoshop doesn't fully support the stylus that comes with this tablet. That might change soon.

10 Fun Valentine’s Day Apps for iPad and Android

Thanks to iPads, iPhones, and Android gadgets, Valentine's Day is more fun these days. Here are ten cool apps for celebrating the day with significant other(s).

Microsoft Promises More Surface Pro Units Are on the Way

The Microsoft Surface Pro debuted on Saturday, and sold out almost immediately. Fortunately for those eager to get the signature Windows 8 tablet, more units are on the way.

Steep Decline in Android Tablet Sales, Growth in iPad Sales Predicted for Q1

Sales of Android tablets could be down nearly 50% this quarter verses the previous one, while Apple iPad sales will be up 5% according to analysts working for DigiTimes.

Samsung ”Accidentally” Leaks Another Galaxy Note 8.0 Image

Samsung has already officially confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8.0 is going to be unveiled later this month, but the details of this tablet remain under wraps... mostly. Images and[...]

Amazon Kindle 3.6 Ebook App for iPad and iPhone Brings New Features

Amazon has released an update for its Kindle app for iPad and iPhone, adding some new features to this ebook app.

Essential Apps for Rooted Android Devices

Brighthand resents six great Android apps that can only be used on rooted tablets or smartphones.

QuickBooks Online Now Available for iPad

QuickBooks Online, the popular accounting cloud app is now available for download on the iPad. The iPad app will offer QuickBook access to iPad users and additional connectivity for existing[...]

Infinity Blade for iPad Is Free for a Limited Time

The popular game Infinity Blade is currently available for free in the Apple App Store. It normally sells for $6. Get more details from TechnologyGuide.

Microsoft Open to a Wide Range of Windows Tablets; Is a Surface Mini in Development?

A high-level Microsoft executive says that his company is prepared for Windows devices in a wide range of sizes.

Archos Takes the Wraps Off of Platinum Lineup of Tablets

Archos announced a lineup of three new tablets dubbed the Platinum line today, including the 80 Platinum, the 97 Platinum HD, and the 116 Platinum.

Microsoft Passing on $2.5 Billion in Decision To Not Release Office for iPad

The current feud between Microsoft and Apple has resulted in slow updates and delay of product releases, but Microsoft's decision to not release Office for iPad may lose the company[...]

You Soon Might Be Able to Buy a Nexus 7 from Google Store at a Mall Near You

Apple has them. Microsoft too. And now rumor has it that Google will open retail stores of its own. Get more details from TechnologyGuide.

Order a Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB Now for Delivery in March

The 128GB version of the Microsoft Surface Pro has been in very short supply since this Windows 8 tablet launched a week ago. The Microsoft Store is now taking orders[...]

Apple iPad a Good Fit for Special Education

TechnologyGuide covers special education programs for the Apple iPad.

HP Might Be Working on an Android Tablet

HP will soon be enlarging its tablet offerings with a model running Google Android, if an unconfirmed report is correct.

Windows Tablets Will Outsell Laptops

In this editorial, TabletPCReview's Site Editor explains why he thinks the success of the Windows tablet category is inevitable.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 with Windows RT Available for $700

Those who want Windows RT in a convertible laptop can pick up the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 for $150 below the usual price.

Apple Fixes Exchange Bug with iOS 6.1.2 Update

The bug that has plagued many users of the iPhone and iPad has apparently been fixed. Apple released iOS 6.1.2 to handle this serious flaw in iOS 6.1. Get more[...]

Ubuntu for Tablets Will Bring Linux to the Google Nexus

Canonical has announced that later this week it is going to release a version of Ubuntu designed to run on tablets. The company hopes this will be adopted by large[...]

Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB Can Still Be Pre-ordered for Shipment March 1

On Saturday, Microsoft began taking orders for its Surface Pro tablet with 128GB of storage and promising that these would be shipped on or before March 1. This offer is[...]

Square Turns iPad into a Cash Register with ‘Business in a Box’

Square has taken another step in its quest to make mobile payments the new norm by today announcing its "Business in a Box" package. Get more details from TechnologyGuide.

Accellion Blends Office and File Sharing with New Mobile Productivity Suite

Mobile file sharing company Accellion has announced new Office and cloud-storage software aimed at enterprise users, Accellion Mobile Productivity Suite.

Audible Audio Book App Now Fully Supports the iPad

Users of the popular Audible iPhone app will be happy to learn that Audible.com announced today that the app will now be supported by the iPad and the iPad Mini[...]

Analyst: About 4.5 Million Google Nexus 7 Units Sold Last Year

Neither Google nor Asus have spelled out just how many Nexus 7 units have been sold since the tablet debuted last summer, but an analyst thinks he has a ballpark[...]

Tablet and Smartphone Games Outsold Dedicated Handheld Games in Q4

The combined sales of games in the iOS App Store and Google Play narrowly exceeded handheld games in consumer spending last quarter. Brighthand has more information.

Apple iPad 5 Could Be Smaller, Thinner, and Lighter

Those who are considering a full-size iPad might be interested to hear that an analyst is predicting that the fifth-generation 9.7-inch tablet from Apple will be smaller than its predecessors.

Making a Game Free Can Lead to Big Profits

It sounds counter-intuitive, but free games can generate more profits than for-pay ones. Infinity Blade proved this in the last week.

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 with Windows RT Now Available for $600

The price cutters at Lenovo are back at it again, offering an even better deal on its 64GB version of the IdeaPad Yoga 11. The tablet is now available for[...]

ScreenShare Browser Pro Review

The newly-released ScreenShare Browser Pro lets you surf the Web on your Android tablet via an Internet-connected phone. But how well does it work?

Apple iPad mini 2 Might Be Thicker Than Its Predecessor

An important component of what's supposedly the iPad mini 2 has appeared in some images coming out of Asia. If these are real, then this device is going to be[...]

Sony PlayStation App Will Turn iOS and Android Devices into a Second Screen

Sony announced its new PS4 console earlier this week. Along with the new system will come a new way to play with the Sony PlayStation App that will turn mobile[...]

Microsoft Office 2013 Can Only Be Installed Once and Never Reinstalled

Microsoft's new license terms for Office 2013 are not making consumers very happy due to some new very restrictive terms. Get more details from DesktopReview.

Tablets Continue to Cut Into Sales of Laptops and PCs

The types of computers that people buy is changing. Sales of tablets are surging even as interest in more traditional computers wanes, according to a report from IDC.

Ubuntu Linux Operating System Released for Google Nexus 7, Nexus 10

If you've been wishing your Google Nexus tablet could run the Ubuntu version of Linux, your wish has been granted. A preview version of Ubuntu Touch can now be[...]

Evidence Growing the Apple iPad 5 Will Be Noticeably Smaller

The iPad mini has proved to be a huge success for Apple. It's clear many people want smaller tablets, so the company is apparently going to slim down its 9.7-inch[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Unveiled Just Before MWC

Samsung has carried through with a promise it made earlier -- it has unveiled a new tablet in the Note series with an 8-inch screen.

Movie Buffs Get The Latest on the Oscars with the Official App

The best-known awards in the movie industry will be presented tonight, and ABC has put out the official Oscars app.

HP Slate 7 Will Run Android, Cost Just $170

HP will soon release its first tablet running Google Android. The device, unveiled at MWC today, will have a 7-inch display and a remarkably low price of $170.

Dell Aims Latitude 10 Windows 8 Tablet at Schools and Enterprise

NotebookReview has the details on the Latitude 10 tablet with Windows 8, which might just be the perfect solution for IT departments with limited resources.

Barnes & Noble Scaling Back on Nook Tablet

The Nook is struggling, and its future may not be getting any brighter. Barnes & Noble will scale back on the production of this tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Hands-on Preview

We spent some quality time with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 at MWC 2013 so we could give you the full scoop on the newly-announced addition to the S Pen[...]

Lenovo Announces New Android Tablets at MWC2013

Lenovo starts off MWC with a bang revealing three new Android tablets, the 7-inch A1000 and A3000, and 10-inch S6000. All three android devices are expected to hit shelves in[...]

Asus FonePad Will Be 7-Inch Tablet That’s Also a Phone

There are people who want to tablet that can make phone calls, so they only have to carry around one device. The newly-announced Asus FonePad was created for this group.

MWC2013: Slim Sony Xperia Tablet Z Gets Its Global Unveiling

NTT DoCoMo stole a bit of Sony's thunder last month by announcing a version of the Sony Xperia Tablet Z, but today was the official global announcment of this Adroid[...]

Microsoft Sold Out of Surface Pro Tablet, But It’s Available Elsewhere

Demand for the Surface Pro tablet has often exceeded supply since this Windows 8 tablet launched a few weeks ago. Microsoft's own website currently has no units in stock, but[...]

N-trig Announces DuoSensePen2 Styli

N-trig today announced the next generation of its DuoSense Pen line of touch pens for tablets, smartphones, and other touch-based computers. Get more details from TechnologyGuide.

Andy Rubin Denies Google Store Rumors

Apparently all that "Google Store" talk was nothing but hot air. Learn more from TechnologyGuide.

MWC 2013: Asus PadFone Infinity Hands-On Preview

Head to Brighthand to get their first impressions of a phone that can turn into a tablet, the PadFone Infinity.

Sony Xperia Tablet Z Hands-On Preview

The Sony Xperia Tablet Z, which was formally unveiled this week at MWC, seems like a 10-inch version of Xperia Z and the impression is somewhat similar: this is an[...]

TabletPCReview Has MWC 2013 Covered

Mobile World Congress is a popular venue for announcing tablets, and we have reporters on the floor of this giant tradeshow bringing you the latest.

Acer Has Indefinitely Pushed Back Any Windows RT Tablets

Acer was initially interested in releasing tablets running Windows RT, but its interest has waned, to the point where the company is vague about any plans to adopt this operating[...]

Pentagon to Adopt More Android and iOS Devices

The United States Department of Defense has announced an initiative that will open up the DoD?s communications networks to a wider range of iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. Get[...]

Acer Outs 21.5-inch Android-Powered Tablet PC

Acer's DA220HQL can either be a stand-alone tablet-shaped desktop PC, or another computer's monitor. DesktopReview has more info on this unusual device.

MWC 2013: BYOD and BYOA Software Tools From Samsung, SAP, Etc.

With employees running both personal and business apps on phones and tablets, Samsung, SAP and others unveiled new BYOD and BYOA management tools for workplaces.

Samsung Hopes to Sell 40 Million Tablets This Year

Samsung wants a bigger piece of the world tablet market. The head of its mobile unit wants to double its sales year-over-year.

HP Slate 7 Hands-On Preview

HP presented its first Android tablet, the Slate 7, at MWC. We go hands on with this inexpensive offering.

Microsoft Launches Major Office 365 Update

Microsoft on Wednesday launched a major update to Office 365, adding support for the 2013 editions of Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Lync Online. NotebookReview has more details.

How to Secure Your Home Wireless Network

It's the rare tablet user who doesn't have a Wi-Fi network. TechnologyGuide has tips to keeping yours secure

U.S. Cellular Launches Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with 4G LTE

Samsung's latest full-size tablet has been released by U.S. Cellular. The version of the Galaxy Note 10.1 being offered by this regional carrier supports its 4G LTE network.

Barnes & Noble’s Nook Business Keeps Struggling

Barnes & Noble sees that its Nook tablets are critical to its future, but customers aren't embracing them the way the company had hoped. Revenue is down, and the device[...]

MWC2013: Intel Talking Up ”Bay Trail” Atom Processors for Tablets

Intel isn't making any big announcements at MWC this year, but it has been busily reminding attendees that tablets running the "Bay Trail" line of Atom processors will be out[...]

Alien Vs. Predator: Evolution Now Available on iOS and Android

AVP: Evolution allows players to take control of both aliens and predators and is available on iOS and Android for download.

Apple Has Sold 8 Million iPads to Schools Worldwide

There was a time when Apple dominated the educational computer market. That time is past, but that's not to say that its products are hard to find at schools.

MWC 2013: LG Tab-Book LTE Hands-On Preview

The LTE version of LG's Windows 8 slider tablet, the Tab-Book, was strutting its spring-loaded stuff at MWC this week and we got a closer look.

Asus FonePad Hands-on Preview

Asus debuted it's tablet-phone FonePad earlier this week at MWC and we can now say for sure that it's every bit as awkward to use as you would think.