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Tablet Articles for March of 2004

Below are the 23 Tablet articles for March of 2004

Tablet PC Review Summary

Over the past few weeks a number of Tablet PC's have been reviewed by CNET, PC World and others. Here's a summary that covers the hottest Tablets on the market[...]

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2004 is on Its Way!

In the second half of 2004, Microsoft plans to officially launch the second major release of its Windows XP Tablet PC Edition OS. With this new version, consumers can[...]

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Tablet PC’s help Phoenix, AZ Homeland Defense Team Stay Connected

The "Phoenix Homeland Defense Team" in Arizona is made up of fire, police, public health and city emergency management... By incorporating Tablet PC's into the system, members of the[...]

Fujitsu Continues to Keep Their Pocket PC’s Out of the US, but their Tablet PC’s Continue to Evolve.

Fujitsu's popular PDA, the "LOOX" is still not available in the US. Fujitsu's extensive Tablet PC line however continues to evolve with both Slate and Convertible Tablet models.

Should You Wait for the new OS to Buy a Tablet PC?

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2004 codenamed "Lonestar" is expected later this year. But how much will it set you back to upgrade?

Tablet PC News – Tablet Spending Strong, Tablets and Race Cars?

Gartner is finding big dollars are being spent on Tablet PCs Tablet PCs helped Team Penske finish first and second at last weeks IRL race

Bargain Tablet PC’s Exciting Stories Coming this Week!

Welcome to! This week (our second week online)we have a lot of great news and reviews coming your way! We will be visiting FutureCom Global, manufacturer of[...]

Tablet PC News – ViewSonic Trains Salespeople, Tablets and the Army, IT Execs Don’t Get Tablet, riteFrom 2.0 Released

ViewSonic is trying to train resellers, so they can sell the product line more effectively, including Tablets Tablets play a role in the Army's new SMARTRUCK III mobile command[...]

First Look: Gateway M275X Tablet PC w/ PICS!

News Flash, our Gateway M275X Tablet PC finally arrived yesterday! Our first impressions are mixed. Will this Tablet PC make the grade?

Toshiba Announces Availability of the Portege M205 Tablet PC

Toshiba's Digital Products Division (DPD) today announced retail availability of the Portege(R) M205 tablet PC notebook with improved wireless connectivity using Wi-Fi (802.11g) and increased storage capacity offering a standard[...]

NEWS: Fujitsu Experiences Highest Year-on-Year Growth for Portables

Supported by a report from International Data Corporation (IDC), Fujitsu improved its year-on-year growth of U.S. portable shipments by 73 percent in the third quarter of 2003 and 35 percent[...]

Tablet PC News – HP/Starbuck’s deal goes South|Language Support for Tablet PC|CeBIT Hannover 2004 begins this Thursday, March 18th

HP/Starbucks's joint venture: 'listen-while-you-sip' venture is unworkable Microsoft Announces Enhanced Language Support for Tablet PC CeBIT Hannover 2004 begins this Thursday, March 18th

Tablet PC News – Tablet PC Review Site Launched,ACER TravelMate C300 versus Toshiba Port g M200,WILL All Wireless PDAs Have Biometric Scanners One Day?

Tablet PC Review Spot Website Launched ACER TravelMate C300 versus Toshiba Port g M200 WILL All Wireless PDAs Have Biometric Scanners One Day?

Tablet PC News – TABLET PC Tales|HP introduced the intelligent HP Compaq tablet PC — TC 1100 — at a lucky draw competition|Flarion Unveils Chipsets for use in laptops, tablet PCs, …

TABLET PC Tales HP introduced the intelligent HP Compaq tablet PC -- TC 1100 -- at a lucky draw competition Flarion Unveils Chipsets for use in laptops, tablet[...]

Tablet PC News Flash – HP Unveils Rugged Notebook, Tablet PC

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 18, 2004 HP today entered the rugged PC market with the introduction of the HP Rugged Notebook nr3600 and the HP Rugged Tablet PC[...] LIVE Coverage from CTIA Wireless in Atlanta

Stay tuned this coming week as we will be reporting live from Atlanta while attending the CTIA Wireless 2004 show. We will also be attending the Pepcom Mobile Focus[...]

The Tablet PC “Review Mecca”!

Have you visited yet? Tablet PC Review Spot is the best place on the net to scope out multiple reviews of Tablet PC's!

CTIA Wireless Show – Atlanta, Georgia LIVE REPORT

It is unseasonably cold and windy here in Atlanta, but inside of the CTIA Wireless Show and associated events, some of the hotest mobile technology is on display. On[...]

CTIA Wireless – PALM OS, “Palm Powered” TABLET???

On Monday BargainTabletPC met with PalmSource, Inc., the company behind the popular Operating System that powers many of the world's handhelds and phones...

Sunlight Proves No Match for New Fujitsu Tablet PC|ViewSonic Adds Centrino 802.11g WiFi to Convertible Tablet

Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PC Brings Extraordinary Flexibility, Increased Productivity with Reflective Front-Light Screen Technology ViewSonic announced the launch of its V1250S, a convertible tablet PC that includes integrated 802.11g[...]

Tablet PC News – Sony Thinking Tablet? | Tablets Go Trucking | Magnetic Tablet PC Headsets | More…

Sony is releasing an electronic paper display which gets them closer to the Tablet world Microsoft is showing off real world Tablet PC applications in a semi-truck Magnetic[...]

Tablet Costs Going Down? | NEC Develops Linux Tablet/PDA Hybrid | Mobility reaches the mainstream

Tablet Costs Going Down? Bill Gates speaks out on Tablet PC: NEC Develops Linux Tablet/PDA Hybrid Mobility reaches the mainstream