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Tablet Articles for March of 2012

Below are the 102 Tablet articles for March of 2012

Apple Also Introducing 8GB iPad 2 on March 7?

Apple is set to announce the next-generation iPad on March 7 in San Francisco, but there has been an undercurrent of rumors suggesting the iPad 2 might stick around.

Apple Working on Smaller iPad?

Could Apple be working on a smaller iPad?

Mobile World Congress: Galaxy Tab 2 and Quad-Core Tablets

Mobile World Congress 2012 featured quad-core tablets from Huawei, ASUS and Toshiba, and two sizes of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. TabletPCReview was able to test them all out for this[...]

Global IT Survey Reveals Increasing Tablet Use and Concerns in Business

Compared to last year, nearly twice as many IT users worldwide are planning to deploy and use tablets as part of their corporate computing strategy, with most businesses selecting the[...]

Survey: Business Tablet Users Prefer Large Screens, Long Battery Life, and Windows

An ongoing TabletPCReview survey has revealed that business tablet users value security, I/O flexibility, and devices based on Microsoft's Windows operating system, among other findings.

Apple iBooks 2 Review: Easy Reading on Your iPad

If you own an iPad, and you like to read, why not check out Apple's free iBooks 2 as an alternative or addition to the Kindle and NOOK apps?[...]

How Much Will the iPad 3 Cost?

How much can you expect to shell out for Apple's next tablet?

Whatever Happened to the Color eReader?

We were all set to see a wave of color eReaders, but that hasn't manifested. Why?

PressReader Review Revisted: Smart Flow

We've reviewed PressReader before, but now, with new features, we take a look at what could be a news junky's dream application.

ASUS Pegged for Google Nexus Tablet?

Google may have chosen ASUS to build its rumored "Google tablet" according to recent leaks, and we may have already seen the device on display.

OnLive Desktop Plus Review: Internet Explorer and Flash on the Apple iPad

OnLive Desktop brings virtualized versions of Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint to the Apple iPad, and it's available for free in the App Store! Now, for $4.99 a month, users[...]

Rumor: Apple to Unveil ‘iPad HD’ on March 7, Not iPad 3

New evidence has emerged that Apple won't name its follow up to the iPad 2 the "iPad 3," but rather the "iPad HD", in reference to its high resolution display.

GDC 2012: Putting Tactility Back Into Touch Controls: Is There Hope For Tablet Gaming After All?

Indie developer Zach Gage spoke at length at GDC 2012 about the improvement and better implementation of touch controls for games, inspiring hope for the future of tablet and smartphone[...]

Microsoft OneNote Mobile for Android Review

Microsoft already released a mobile version OneNote, its popular notes app, for iOS. Now it's also available for Android. The iOS version certainly had its limits, is the Android version[...]

Android Market Closes, Google Play Store Opens

The Android Market is no more; Google has rebranded it as part of its Google Play initiative.

Apple iPad HD Launch: The Latest Rumors and TabletPCReview Prediction

Here's what we know for sure: Apple is holding an event on March 7 in San Francisco. Now, it's obvious Apple will announce the next-generation iPad, but what will that[...]

Sony Vaio U Slider Coming Soon?

Remember that slick Vaio Slider Sony displayed at CES 2012? Then it was just a concept and kept behind glass, but it could actually be coming soon as part of[...]

The ‘New Apple iPad’ Official

The new Apple iPad is official. As expected, it will have a Retina Display with a 2048 x 1536 resolution, and support 4G LTE from AT&T and Verizon. Curiously, the[...]

Apple iPad 2 vs ‘New’ Apple iPad

The new Apple iPad is official, and as expected, the 9.7-inch tablet will feature a Retina Display with a 2048 x 1536 resolution. What does that mean in relation to[...]

New iPad 4G LTE Data Rates Revealed UPDATE

The new Apple iPad will be Apple's first product to support 4G LTE, and now we know how much it will cost month-to-month.

Apple Adds iPhoto, Updates iWorks, and Other Apps for New iPad

A shiny new tablet deserves new apps, and Apple has added iPhoto and updated apps like iWorks and iBooks Author to take advantage of the Retina Display on its latest[...]

Rumor: Amazon Scraps 8.9-inch Fire, Releasing 10.1-inch Instead

New rumors suggest Amazon is scrapping plans of selling an 8.9-inch Kindle Fire and replacing it with a 10.1-inch model.

4G AT&T iPads Already Shipping Later

In other words, if you haven't yet pre-ordered your Apple iPad and don't want to wait for it to arrive... order it now!

GDC 2012: EA Mobile Games Round-Up

EA Mobile held an event for the press at GDC 2012 to show off some of its upcoming mobile titles, and for the most part, we liked what we saw.[...]

GDC 2012: NVIDIA Unveils Nvision, A Daily News App For Tegra-Powered Devices

Hardware manufacturer NVIDIA announced this week from GDC in San Francisco that it will be launching its Nvision app, a daily news source for all Tegra-powered Android tablets.

Dell Set to Release Windows 8 Tablet at Launch

Dell is looking to be one of the first with a Windows 8 tablet.

Google-Branded ASUS Tablet Looking at May Release

Rumors are swirling that Google may be working with ASUS to release a 7-inch tablet as early as May. How much would a 7-inch go for from Google??

BLOG: Pump the Brakes on New iPad Hype

It happens every time Apple announces a new product. Tech pundits explain why this iDevice is better than everything else on the market and how Apple seems to perpetually be[...]

Apple iPad Pre-Orders Now Shipping March 19

That didn't take long.

How to Play Old-School Video Games on Android Tablets

If you're looking to enjoy some old-school gaming on your Android tablet, check out our easy how-to guide on getting started with emulators and ROMs of some of your favorite[...]

Tablets Replacing Business Laptops & Top 10 Free Business Apps

With the growing emergence of tablets, some business can't help but explore the possibility of replacing older, heavier, and more expensive laptops with lightweight and sometimes cheap tablets. But is[...]

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Coming in Q4? UPDATE

According to insiders, Nokia is looking to take a stab at the Microsoft Windows 8 tablet market by releasing their own later on this year.

Apple: New iPad Demand “Off the Charts,” Pre-Orders Sold Out

Apple recently told USA Today that the demand for the new iPad is "off the charts" and that the first pre-order batch of the tablet has been sold out.

MobileDemand Tablets Officially Certified with Seiko Instruments Printers

MobileDemand has formed a partnership with California-based Seiko Instruments to provide customers with a smooth way to print receipts and labels at the convenience of a tablet.

What is UltraViolet and is it the Future of Video Streaming?

Forget iTunes, Netflix, and Google Movies. The big Hollywood movie studios are pushing UltraViolet as the answer to digital movie streaming. It promises to deliver a buy-once-play-anywhere solution. Does it[...]

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for BlackBerry PlayBook Official

Today, RIM introduced the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

New iPad Gets Unboxed; Benchmark Shows RAM Boost

A Vietnamese tech site was able to get their hands on the new iPad and was able to record an unboxing video that shows some of its features.

iPhoto for iOS Review: Photo Editing on the iPad

Along with the new iPad and iOS 5.1, Apple unveiled iPhoto, the newest addition to the iOS iLife suite of apps. Apple claims iPhoto brings "multi-Touch to photography in a[...]

The New iPad Available Friday at 8AM

Didn't get your new iPad pre-order in on time but still want one on launch day? You might have to start lining up Thursday night.

iPad Mini Rumors Heat Up, Could it Be Coming Soon?

More rumors regarding the release of the 7.85-inch iPad have popped up from various sources, just less than a week after the reveal of the new iPad.

Forecasters Predict Android to Lead Tablet Market by 2016

Despite Apple's control of the tablet market today, analysts believe that their lead may be gone by 2016.

Motorola Droid Xyboard 10.1

The Motorola Droid Xyboard 10.1 is an Android tablet and the successor to the Xoom. It features a 1280 x 800 10.1-inch display and essentially a larger version of the[...]

Motorola Droid Xyboard 10.1 Review: Android For The Business World

The Motorola Droid Xyboard 10.1 takes aim at enterprise users with 4G LTE connectivity, a business-friendly suite of apps, and capacitive stylus support. Is it worth dumping your iPads or[...]

NOOK Comics Heading to NOOK App for Android, NOOK Tablet Gets Capacity Fix

Barnes & Noble has recently updated its NOOK for Android app, bringing NOOK Comics to Android tablet customers.

LTE and HSPA+ BlackBerry PlayBook Awaiting FCC Approval

A new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet or two from Research in Motion are looking closer to being released after making their way to the FCC for approval. The two tablets, or[...]

iPad 2 More Prone to Accident Damage than Original iPad, Study Finds

According to research by SquareTrade, customers reported iPad 2 accident damage 3.5 times more often than customers reported for iPad 1.

RIM Confirms BlackBerry 10 OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Research in Motion confirmed recently that the BlackBerry 10 OS will be coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook in 2012.

Archos Reveals the G10xs Tablet Line

At a press conference in Paris, Archos announced the G10xs tablet line that will be available by the end of this year.

Lenovo IdeaPad A1

The Lenovo IdeaPad A1 tablet is a budget-friendly 7-inch Gingerbread tablet (1024 x 600) designed to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Lenovo IdeaPad A1

The Lenovo IdeaPad A1 tablet is a 7-inch budget device (1024 x 600) running Android Gingerbread (2.3).

Lenovo IdeaPad A1 Tablet Review: Kindle Fire Killer?

Lenovo is going after the Amazon Kindle Fire with a device we've dubbed the "budget brand-name tablet." Its spec sheet is basic, but its price tag is low. Does that[...]

Nokia Officially Working on a Tablet

For months, there has been speculation about Nokia creating its own tablet. Today, a Nokia official announced that the company is in fact developing a tablet.

New Apple iPad Now Available

For those lucky enough to get their pre-orders in on time or waited in the snaking lines outside the Apple Store overnight, the new Apple iPad is now available! With[...]

Launch Price of Google Nexus Tablet Rumored To Be As Low As $149

Rumors continue to swirl about the highly-anticipated Google Nexus tablet from Asus, but it's the most recent one that we really find intriguing: it may debut for as low as[...]

New Apple iPad (3rd Generation) First Look Review

The new Apple iPad is here, complete with its Retina Display and A5X processor. Early buzz suggests the 2048 x 1536 display must be seen to be believed... and[...]

Can You Really Trust App Store Ratings?

Hackers often wreak havoc with online rating systems for the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and other vendor outlets. So what's a user to do?

VIDEO: New Apple iPad Analysis

New Apple iPad analysis with Tim Scannell and Jamison Cush.

Apple iPad (3rd Generation)

The Apple iPad (3rd gen) features the same 9.7-inch display as its predecessors, but has a higher-resolution screen, sporting 2048 x 1536 pixels, for a 264 PPI count. It also[...]

Sony Preparing a Tegra 3 Android 4.0 Tablet?

An entry on the leaderboard of Android benchmarking app NenaMark seems to indicate that Sony is working on a Tegra 3-powered tablet.

Apple “Thrilled’ with iPad’s Weekend Release UPDATE

In a conference call earlier this morning, CEO Tim Cook announced that he was "thrilled" with what the company called a "record weekend" for the release of the new iPad.[...]

Screen Size is the Leading Indicator of Tablet Usage, Study Says

Ever since Apple released the iPad in April 2010, competitors have been scrambling to launch their own tablets that ranged in variety of screen sizes that differentiated from the 9.7-inch[...]

Dell To Release a Windows 8 Tablet For End of 2012

With all the attention focused on the iPad, Dell is looking to turn the tablet market around by looking to create a Windows 8 tablet to be released later this[...]

Lenovo Rumored To Release Windows 8 Tablet In October

An inside source is claiming that Lenovo intends to be the first manufacturer to release a Windows 8 tablet once the OS becomes available, supposedly in October.

New Apple iPad 3 Review: The Best Gets Better

Apple is the 500 lb gorilla of the tablet market, so the release of this company's third-generation model generated a tremendous amount of hype...much of which is well deserved, as[...]

New iPad’s Retina Display Beats Rivals, But Experiences Battery Issues

As the new Apple iPad continues to fly off shelves, reports are coming in about Retina Display of the highly-talked about tablet, but it's not without its flaws.

G5 Entertainment Reports Significant Growth In Game Downloads, Success On Kindle Fire

Game publisher G5 Entertainment recently reported that not only has it seen a fivefold increase in downloads in 2011, it has also broken 1 million game downloads on the Amazon[...]

Microsoft to Reportedly Finish Windows 8 in Summer; Looking at October Release

According to sources with knowledge of Microsoft's release schedule, the company will finish work on Windows 8 this summer, setting up personal computers and tablets with the operating system to[...]

Apple Sells 3 Million New iPads

Yesterday we reported that Apple CEO Tim Cook was thrilled with the sales of the new iPad. Today, we know why he's thrilled: Apple sold over 3 million new iPads[...]

FAA Considering Removing Restrictions on Tablets and eReaders During Flights

There's good news for everyone who travels with a tablet: the FAA is looking at ways to remove the restriction that prevents passengers from using many types of electronic devices[...]

Mass Effect Infiltrator for iOS Review: Worthy Of Its Namesake?

Mass Effect junkies can try to get their next fix in the form of Mass Effect Infiltrator, a third-person cover shooter for the iPad that offers some, though far from[...]

Toshiba LT170 Android Tablet Launches in Italy

Toshiba just announced a budget-friendly, Android-powered tablet in Italy earlier today. The Toshiba LT170 is an underpowered tablet that matches specs close to the Lenovo IdeaPad A1.

New iPad Users Dealing With Heat and Signal Issues

With new iPads flying off the shelves, the new Apple tablet has become a hot commodity. Unfortunately, it is also dealing with potential design flaws that cause the tablet to[...]

Tablets, Mobile Apps, and Increased Data Traffic Seen as Wireless ‘Disruptors’

The wireless communications market may be positioned for some dramatic changes in structure, brought about by a variety of disruptive forces that will undermine the current status quo.

13.3-inch Toshiba Android Tablet Spotted with Tablet TV Feature

Remember that massive 13.3-inch tablet Toshiba showed off at CES 2012? It's back, and it could be the first TV tablet.

Google Nexus Tablet Hiding at ASUS Headquarters?

What is ASUS hiding on the 13th floor? Could it be the rumored Google tablet? That's the question following a visit to its Taiwan-based headquarters in Taipei, where ASUS reps[...]

Acer Unveils Its First Quad-Core Tablet, Iconia A510

Acer announced the launch of its new Iconia A510 this morning, their first quad-core tablet, which will be powered by an NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor.

Microsoft Windows 8 to be “Retina”-Ready

Microsoft Windows 8 will be ready for high-definition displays when it launches later this year.

Angry Birds Space Is Now Available For Download

Rovio's newest time-wasting, bird-flinging, pig-maiming game, Angry Birds Space, is now available for download for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android devices, and even Macs.

Sony Tablets to Receive ICS Update in April; Wi-Fi-only Tablet P Announced

Sony made a couple of important announcements last night, including a Wi-Fi-only version of the Tablet P as well as the availability of the Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich update[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note to Receive Premium Suite ICS Update in Q2

Today, Samsung announced that it will be offering a Premium Suite upgrade for Galaxy Note users worldwide in Q2.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Now Available for U.S. Cellular Customers

U.S. Cellular has announced that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is available today, both in stores and online, marking the release of the carrier's first 4G LTE device.

New Apple iPad Launches in 25 More Countries Today

Starting today, the new Apple iPad is now available in 25 more countries, most of which are in Europe.

Google Chrome Beta For Android Review: Don’t Switch Just Yet

Google Play is in a stir due to the release of the Chrome Beta for tablets running ICS 4.0 and above, but before you go crazy with glee, first take[...]

New iPad Continues Charging After Reaching 100 Percent

A recent test showed that the new iPad battery continues to charge even when it says its fully charged at 100 percent.

Only 6 Percent of iPad Sessions Come from 3G or 4G Networks

According to data acquired from mobile analytics platform, Localytics, 3G and 4G usage on the Apple iPad is minuscule compared to Wi-Fi usage.

TabletPCReview Tests Wi-Fi Strength Of The New iPad

The iPad enjoys another successful launch, but the quality control problems are piling up. So we decided to put the tablet's Wi-Fi strength to the test to see how the[...]

iPads and Smartphones Sparking ‘Massive Growth’ in Web Site Page Views

Maybe it's the big, bright screen, but Apple iPad users spend much more time consuming Web site content than smartphone users do, said speakers at Ignition West.

Lenovo IdeaPad A1 vs. Amazon Kindle Fire: Budget Android Tablet Battle

The Lenovo IdeaPad A1 and the Amazon Kindle Fire: both look the same, cost $200 and run Android 2.3, but they are very different devices. Which seven-inch Android tablet is[...]

Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad Review: Photo Editing Wherever You Go

Just in time for the next-generation Apple iPad, Adobe has released its Photoshop Touch app for iPad. How does the new iPad app compare vs. desktop Photoshop? Read the full[...]

Samsung Galaxy Note Sales Hit 5 Million Mark UPDATE

Samsung announced that the Galaxy Note has hit five million in global sales since its launch in February.

Apple Australia Offers Refunds for Confused 4G iPad Owners

New iPad users in Australia who purchased the Wi-Fi + 4G model will be offered a refund by Apple Australia after some confusion over 4G connectivity.

Three New Amazon Kindle Fires Coming in 2012?

Online retailer Amazon is looking to take over the tablet market with the reported launch of three new Kindles in 2012: two 7-inch devices and an 8.9-inch tablet.

Apple: New iPad Battery Gauge Not Busted

While some people have been complaining that the new iPad has not been charging properly and reporting a 100% charge while still drawing power, Apple has announced today that it[...]

Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi to Receive Android 4.0.4 Update

The Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi will finally be joining its LTE-enabled variant in running Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

LG Begins Production on Flexible E-Paper

LG has announced today that it has started mass production on what it calls the world's first flexible electronic paper display.

Apple Looking at 5-inch Screens for iPad Mini?

According to "a reliable Chinese" source, Apple is working with LCD suppliers to get a 5-inch screen capable of a high resolution (Retina) display.

NVIDIA Hints of a $199 Android Tablet; Hopes for a Windows 8 Tablet with Tegra

NVIDIA execs are talking tablets, and strongly hinting that the rumored Nexus Tablet, a $150 to $200 tablet made by ASUS with help from NVIDIA and Google, is a reality.

Hulu Plus Coming to Some Android Tablets

Select Android tablet owners can now watch more streaming TV shows thanks to the arrival of Hulu Plus.

Google to Make and Sell Tablets

Google knows something is wrong with Android tablets, which have struggled against the mighty iPad since launching in 2011. It thinks it might have the answer in its own online[...]

Angry Birds Space Review: An Addictive Interstellar Pig-Killing Romp

Angry Birds Space combines all the pig-killing slingshot fun of the original with space physics courtesy of NASA. Is it just a gimmicky retread, or does Rovio have a new[...]

RIM 4Q Not So Good, Reports 1 Million PlayBook Customers

Research in Motion CEO Thorsten Heins reported during a fourth quarter earnings call that there are more than 1 million BlackBerry PlayBook customers in the market today.

ASUS Transformer Prime Receives Firmware Update; Lacks Face Unlock

As promised last week by ASUS, the Transformer Prime started receiving an OTA firmware update today that offers a variety of enhancements and tweaks for the tablet.