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Tablet Articles for April of 2004

Below are the 20 Tablet articles for April of 2004

Review Dicota BacPac Rain

The most important mobile computing accessory in my book is a backpack. I tote my notebook, PDA, cell phone and other goods around all day. I ve been using a[...]

Tablet PC 2004 OS Release Date?

According to a posted story on OSNews.com, the highly anticipated Windows XP Tablet PC 2004 is due for release on June 23rd...


With the need for portable flash media such as "Pen Drives" to carry larger amounts of information, the possiblilities of new technologies from SanDisk are very exciting. Imagine 8[...]

Acer C300 Earns Award, Fujitsu ST5000 Series Mini-Review, Tablet PC Awards Announced

The Acer C300 earned a finalist award from the eWeek Excellence Awards FCW.com compares some of the latest PDAs and smartphones with the 5000D series tablet from Fujitsu [...]

Motion Launches New Tablet – The Motion M1400 Tablet PC

Motion Computing announced a refresh of their M1300 Tablet PC today. The M1400 will feature Intel's new 1.1 GHz ultra low-voltage processor, improved display and 802.11 b/g. Units are now[...]

Windows XP SP2 Will Bring Tablet PC Improvements|Alias SketchBook Pro on all V1250 convertible Tablet PCs

Windows XP SP2 Will Bring Tablet PC Improvements Alias SketchBook Pro on all V1250 convertible Tablet PCs

JLT debuts ruggedized tablet

With its fold-back cover in place, it can withstand total water immersion or firehose-strength spraying, according to JLT officials. It can also sustain a three-foot drop onto concrete with the[...]

Rocker Todd Rundgren Takes Tablet PC’s on the Road

Using Tablet PC's Todd Rundgren goes high-tech, saving space and increasing efficiency for his road gear entourage.

Tablets Reappear in the Mainstream Market

Thumbing through this week's circular from Best Buy, I was happily surprised to see the Toshiba Tablet PC has made it's way into the ad. I may be out[...]

Will Bluetooth Be Dead By 2006?

If Intel has its way, Bluetooth will be a dead technology by the end of 2005. Intel s pushing hard for a new wireless USB standard, called WUSB. The goal[...]

Tablet PC News – Tablets Aid Real Estate Brokers, Tablets Run the Home, Tablet PCs in the Construction Industry

Prudential Really in San Bruno, CA is leveraging Motion Tablets and REDTablet Mobile Office The Cielo Home Management System lets Tablets control lighting, climate and other home-based functions [...]

Tablet PC News – OneNote Wins Award | Psion Reselling XPlore’s ix104 Rugged Tablet | Biometrics Going Mainstream

eWeek has given OneNote the nod as best enterprise personal productivity application Psion Teklogix and Xplore have done a deal that should mean more sales of the ix104 rugged[...]

Which New Version of Windows is When?

So everybody is whining, complaining and getting down right "bent out of shape" over the next release of Windows. Let's first rest assured that Tablet PC users can only[...]

Win $100,000 from Microsoft!

Microsoft is holding a contest for Tablet PC developers. You can even write your application on any desktop running XP.

BargainTabletPC News – Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Microsoft kicks off 80-college tour to demo mobile products Microsoft OneNote Service Pack 1 Preview Released For Beta Testing

Lonestar Becomes Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

The next version of the operating system, code named Lonestar, will officially be dubbed Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005. This name may be a bit odd as the release[...]

BTPC News: Outlook of Tablet PC Future may be Bright:

"...more than 35% of all notebooks sold worldwide will come equipped with some form of pen digitizer by 2007"

San Jose Sharks Score with Tablet PC’s

When Scott Mellanby of the St. Louis Blues apparently scored the tying goal late in a recent National Hockey League playoff game with the San Jose Sharks, Sharks assistant coach[...]

Tablet PC Campus Demo Tour

It seems that Microsoft has begun its anticipated 2004 Tablet PC marketing campaign with more than just recent magazine spots and internet banner ads. Today an official schedule for[...]

Tablet PC Demos – Beyond Kowledge Campuses!

Who needs College anyway?! If you are not a student or headed to school any time soon, you can still "check out" the Tablet PC demos...