April 2005 Tablet Articles

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Tablet Articles for April of 2005

Below are the 19 Tablet articles for April of 2005

Long Awaited Apple Tablet Computer “iPad” Release Due in June!

"Of course along with the release of the new OS will be the most exciting piece of hardware addition to the Apple product line. Dubbed "iPad", the new tablet[...]

Sony PSP First Thoughts Review

Ok, so it's not a PDA, notebook or a perfect fit for any of our family of sites, but the Sony PSP is a mobile device that is extremely popular,[...]

A Unique Opportunity – Get Paid to Demo the Tablet PC

Are you computer savvy? Do you love working with new products and introducing them to consumers? We may have the perfect job for you...

Microsoft Releases Experience Pack for Tablet PC

"...Rather than just releasing a small tool, fix or utility - it appears that on this occasion, Microsoft has really delivered. This full-featured ensemble packs a load of functionality,[...]

What Tablet PCs Can Do for You

Tablet PCs are great. If you are a mobile person, and you have never considered getting a tablet PC in the past, now is as good a time as any[...]

BStrong Tablet PC Notebook Screen Protectors (pics)

Recently we discovered a product from Strong Engineering that might make the arguments against using screen protectors moot and certainly makes the cost barrier vanish. At $15 or less each,[...]

All New MSN Messenger Version 7 Released

Microsoft's MSN Messenger Version 7 has been released in its final build 0777. The new feature packed chat client is available for a free download.

Introducing… Bluetooth Version 2.0

Your Tablet PC, cell phone or PDA is bound to have a built-in Bluetooth radio. This short-range wireless technology has evolved into a a brand new faster variant. Read up[...]

Fujitsu ST5000 Series Full Review

"If you are looking for the "Lexus" of Slate Tablet PC's, you can stop here. The ST5000 exudes elegance, functionality, mobility and connectivity desired by most every mobile computing enthusiast."

Inside Scoop: New “Mini Tablet PC” Coming to Market?

"Convertible or Slate? Wait, you may have yet another option to throw in the mix. Sources say that Microsoft is working with a new form-factor Tablet PC "a type of[...]

Update: “Mini Tablet PC” Photo?

..."The device was spotted at the IDF Japan 2005 show. Whether or not this is the "Mini Tablet PC" we have been talking about, it certainly does run full-blown Windows[...]

A Focus on Security – The Fujitsu Security Platform

"...offers a significantly higher level of data/access protection than most any model on the market. Here we offer a more focused view of what users can expect with this unique[...]

Toshiba Announces Tecra M4 Tablet PC

As if deciding between the Toshiba M200, R15 and R10 isn't hard enough, Toshiba now adds a third Tablet PC option to the mix!

House of the Future Today: Tablet PC Included!

You have heard about the "digital home". Perhaps even live in one. The complete picture can include the Tablet PC for your grocery shopping list!

Toshiba Tecra M4

The Tecra M4 Tablet PC integrates the advanced features of a tablet with state-of-the-art notebook technology. A product of the Toshiba EasyGuard design philosophy, its every aspect is geared toward[...]

Toshiba R15 Tablet PC – Our Full Review

We spent a month putting Toshiba's R15 Tablet PC through its paces. It was carried around to meetings, coffee shops, bookstores and even a golf course. With its attractive price[...]

“Ultra-Mobile” Tablet PC Out of the Bag (story, pics)

"Some of the best ideas behind this device now dubbed the "Ultra-Mobile" Tablet PC by Microsoft is its small size, "all-day" battery life and constant connectivity."

IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC Photos Surface!

"...We kept quiet as we could, however the FCC has now made the approval of the device public record..."

The “Car” Tablet PC!

Specs: 8.4" TFT, built-in keyboard, 40GB HDD, 1.4GHz Pentium M, integrated speakers - The price? OUCH!