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Tablet Articles for April of 2007

Below are the 26 Tablet articles for April of 2007

Top 10 Tablet PCs of March 2007

Welcome to the monthly listing of the "Top 10 Tablet PCs". This report is compiled based on the number of views each product page receives, so every time someone clicks[...]

Recent Hot Topics of Discussion on TabletPCReview.com

Today we take a peek into the forums to find a grass roots view of what's going on in the world of Tablets. We've run some stats calculations on our[...]

FlipStart Micro Laptop Finally Available

After many years in development, FlipStart Labs' has begun selling its micro-laptop computer due to an increased interest from those who want something far less bulky than a typical laptop.

Georgetown Law Prof Blasts Laptops in the Classroom as Bad for Learning

Laptops have become an essential tool for college students productivity. However, in an op ed article in The Washington Post law professor David Cole explains why he banned laptops[...]

Asus Headquarters Tour (pics)

Last week I was invited to a conference at Asus Headquarters in California. Getting to meet the people behind the Asus name and getting the chance to tour their facility,[...]

News Bits: Motion Computing Giving Away Free Wireless Kit with the LS800, Flybook V5 Tablet PC Now Available, Intel to Announce New UMPC Design

For a limited time, when you buy an LS800 Tablet PC with 1GB RAM from Motion, you will also receive a free wireless broadband solution kit. Dynamism is now carrying[...]

LG C1 Dual Express Tablet PC Review

The LG C1 is an impressive Tablet PC. Its lightweight design and glossy piano black finish give this Tablet that professional appeal. Its Core Duo 1.2GHz processor doesn't lack in[...]

Tablet News: Mobile Demand Introduces Rugged Tablet PC, Panasonic’s Newest ToughBook the CF-08 Unveiled, TabletKiosk’s i400 Tablet PC Dock Preview

Mobile Demand's xTablet T8600 ruggedized Tablet PC is targeted toward specific industries and markets. Panasonic recently unveiled the ToughBook CF-08 slate Tablet PC. Although it really isn't a Tablet PC[...]


The LG C1 is a notebook to tablet pc convertible that is an ultraportable. It has a 10.6″ screen size and weighs only 2.9lbs

Intel’s New UMPC Will Run Linux

Intel is launching what they call the Mobile Internet Device (MID) to compete with other UMPC form factors. Although some of their features are similar, the MIDs will be running[...]

Swiss Gear Maxxum Laptop Backpack Review

The Wenger Swiss Gear Maxxum laptop backpack is a bag designed to accommodate 15.4" screen notebooks and targeted at students who need a durable backpack to carry all of their[...]

News Bits: Fujitsu Introduces New Tablet PCs, Asustek to Start Manufacturing Intel Classmate PC, Intervolve Teams Up with Lenovo on Tablet PC Distribution Solutions

Fujitsu has been keeping busy these days working on some new Tablet PC models. Asustek will be rebranding the Classmate PC and selling them to consumers in modernized countries. Intervolve[...]

Samsung Q1b UMPC/Tablet PC Hands-On Review

Seeing that this is a review of the Samsung Q1b UMPC/Tablet PC, we are going to take a look at mobility from the side of Tablet devices. It's no longer[...]

Intel Announces Upcoming Mobile Processor and Device Push at IDF Conference

At a speech in Beijing China, Anand Chandrasekher of Intel outlined coming processor platforms and new UMPC and Mobile Internet Devices that would be coming in the next couple of[...]

Gateway Unveils New E-155C Tablet PC

Gateway unveiled today the new E-155C convertible notebook. This thin and lightweight Tablet PC lets users enjoy the benefits of both a digital pen and touch screen, similar to the[...]

Gateway E-155C Tablet PC

The Gateway E-155C is a widescreen convertible notebook. It comes with a 12.1-inch WXGA bidirectionally rotating display, Core 2 Duo ULV processor, 802.11a/b/g WiFi, fingerprint reader, media reader, 1394, drives[...]

WaterField Designs Laptop Sleeve Case Review

Versatility is an important characteristic to have, whether you are speaking about a person or a notebook sleeve. If you are looking for a highly versatile sleeve, look to[...]

Users Voice Their Opinions About the HP tx1000 Tablet PC

The topic of today's "User Opinions" article is the HP tx1000 Tablet PC. The tx1000 has moved its way to number one on our Most Popular Tablet PCs list. Since[...]

Motion Computing LE1700

Empower your business with LE1700 Tablet PC from Motion Computing and experience powerful performance and mobility, in a compact design. LE1700 combines features and the speed of the 1.5 GHz[...]

News Bits: Dell Tablet PC Rumors are Flying, Samsung to Start Shipping Q1 Ultra in May, Kohjinsha’s SA1F00V Tablet gets New Features

There have been rumors of a Dell Tablet PC for quite some time now, but maybe this time it is for real. Hitting the one year anniversary mark of its[...]

Details on Fujitsu’s Newest UMPC

Fujitsu is entering the UMPC market with a splash. They recently unveiled their newest UMPC design at Intel Developers Forum. Not to much has been released about the specs, but[...]

Acer Announces Voluntary Battery Recall

Acer announced today a voluntary recall on approximately 27,000 rechargeable lithium ion batteries containing battery cells manufactured by Sony. It seems these batteries may overheat and become a potential fire[...]

Gateway E-155C Tablet PC First Thoughts

Gateway just last week announced the E-155C into their Tablet PC family and for the past two days I have had the chance to test it first hand. First off[...]

Kensington Vo200 Bluetooth Internet Phone Review

Thrifty talkers the past few years have seen many new toys hit the market for use with programs such as Skype, GoogleTalk, AIM, and Yahoo chat that offer computer to[...]

Budget Aluminum Notebook Cooler Review

If you live in the Middle East or Asia chances are you live in a hot environment. The following is a review of a budget notebook cooler I picked up[...]

HP Pavilion tx1110us Review

The HP Pavilion tx1110us is a non-touchscreen version of the popular HP tx1000z notebook that was recently released. The screen still rotates like the Tablet version of this device, but[...]