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Tablet Articles for April of 2011

Below are the 92 Tablet articles for April of 2011

GarageBand for iPad 2 Review

Apple touted GarageBand as one of the iPad 2's premiere launch apps. Find out if this musical suite is just a fun diversion or a serious audio editing application in[...]

Analysts Chime In: 10-inch Tablets vs 7-inch Tablets

Will Apple's tablet competitors really sell more 7-inch models than 10-inchers? Analysts seem mainly pessimistic over other manufacturers' chances with iPad-sized devices, for now at least. Yet opinions on the[...]

GammaTech U12C Review

Sporting a number of features and a slick, metallic design, the U12C offers respectable performance in a package that is more portable than your average rugged tablet. But at what[...]

Sony Launching Honeycomb Tablet This Summer

Sony's CEO Howard Stringer recently told one of Japan's biggest newspapers that the electronics giant planned to have an Android tablet ready to ship by the end of summer.

Are Google’s Honeycomb Policies Saving Android or Stepping on Toes?

With new Honeycomb tablets slowly rolling out of partners' doors, but a scarcity of Android 3.0 apps, Google is drawing both jeers and cheers for a new set of measures[...]

Dell 10-Inch Windows 7 Tablet a Late Arrival

Dell had everyone ready for a new addition to the growing ranks of enterprise-ready tablets after it unveiled a 10-inch Windows 7 slate called "Rosemount" in February, but it turns[...]

B&N Nook NYT Subscribers to Receive Free NYTimes.com Access

Shortly after the announcement that Amazon Kindle New York Times subscribers would receive free access to the newspaper's website, Barnes and Noble Nook users have received word that they can[...]

Intel Oak Trail Tablets to Debut Next Month

Intel-based tablets are currently few and far between, but it appears that the company is now making a serious foray into the market by introducing tablets sporting its new Atom[...]

iPad 2 Ranks Highest with Consumer Reports

The accolades for Apple's improved iPad 2 keep pouring in, and Consumer Reports affirms the device's quality after stacking it up against nine other tablets on the market.

Kindle Games & Active Content Review

You might not notice that aside from eBooks, the Kindle Store features a selection of games and other fun stuff that run the gamut from classic Monopoly to a Notepad[...]

Analyst: Motorola Xoom a Bust UPDATE: Hard Numbers

Considering the current lack of success of both the Motorola Xoom and Atrix, one analyst has started reevaluating his forecast for Motorola Mobility (MMI), believing that the failure of these[...]

Gamestop Planning to Create Its Own Gaming Tablet

Much like retailers Amazon and Barnes & Noble created devices through which they can sell you e-books, Gamestop has recently revealed its intentions to distribute its own gaming tablet through[...]

Apple Sells 2.5 Million iPad 2’s, Needs Cover Lenses to Keep up Production

Apple managed to sell somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.4 to 2.6 million iPad 2's during March, according to touch panel component manufacturers who spoke to DigiTimes.

Will the HTC EVO View 4G and Flyer Launch with Honeycomb?

Recent conflicting reports have cast doubt on what OS HTC's View and Flyer tablets will sport when they come out this summer. They will both definitely feature an Android OS,[...]

Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab to Hit Stores April 10

Though it doesn't come as much of a surprise after seeing it surface on various retail sites, the release of the Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab is apparently right around the corner,[...]

Dell to Launch 10-Inch Android Tablet this Summer, Ditching Streak Name

Word has come from Dell that a 10-inch Android tablet, almost definitely featuring Android 3.0 Honeycomb, will be available in June of this year. And chances are it will not[...]

Google Working on Chrome Tablet OS

A tablet version of the Google Chrome OS isn't just an idea anymore. On the contrary, it's currently in the works and taking steps towards becoming a reality.

Next5 and Next6 Tablets Now Available From EFUN, No Sign of Next4

Skipping right over the Next4, E-FUN has slipped a couple more of its tablets under the radar and into the market: the Next5 and Next6.

Trident Aegis and M-Edge Executive Jacket NOOK Color Case Reviews

This two-product review evaluates a couple of cases. The Trident Aegis is a futuristic, highly protective case, while M-Edge's Executive Jacket is a professional leather folio. How do these disparate[...]

New Dell Convertible Discovered at FCC

It's already been a busy week for Dell with the launch details for two tablets starting to take shape, and now the discovery of an FCC filing indicating that the[...]

Intel and Advance Lead $30 million Investment Round in Kno

After announcing back in February that it was considering selling the hardware component of its student-oriented tablet, Silicon Valley start-up Kno has found two prominent investors.

B&N Releases NOOK Developer Update

The Barnes & Noble NOOK Developer program has continued to progress, with a new dev kit now available to help facilitate the creation and delivery of apps on the NOOK[...]

Acer Iconia A500 Honeycomb Tablet Priced, Set for Release

The Acer Iconia A500, the Wi-Fi-only version of the Iconia A501, has had full release details disclosed in an announcement by Acer. This Honeycomb tablet features some impressive specs and[...]

Flash Caused PlayBook Delay? Touchscreens and Battery Too?

At CES, RIM hinted the BlackBerry PlayBook would ship soon after the show, saying "hold your breath" in regards to the release date. It's a good thing no one listened,[...]

Verizon Releases Galaxy Tab Update, Lowers Price

Verizon is making several improvements to the Samsung Galaxy Tab with an extensive system update for the seven-inch tablet. Update EC02 will provide faster browsing and Flash 10.2, as[...]

As eBooks Soar, eReader Battle Hits Full Tilt

With eBooks now flying off the virtual shelves, major sellers like Amazon and B&N are re-inventing themselves in their own ways, while publishers try to cash in on the rising[...]

Now Is a Great Time to Get a First-Generation Apple iPad

Sure, having the latest and greatest gadgets is fun, but should you pass on the Apple iPad 2 and instead opt for the first-generation iPad? It's worth considering for a[...]

Acer Iconia W500 Tablet Now Available for Pre-Order

Though an official announcement has yet to come from Acer, its Iconia W500 tablet has surfaced for pre-order at BHPhotoVideo for $549.

Adobe Extending Photoshop to Tablets with New Apps

Adobe is transitioning its popular Photoshop image editor to mobile platforms by releasing the Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit (SDK) and three touch-friendly mobile companion apps.

HP Shows Off TouchPad, webOS on YouTube

HP is trying to garner some buzz for its tablet and operating system, releasing a demo video showing off the TouchPad, webOS, and the potential corporate and consumer capabilities of[...]

Survey: Gaming Tops Tablet Use, Email and Info Search Close Behind

Eighty-four percent of tablet owners list gaming as their "most popular" tablet activity followed by searching for info (78%) and emailing (74%), according to a recent survey of 1,430 tablet[...]

CoPilot Live Navigator for iPad Review

CoPilot Live HD North America is an app that is designed to take the large screen of the Apple iPad and turn it into the perfect navigational aid. However, does[...]

Motorola Xoom Coming to Sprint

The 4G Motorola Xoom, currently available exclusively from Verizon Wireless, is broadening its horizons, with recent reports indicating that the tablet will soon be available on Sprint's WiMax network.

Intel Ups Its Presence In Tablets With New Chip

Seemingly in response to the overwhelming number of tablets powered by ARM chipsets, Intel announced that it has begun to ship a new Atom processor designed specifically for tablets.

Lenovo Planning “Home Tablet” for 2011 Release, UPDATE

Lenovo has revealed that it's working on a 23-inch "home tablet", which could be moved from room to room and used on tables, providing an elegant solution to the problem[...]

Gigabyte Releasing New Windows and Android Tablets

Taiwanese manufacturer Gigabyte has announced that it will be releasing a staggering number of tablets throughout the rest of 2011 and beginning of 2012, and that these devices will offer[...]

MyEdge Customizable eReader Jacket Review

M-Edge has created an exceptionally unique way to clothe an eReader or iPad with its fully customizable "MyEdge" jacket creation service. Are the jacket's build and the opportunity to personalize[...]

Motorola Working on Rugged Android Tablet

We love beating up rugged tablets here at TabletPCReview, so we are excited to hear that Droid and Xoom maker Motorola may soon bring a rugged tablet to the market,[...]

Bridgestone Develops Supersized ePaper Tablets

Consumers waiting for tablets with nearly two-foot screens, well, keep waiting. Bridgestone has produced two ePaper tablets measuring in at 21- and 13-inches, but these devices will be marketed to[...]

Supply Shortage Delays US Release of Asus Eee Pad Transformer

For those of you in the US eagerly awaiting the release of the Asus Eee Pad Transformer, don't hold your breath: a supply shortage has supposedly delayed its stateside arrival.

RIM Stock Falls as PlayBook Reviews Surface

Initial reviews of Research in Motion's newest device, the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, have not been particularly kind and as a result, its stock is paying.

Apple Releases iOS 4.3.2 Update for the iPad

Apple released the iOS 4.3.2 update, which the Mac maker claims is designed to fix bugs affecting the Apple iPad and iPad 2, including the 3G versions. Also included are[...]

BlackBerry PlayBook Hands On

The BlackBerry PlayBook is a 7-inch tablet running RIM's new BlackBerry Tablet OS. It's designed to appeal to the enterprise with BlackBerry's notable security, and consumers with power and speed.[...]

CIO Talks iPad Mobile Device Security

As the iPad and other mobile devices become ubiquitous, not just with consumers but also in businesses, it becomes sensible for companies to adopt and integrate these devices, and accept[...]

Archos 7c Available for Pre-Order in China, Upgraded Version on the Way

The Archos 7c tablet has surfaced in China and is now available for pre-order over there for the rough equivalent of $200, but it may not be worth pulling the[...]

Tablets Being Delayed on Account of Poor Sales and Component Availability

The tablet market isn't shaping up to be quite as competitive as some thought, with the launches of various tablet PCs being delayed on account of poor prospects in the[...]

Consumer Tablet From Nokia Supposedly in the Works

It was only a matter of time: Nokia is also hopping on the tablet bandwagon, with the company rumored to release its very own as early as this fall.

Cisco Cius Shipping, But Not to Consumers

Remember the Cisco Cius, the Android-powered video conferencing tablet announced last year? Well, it's finally available for preorder, just not to average consumers.

BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Apple iPad 2 vs. Motorola Xoom

RIM's new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is now available. How does it stack up against the two biggest players in the tablet market right now? Does it have the mettle to[...]

BlackBerry PlayBook Review

RIM is walking the fine line between enterprise and consumer tablet with its BlackBerry PlayBook. Is the business-friendly tablet still fun and useful for consumers, or is it a tweener[...]

Toshiba 10.1-Inch Android Tablet Possibly Priced, Named

Newegg has accidentally taken the liberty of releasing the price and naming information of the upcoming Toshiba 10.1-inch Android tablet. If you like your tablets to have mid-level costs and[...]

Wacom Announces Bamboo Stylus for iPad

No need to wait for the upcoming HTC Flyer if you're looking to use a stylus on your tablet, because Wacom has a solution for you in the form of[...]

Apple Suing Samsung for Patent Infringement

Do you think the Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Tab closely resemble the Apple iPhone and iPad? Apple sure does, and is suing Samsung over the similarities, claiming the Samsung products[...]

BlackBerry PlayBook Launches Today

Today, April 19, 2011, Research In Motion (RIM) officially launches its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Well known for the BlackBerry line of smartphones, a favorite amongst business users, the PlayBook's release[...]

LG G-Slate Available Tomorrow

The Honeycomb-based, 3D-capable G-Slate from LG will be released tomorrow, April 20, at a subsidized price of $529.99 after a two-year contract with T-Mobile.

Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet Appears on Intel Press Page

Earlier this year, Lenovo showcased a prototype of its IdeaPad featuring one of the new Intel Atom Oak Trail chips, and that tablet has now surfaced on Intel's press page[...]

Top Tablet Time Wasters for Grads

To all you soon-to-be grads suffering from senioritis and counting down the days until graduation, we've pulled together some of the best time-killing, entertaining tablet gaming apps out there, you[...]

Lenovo ThinkPad X220t, Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi Both Shipping Now

Two very different tablet devices are making their ways into the market, with news that Lenovo's business-minded convertible X220t and Dell's scaled back and scaled down Wi-Fi-only Streak 7 have[...]

Tablets Fit for Moms, Dads, and Grads

They may look alike, but tablets are not one-size-fits-all devices. Different tablets have different features that appeal to different users. As such, mom's tablet may not be the best fit[...]

AT&T Blocks BlackBerry Bridge, Workaround Available

Owners of the BlackBerry PlayBook who are also AT&T BlackBerry users might notice an interesting feature -- or lack thereof -- when they try to wirelessly connect their BlackBerrys to[...]

Acer Creates Tablet Division

Acer is shaking up its internal product development divisions, with a stronger focus on tablets being one of the primary goals of the reorganization.

FileMaker Go 1.2 Helps Bring iOS to the Enterprise

Up against emerging but intensifying competition from Android, RIM and Windows 7 tablets, FileMaker on Wednesday is rolling out FileMaker Go 1.2, a new update to mobile database software that[...]

Toshiba Honeycomb Tablet on its Way to Japan

There has been a lot of recent speculation on Toshiba's 10.1-Inch Android tablet after Newegg launched a page potentially pricing and naming the device. Well, the speculation should be giving[...]

ARM and Intel Have Bright Futures in the Mobile Market

ARM and Intel are gearing up for a busy future in which their hardware -- the A-15 and x86 processors, respectively -- will be making appearances in many different mobile[...]

More Americans Using iOS Than Android OS

A recent analysis of iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and Android OS (Xoom, Galaxy Tab, Atrix, Thunderbolt, to name a few) device users has shown that as of right now, Apple[...]

Kindle Becomes Library Compatible

Every generation of the Amazon Kindle, as well as all versions of the free Kindle reading app, will open up libraries to eReader users across the United States, and they[...]

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Hands On

The ever-increasing pool of iPad competitors continues to grow, but ASUS -- the company that invented the netbook -- promises its new tablet delivers the perfect hybrid of tablet simplicity[...]

Apple iPad Still Selling Millions, PlayBook Sales Better than Expected

Apple released its quarterly earnings report, which included sales figures for the original iPad for possibly the last time. Numbers have also come out about RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook. How did[...]

Samsung Making Amazon Tablet?

Rumors of an Amazon Android tablet have been floating around the internet for months, and given credence with the recent launch of the Amazon Appstore for Android. Now some details[...]

Armor X10gx Receives 3G Capabilities From Sprint

DRS Technologies announced today that its Armor X10gx rugged tablet has received certification from Sprint and can now connect to the carrier's 3G data network.

Taking Care of Business Technology

Are you a technology innovator? Or, do you prefer to wait until the dust settles a bit before choosing a computer or printer for your business or home office?[...]

Amazon Kindle App for Android Optimized for Tablets

The Amazon Kindle app for Android finally feels at home on Honeycomb, thanks to an update released today that optimizes the e-reader app for tablets.

HTC Flyer First Look

The HTC Flyer won't debut for a while, but TabletPCReview was able to get its very own Flyer well ahead of schedule, and we've given it a good once over.[...]

T-Mobile Discounts G-Slate $100 through April 27

T-Mobile's newest 4G tablet, the LG G-Slate, can be found at a significantly discounted sum for customers willing to jump a few hurdles for the device.

Dell Leak Reveals Streak Pro, Lattitude Specs

Another Dell tablet roadmap has leaked, this time revealing detailed specs, names, and target release dates for Dell?s upcoming tablet devices.

Lenovo ThinkPad Honeycomb Tablet Leaked

Lenovo is currently working on a business-oriented Android Honeycomb ThinkPad, according to a leaked and confidential slide deck. The 10.1-inch tablet will support active pen and ship with an optional[...]

2011 Tablet Release Schedule

Have you had trouble keeping up with details on the surplus of upcoming tablets? Now that slate season is in full swing there are literally dozens of devices in the[...]

Acer Iconia A500 and HTC Flyer On Sale at Best Buy

Two new Wi-Fi only Android tablets are coming to Best Buy, as sales of the Acer Iconia A500 have already begun, and the HTC Flyer is extremely close behind.

Barnes & Noble Launches v1.2 Update for NOOK Color

Barnes & Noble has officially launched the long-awaited update for its NOOK Color, bringing a multitude of new and enhanced features to the eReader, including apps and email.

Lenovo Prepping 7-inch Honeycomb Tablet

Add another device to Lenovo's upcoming tablet lineup. The same slide deck that revealed the ThinkPad Think Slate also lists a 7-inch Honeycomb tablet slated for a Q4 release.

Sony Announces S1 and S2 Android Tablets

Sony is finally in the tablet game as the Japanese electronics giant announced two Honeycomb tablets, each sporting a unique design twist.

Amazon Shipping Kindle with Special Offers Ahead of Schedule

The Amazon Kindle with Special offers was not supposed to be available until May 3, but Amazon is ahead of schedule with the uniquely subsidized new version of the eReader.

Microsoft Courier Reborn in Tapose App

The Microsoft Courier has been dead for a long time now. Two engineers, however, have made it their goal to reinvent the Courier's unique user interface on today's modern tablets.

Will Tablet Gaming Ever Rival Console Gaming?

Eighty-four percent of tablet owners claim gaming is their number one tablet activity, according to a Google Admob survey, and there are now 25 EA games published for the iPad,[...]

iPad 2 on Its Way to Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Already available in North America and much of Europe, the Apple iPad 2 is increasing its global scope with releases in several Middle Eastern and Asian countries, as well as[...]

Verizon Releases Motorola Xoom Update, SD Card Support and 4G Not Included

Verizon has just released update HMJ07B for the Motorola Xoom, which brings some small fixes but neglects other glaring deficiencies that still hinder the tablet.

Nokia Aiming to Make Different Kind of Tablet

Which is the only major mobile maker without a tablet on store shelves or one publically announced? Hint, they are based in Finland and had an internet tablet on the[...]

Chrome OS Testing Device, Seaboard, Possibly a Tablet

A new device has been uncovered that's being used to test the touch UI of Google's Chrome operating system. Not much is known about the gadget, codenamed Seaboard, but it[...]

Xoom Sales Figures In, Getting LTE this Summer, Coming to Sprint this Spring

Coming off Motorola's Q1 earnings call in which the Droid maker reported $3 billion in net revenue, the company's Xoom Honeycomb tablet once again made headlines with LTE availability news,[...]

New Version of Flash Available for Honeycomb Tablets

Good news for Android Honeycomb tablet users: Adobe has released an update to its Flash player. The bad news? It won't be available until Google releases a system update to[...]

iOS Most Popular Platform for Developers, Android Slipping

The number of apps a tablet can claim has become a major talking point in the Android vs. Apple vs. everyone else battle for mobile supremacy. A recent survey of[...]

How to Side-Load Apps on a Budget Android Tablet

With the recent boom in cheap tablets running Google's Android platform, a lot of new users are being introduced to the world of Android on larger screens. However many budget[...]