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Tablet Articles for April of 2013

Below are the 65 Tablet articles for April of 2013

D-Link DIR-505 SharePort Mobile Companion Quick Review

How about a portable 802.11n access point/router you can hold in your hand? NotebookReview has a review.

T-Mobile Probably Not Getting the Apple iPad for Many Months

The iPhone is finally going to be released by T-Mobile next week, but this carrier has yet to say anything about Apple's tablet. Based on previous practices, the iPad probably[...]

HTC Reportedly Working on a Windows 8 Tablet

HTC is going to release a tablet running Windows 8 later this year, according to an unconfirmed report. This will be the company's first tablet in years.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini Review

Those who want to become much more productive with their Apple iPad mini should consider an external keyboard like the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini.

Windows Blue May Be Named Windows 8.1

The forthcoming Windows Blue upgrade to Windows 8 will officially be called Windows 8.1. Get more details from TechnologyGuide.

Get a Deal on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-Inch or 10-Inch Tablets

Those who are looking to save a bit on the 7-inch or 10-inch versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 should head over to Woot to pick up these tablets[...]

Now a Freebie: Reeder News Reader App for iPad

As Google Reader's remaining days dwindle, the iPad and Mac editions of the Reeder news reader app are now available for free. The iPhone app still costs $2.99.

Apple iPad Dominates Enterprise Tablet Market, But Android and Microsoft Surface Coming on Strong

While a large majority of companies have already deployed software for the Apple iPad, there's also strong interest in the Android-based tablets as well as the Microsoft Surface.

New Google Nexus 7 Coming In July?

Google could release a new Nexus 7 tablet as early as July, and it rumor has it, the next Nexus will be cheap. TechnologyGuide has more details.

Galaxy S Tab Could Be the Next 10-Inch Tablet from Samsung

Details of an upcoming Android tablet from Samsung have leaved out. This will reportedly be the third model in the Galaxy Tab series, although the name is allegedly getting tweaked[...]

Mozilla Firefox 20 Available for Android, Windows, Mac & Linux

Facing competition from web browsers like Opera and Google Chrome, Mozilla has released a new version of its Firefox browser for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux.

Apple iOS 7 Could Be Delayed by Significant Redesign

Apple is running behind on iOS 7, according to an unconfirmed report. This is apparently because a great many changes are being made.

Apple Safari Bounces Back Vs. Opera & Google Chrome Browsers

Despite running only on iOS devices, Safari is still the king in mobile web usage. After falling in February, Safari bounced back in March, says a new report.

Apple iPad 3 on Sale for Just $315 from Best Buy

Best Buy is clearing out its stock of third-generation iPad units, and is now offering this device at very low prices. Some prices have been cut by as much as[...]

Samsung Partners with Best Buy to Offer Samsung Experience Stores

Samsung is partnering with Best buy to open Samsung "Experience" Stores within the retailer. The new shops will offer consumers a dedicated area to learn about and purchase Samsung mobile[...]

Tablet Sales Surge as Laptop/PC Sales Decline

Large numbers of consumers are switching to tablets as their main computer, according to market-research firm Gartner. And the analysts say this isn't a temporary blip, but a long-term trend.

Microsoft Overhauls SkyDrive for iOS, Mends Fences with Apple

After a delay, SkyDrive 3.0 for iOS is now available in Apple's App Store. The big overhaul adds iPhone 5 and iPad Mini support, a new UI, and new photo[...]

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Now in AT&T Retail Stores

Of course the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 is available from Amazon's website, but those who would like to try this tablet out before buying it can now find it[...]

Sony Xperia Tablet Z

The Xperia Z is a full-size tablet with a 10.1 inch touchscreen at a 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution. It runs Android on a 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor[...]

HP Slate 7

This tablet’s 7.0-inch display has a resolution of 1024 x 600-pixels. The Slate 7 runs Google Android on a 1.6 GHz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor. It has 8GB of internal storage[...]

Microsoft Surface RT

As the name implies, the Surface RT runs Windows 8 RT, rather than a pure version of Windows 8. While this variation on Windows 8 is built to support ARM-based[...]

Microsoft Surface Pro

This computer has a 10.6-inch screen, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It includes a full-size USB 3.0 port, plus a Mini DisplayPort that can drive an external[...]

Razer Edge

This tablet includes a 10.1-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. It has a USB 3.0 port, support for Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, and dual cameras. A[...]

Dell Latitude 10 Tablet

This business-oriented tablet runs Microsoft Windows 8 on a 1.8 GHz Intel Atom Z2760 processor, with 2GB of RAM. It’s dispay isn’t 10 inches, but rather 10.1 inches, and has[...]

VIDEO: Razer Edge Pro Review

Featuring a 10.1-inch LCD touchscreen and NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M LE graphics, the Razer Edge Pro tablet brings advanced, on-the-go gaming with powerful hardware and little compromise. Want to see[...]

Consumers Use Apps Like Games & Facebook Much More Than Browsers

Mobile users spend only one-fourth as much time in browsers as they do inside apps. Games and Facebook are the most popular apps, new research reveals.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 to Be Released in U.S. April 11

The Samsung Galaxy Note will be hitting U.S. markets this week on Thursday, April 11, with a retail price of $400.

AT&T and Boingo Team Up to Offer Users Wi-Fi Around the Globe

AT&T has announced a partnership with Boingo, allowing its users to access Boingo's global network of Wi-Fi hotspots while traveling abroad.

Samsung Confirms Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 Phablets

Those who would like something just a bit more portable than a tablet might consider one of the models in the upcoming Samsung Glaxy Mega series. One of these devices[...]

Microsoft Reportedly Working on 7-inch Surface Tablet

Apparently, Microsoft is ready to enter the mini-tablet market. The Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft is planning on developing a new 7-inch Surface tablet, expected to go into mass[...]

Mobile Video Skyrocketing, Up 300%

Adobe Systems Incorporated has released a new set of data relating to online video and ad consumption at a conference held by the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas[...]

Microsoft: Stalling Office for iPad & Android To Give Windows RT a Chance?

MS Office for iPad and Android won't be ready until fall, 2014, says a leaked report. As some analysts see it, the strategy is to give RT tablets a better[...]

Facebook Home Available for Phones, but Tablets Left Waiting

The new Facebook Home app launched today, but it's currently only for Android smartphones. A version for tablets is in development, however.

Acer Aspire P3 Might Give Windows 8 Tablet Buyers Another Option

It's not official, but some details have leaked out on the Acer Aspire P3, a tablet that will apparently have much in common with the Microsoft Surface.

TechnologyGuide’s Facebook Home Review

Facebook Home isn't avalable for tablets yet, but TechnologyGuide says don't be waiting eagerly.

Polaris Office for iOS Review: Working with Microsoft Office Files

Popular as an office suite for Android, Polaris Office ia also available for iOS. What does it let you do on the iPad? Is it worth the money? Read the[...]

Windows 8.1 Rumored to Include ‘Boot to Desktop’ Option

Various reports suggest that Windows 8.1 may include a "boot to desktop" option that bypasses the OS' tile-based "Metro" interface and brings users straight into desktop mode. Get more from[...]

Dell Plans More Windows RT Tablets

Dell has not given up on Microsoft's oft-maligned Windows RT operating system, and is working on follow-ups for its current tablet running this operating system.

Bloomberg Anywhere for iOS Gets Major Update

Bloomberg has released a new version of its Bloomberg Anywhere app for iOS, adding better navigation and offline capabilities, plus a bunch of other new features.

HP ElitePad 900 Review

The HP ElitePad 900 is an enterprise-grade tablet aimed at flexibility with a slew of accessories and a competitive base price.

HP ElitePad 900

Apple iPad 5 Might Launch in June

The fifth-generation iPad is is going to be announced in mid-June and released shorty thereafter, according to an unconfirmed report.

Yahoo Revamps Its Mail Apps, Creates New Weather App

Yahoo has released new mail apps for iPads and Android tablets alike, along with a new weather app for iPhones.

How a 67-Year-Old Field Service Company Started an ‘iPad Initiative’

McKinley Equipment Corp. streamlined its decades-old business and improved its customer service efficiency by turning to modern technology. Read how in a SearchConsumerization's report.

Acer Iconia W3 Could Be an 8-Inch Windows Tablet

Images have leaked out of an Acer model that could be the first mid-size Windows 8 tablet.

Apple Enjoyed Strong Q1 Sales Of iPad and iPad mini

During the first three months of this year, Apple say strong growth in its tablet sales. Sale were up over 65% from the same quarter of 2012.

The Next iPad Won’t Be Out Before this Fall: It’s Official

There has been tremendous speculation about when Apple will introduce its next tablet. There is official word from no less a luminary than Apple's CEO.

Tablet Market Set New Record in Q1; Apple Still Leading the Pack

Tablet shipments worldwide set a new record in the first quarter of this year. Apple remains on top of the market, but Android and Windows are coming on strong.

Microsoft Surface Pro Coming to the UK, Australia, Many Other Countries by the End of May

The Microsoft Surface Pro went up for sale in February, but since then, this Windows 8 tablet has been available in just a handful of countries. That's going to change[...]

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes Now Available on iPad, iPhone

With the release of an iOS edition of LEGO Batman: DC Superheroes, the Dark Avenger is heading to the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch in full LEGO goodness.

Google Encouraging Android Developers to Make Tablet Apps

People are buying tablets running Google's Android by the million, but the lack of tablet-optimized versions of applications that are available for the smartphones is a frequently-heard complaint. Google is[...]

New 8-Inch Tablet from Samsung Rumored

No less a source than the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Samsung is prepping another 8-inch tablet for release early this summer.

Why Is Aereo Driving the TV Networks Crazy?

What could be so bad about a startup that two of the big four TV networks are threatening to go off the airwaves because of it?

Dell XPS 10 Windows Tablet Now Available with AT&T 4G LTE

There's a new version of the Dell XPS 10 that adds built-in very high-speed wireless networking for easy Internet access on the go.

HP Slate 7 Inexpensive Android Tablet Has Been Released

The wait is over for HP's first Android-based tablet, the Slate 7. At just $170, this is among the most affordable tablets from a name-brand company on the market.

Apple iPad Gets Top Honors in J.D. Power Owner Satisfaction Survey

J.D. Power has conducted its second annual survey of satisfaction among tablet owners. As happened last year, Apple topped the list.

Image and Specs of Samsung Galaxy Note III With 6-Inch Screen Leak Out

Details about the third-generation Galaxy Note phablet continue to surface. The 6-inch display on this model means it will really skirt the line between tablet and smartphone. More details are[...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Low-Cost 7-Inch Android Tablet Coming Next Month: It’s Official

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has just been officially announced. The price for this upcoming tablet has not yet been revealed, but given its feature set it's likely to be[...]

$200 Apple iPad mini Could Be in Development

A market analyst says Apple could be working on an even cheaper version of the iPad mini. This device could sell for as little as $200.

Google’s Personal Assistant App and Siri Competitor Released for the iPad

Google has released an iOS version of Google Now, its service that seeks to act as an intelligent assistant for the user. It includes a voice-control feature that invites comparison[...]

Apple iPad mini 2 Might Be Delayed by Screen Production Problems

Apple CEO Tim Cook made it clear last week that a new version of the iPad mini won't be out before this fall. A report from an industry analyst says[...]

BlackBerry CEO Says Tablets Will Be Gone in Five Years

With BlackBerry in the process of remaking itself, there have been questions about whether there will be a successor to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. A recent interview with CEO Thorsten[...]

Apple iOS 7: Say Goodbye to Skeuomorphism, Hello to Simplicity

Early reports on iOS 7 are starting to come from people who claim to have seen the next version of Apple's mobile operating system, and they say it's going to[...]

Google’s Next Nexus Tablet Might Go to 11

The Google Nexus 10 will be followed by an even larger version later this year, if an unconfirmed report is correct.

HP’s Second Android Tablet Might Be the SlateBook 10 x2

HP recently introduced its first tablet running Google's Android. Some of the details of a follow-up model with a larger display have leaked out.