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Tablet Articles for May of 2006

Below are the 29 Tablet articles for May of 2006

News – Samsung Q1 UMPC Reviewed, Intel GPU’s Will Boost Tablet PC Graphics, 64-Bit Processor to Follow Core Duo

Samsung Q1 UMPC Reviewed Intel GPU's Will Boost Tablet PC Graphics Intel's 64-Bit Processor "Merom" to Follow Core Duo

Samsung Q1 UMPC LAUNCH (Pics, Specs)

Samsung has officially launched the Q1 UMPC in San Francisco today. We have received official photos of the device. At this point we know that the device will be available[...]

The Most Popular Tablet PCs List – April

Listed here are the top ten "most popular" Tablet PCs for the month of April based on your input on You can check out the full list of the[...]

Samsung Q1

The Samsung Q1 is a Ultra Mobile PC device featuring an Intel Celeron processor, 512MB of RAM, 40GB hard drive, and a 7-inch widescreen. The Q1 runs Windows Tablet PC[...]

TabletKiosk eo UMPC Shipping…

Recently we reported shipping delays of the Tablet Kiosk eo UMPC due to a design issue. It seems that TabletKiosk has moved things along quickly and has the first batch[...]

News – TabletKiosk “Hand Delivers” the First eo UMPC, Tablet PC Ink Support for Excel, NY Times Dogs on UMPC

TabletKiosk "Hand Delivers" the First eo UMPC (great pics!) TipX Enables Ink Support for Excel New York Times Dogs on the UMPC

Tablet PC / Technology Deals – Updated 5/5/06

Up to $200 off ThinkPad X41 Tablet at Toshiba Portege M400-ST9113 - 10% Off Save 20% off Custom Toshiba Tablet PCs Hitachi Travelstar 5K100 100GB 5400RPM[...]

News – Tablet PC Game “Arcs of Fire”, 7″ Screen Tablet PC, Samsung Q1 UMPC at Best Buy

Tablet PC Game "Arcs of Fire" Beta for Download 7" Screen Tablet PC Available Samsung Q1 UMPC at Best Buy

HP Compaq TC4400 Tablet PC

The tc4400 comes with a Core Duo processor and the convertible tablet PC features a 12.1-inch XGA display with 160-degree wide viewing angle, active digitizer and specially-treated, sparkle-free glass to[...]

HP Compaq tc4400 Tablet PC Convertible Released (pics, specs)

HP today announced the new HP Compaq tc4400 convertible tablet PC notebook device. The tc4400 is a 12.1" screen Tablet PC that comes with an Intel Core Duo[...]

A Tablet PC – The Perfect Gift for Your Graduate – QUICK BUYER’S GUIDE

It's that time of year again! Is this the year your high school senior will be off to college? Looking for a perfect gift? Why not select a Tablet PC[...]

SF Giants Fan Goes “High Tech” in Kayak Customized with Tablet PC (pics)

First we had a surfboard with a Tablet PC built-in. Next we had a Fender Stratocaster guitar - tablet enlayed in the back. Now it appears we have a kayak[...]

Tablet PC / Technology Deals – Updated 5/12/06

HOT! Toshiba Refurb. R15 Tablet PC $839 Up to $400 off Notebooks from bestBuy Up to $200 off ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC Save 20% off Custom Toshiba[...]

Sony UMPC Device Surfaces (pics, specs)

Sony's alleged entry into UMPC market looks like a winner. However whether or not Windows XP Tablet PC Edition will be a part of this Ultra Mobile PC remains to[...]

The Most Interesting Notebook Theft Recoveries of the Last Year

Absolute Software Corporation, who makes notebook recovery software under the Computrace name, has released some pretty amazing stories about their notebook theft recovery efforts over the last year. This might[...]

Sony Announces a Pocket-Sized PC

Looks like Sony's "UMPC" isn't exactly that - hence no Tablet PC OS. Read more on the Sony UX device... By: Ed Hardy

2006 – VAIO UX180P “UMPC” – Hands On (pics, specs)

In more news, a member from our notebook site grabbed some photos of the UX180P from the Vaio 10th anniversary in New York on Monday. Andrew Baxter has posted this[...]

Up Close with the Samsung Q1 UMPC (pics, specs)

Linda Epstein of TabletPC2 attended the Samsung Q1 launch event in San Francisco...

Tablet PC / Technology Deals – Updated 5/19/06

Toshiba Refurb. R15 Tablet PC - $839 Toshiba M400 Tablet PC - 10% Off Save 20% off Custom Toshiba Tablets Acer Aspire 1642WLMi Notebook PC $800 [...]

TDV Vision TDV Vision Tablet PC 8.4″ V800XPT

Ultra-slim and ultra-light, the Advueu V800XPT tablet PC weighs just 2.6 pounds and is less than 1 inch thick. It features an 8.4-inch SVGA full-color touchscreen for portrait or landscape[...]

Product Focus: Transmeta-Powered TDV Vision Tablet PC Under $1,000

The Advueu V800XPT is not a newcomer to the Tablet PC market. However with so much focus on the "UMPC" devices launched from a variety of manufacturers, this 2.6 pound[...]

Samsung Q1 — First Thoughts Review

The Samsung Q1 is the first in a new breed of mobile computing dubbed UMPC, ultra mobile PC. The idea behind the UMPC is nothing new, but with a little[...]


The long awaited refresh to the popular HP TC4200 is now available at the HP website...

Samsung Q1-SSD UMPC With NAND Solid State Disk Announced

Samsung is offering yet another flavor of the Q1 UMPC. The "Q1-SSD" offers a 32GB high-performance NAND (solid state memory) hard drive. Using this flash type memory technology, users will[...]

Acer C200 Series Tablet PC Review – By David N. Wallace

A MUST READ! This is a considerably exraordinary perspective by David N. Wallace. He has written this review of the Acer C200 Tablet PC. Dave who runs the very cool[...]

TabletKiosk “Initiating a Voluntary Recall” of eo v7110 UMPC (user info. here)

"Say Hello". Say Goodbye (for awhile). It seems like the TabletKiosk launch of its eo v7110 Ultra Mobile PC has been bombarded with issues from all directions. You may have[...]

Asus R1F Tablet PC One Step Closer to Release

The Asus R1F Tablet PC has passed FCC testing moving the convertible widescreen close to the grasp of anxiously awaiting consumers...

Tablet PC / Tech News – Motion LE1600 Video Review, Drain Your Bank Account for Vista Ultimate, Apple Loses in California Appeals Court

Motion LE1600 Tablet PC Video Review Drain Your Bank Account for Vista MSFT Office "Ultimate Editions" Apple Loses in California Appeals Court

Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2 – Free Download

Are you anxiously awaiting the release of the upcoming Office 2007? If you are up for it, you can experience the brand new interface and features today for free! Microsoft[...]