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Tablet Articles for June of 2005

Below are the 21 Tablet articles for June of 2005

SNEAK PREVIEW: Averatec’s C3600 (details, pics)

"Our very own Andrew Baxter is currently in Taipei attending the COMPUTEX 2005 show. Before getting a jumble in a bit of an earthquake, he sent over pics..."

Apple/Intel Partnership=Apple Tablet Computer

"Apple apparently is targeting laptops and the development of its rumored portable Tablet PC, and that an Intel alliance could be a means to capturing greater share of the computer[...]

Apple and Intel Partnership Officially Announced

"This time it appears Apple are the "switchers". LOL Although the news does not come as a complete surprise as there has been some speculation of the[...]

IBM X41 Tablet PC Officially Announced

The FCC slipped up and released pictures of the IBM/Lenovo X41 Tablet PC a few weeks ago. We had actually test drove the device months ago and had to bit[...]

HP Compaq TC4200 Tablet PC – Our Full Review (specs, pics)

"The first impression you'll get when you first get your hands on the TC4200 is "solid", "compact" and "light". There is even more goodness on the inside. This Tablet PC[...]

IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC Webcast

"The ThinkPad ThinkCentre "PC Institute" has a fantastic webcast that highlights the new IBM ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC to the hilt. The webcast starts with an introduction (or "reintroduction" for[...]

Seattle Tops Chart of Most Un-Wired Cities

Intel has just released their list of most Un-wired cities in America and Seattle has taken the top spot away from San Francisco, last year's winner. Intel credits the continued[...]

Free Gateway M275 Tablet PC! (Just Follow the Requirements)

Heading to Arizona State this fall? California State Chico? Maybe the partying is not as important as a sound education and a free Gateway M275 Tablet PC!

Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet

Weighing 3.5 pounds, the ThinkPad X41 Tablet is significantly lighter than the HP Compaq tc4200 and similar in dimensions to the Motion M1400 Tablet PC. It also offers the kind[...]

Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC First Look (pics, specs)

We acquired our Toshiba Tecra M4 Tablet PC on Friday and have had a couple of days to work with it. Here is our traditional First Look (although not a[...]

Tablet PC Deals 6/15/05

Deals on Tablet PC's $799-$1,219

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC “First Look” (pics, specs)

Finally the ThinkPad X41 Tablet PC has arrived. Many prospective buyers have anxiously awaited the release of this model spawned for the legendary ThinkPad product line. Weighing in at only[...]

Acer TravelMate C310

Acer’s fourth-generation tablet PC, the TravelMate C310 packs the latest Intel Centrino mobile technology, DDR2 533MHz memory, state-of-the-art PCI Express bus architecture, and a host of other productivity-enhancing features into[...]

Solid State Disk (SSD) to Replace Your Hard Drive

Think you're staying on top of the game with your spiffy new 5400RPM or 7200RPM hard drive in your Tablet PC? Think again!

Tablet News – Motion LE1600 Review, New Toshiba Tablet Screen Protectors, Toshiba R10 Goes to New Zealand

TabletPCBuzz has posted a review of the Motion LE1600 Tablet PC PocketPCTechs has released screen protectors for the Toshiba R10, R15 and M4 Tablet PCs The Toshiba R10[...]

Tablet News – New “Flybook” Tablet Computer, Nanotubes, NAND Hard Drives and NAND USB “Bootable” USB Sticks

New "Flybook" Tablet ComputerNanotubes, NAND Hard Drives and NAND USB "Bootable" USB SticksAcer C314 Tablet PC "First Look" to be posted soon...

Hard Drive of the Future – Samsung and Microsoft Have Plans

Since late 2003, Microsoft has been working closely with Samsung to develop the next generation of ultra-low-power disk drives for notebook computers. The hybrid hard drive will eliminate costly inefficiencies[...]

C3 Expo 2005 – Live From New York City (Tablet News, Fun Pics)

We braved some wet weather here in the big apple to make our way to the Pepcom event Monday night which follows the C3 EXPO starting today...

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Go ahead – move the Web! With the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet you can browse your favorite sites and catch up on your email – from right where you are.[...]

Electrovaya Announces New SC 3000 Scribbler Tablet PC

At the C3 Expo in New York, we had the opportunity to chat with the Canadian Electrovaya - manufacturer of the popular Scribbler line of slate Tablet PC's. We were[...]

Acer TravelMate C314 Tablet PC – First Look (pics, specs)

"With its powerful 2.0GHz Sonoma-based Pentium M, 1GB of RAM and generous 100GB hard drive, the C314 essentially packs a heck of a punch in the power category. What makes[...]