July 2004 Tablet Articles

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Tablet Articles for July of 2004

Below are the 13 Tablet articles for July of 2004

Bill G. Demos the Tablet PC in Person

Now that's what I call PR! When it comes to promoting the Tablet PC, it's nice to see Bill "taking the bull by the horns"...

Download Windows XP SP2 (Tablet PC Edition 2004/2005) Today!

If you have ants in your pants, like to gamble and want to start enjoying the benefits of the updated Tablet PC OS today, you are in luck...

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s Memo to Employees

(no description)

Free Application + Tablet PC = Artist’s Dream

As you can see, we already had a bit of fun playing around with Ambient Design's "ArtRage", a free application from a now well-known developer in New Zealand. Applications[...]

New Microsoft Portable Media Center, Why Not Just Use a Notebook or Tablet PC?

Microsoft last week announced that its new consumer targeted device, the Windows CE OS based Portable Media Center (PMC), will become available in August and can be preordered exclusively through[...]

GoBinder 2005 Public Beta Available for Free Download!

For students looking to efficiently share information with others and between their Tablet PC's and other devices, GoBinder could be the ultimate tool for you...

Tablet PCs to get cheaper?

There are a million reasons why Tablet PCs have been in the doghouse saleswise, but probably not the least of them is that instead of encouraging manufacturers to build Tablet[...]

Fujitsu adds fingerprint sensor to LifeBook P series

Fujitsu Ltd. introduced a new model in its line of ultraportable LifeBook notebooks on Monday with almost as many features as a regular-sized notebook, including a DVD drive and a[...]

BargainTabletPC.com Conference Call with Averatec

On Wednesday, July 14th we spoke with Averatec about it's mission, visions and specifically about the upcoming C3500 "Convertible" Notebook/Tablet PC. Our excitement is overwhelming...

Averatec C3500 Convertible/Tablet Confirmed Specs and Price!

As we mentioned last week, we spoke with Averatec last Wednesday about their recent positioning as a manufacturer of premium mobile devices. The company who's slogan is "Mobility Without[...]

New Tablet PC’s from IBM and Dell

With the arrival of the "Lonestar" update to the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, it looks like the last bastion of biggie hardware manufacturers plan to start production of Tablet[...]

Microsoft OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1 Released

Tablet PC OneNote users rejoice! Microsoft has finally released the "official" OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1. New features include...

Averatec Tablet PC: “Orders are going through the roof,” says Averatec

I am so damn excited to get my hands on this new C3500 Tablet from Averatec that I am pratically losing sleep over it. This model is the first[...]