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Tablet Articles for July of 2010

Below are the 60 Tablet articles for July of 2010

The Best Dining Out Apps for the iPad

Whether you're a true gourmet or someone who can't do anything more complicated than pulling a frozen pizza out of the oven, you probably enjoy going out to eat. Wouldn't[...]

E Ink Announces Pearl: Next Generation eBook Reader Display Platform

Display developer E Ink has updated its electronic ePaper display technology with a new version that reportedly offers a 50% greater contrast ratio and a better reading experience than with[...]

Toshiba and Intel’s New CM1 Tablet Joins Crowded School PC Space

With competition from HP, the OLPC, and others in the education tablet space, Intel and Toshiba are teaming up for the new Toshiba CM1, a lunchbox-style tablet PC for elementary[...]

Is Google Android 3.0 the Tablet OS of the Future?

Google has not yet announced the changes that will be made in Android OS 3.0, but according to an unconfirmed report, the next version of this mobile operating system will[...]

Spring Design Alex eReader Review

Move aside Kindle. Get outta the way nook. The Spring Design Alex eReader is here to challenge Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the eBook reader market. Armed with two[...]

LG Confirms Android OS Tablet

LG is working on an Android OS tablet computer set for release in Q4 2010, the South Korea-based electronics manufacturer announced in a local press release.

The Best Navigation Apps for the iPad

Whether you're staying close to home this summer or are planning an exciting two week road trip, you can always use a little help getting around. These apps aim to[...]

Soviet iPad and Other Russian Tablets Emerge

Russia-based Rover computers unveiled a hodgepodge of tablet computers/PCs this week, with each device sporting unique specs and either the Google Android OS or Windows CE.

Sony Enters eBook Reader Price War

Sony may be a bit late to the battlefield, but they have entered the eReader price war, dropping digits on all three of their eBook readers.

Borders Opens eBook Store

The Borders eBook store is open for business, joining Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others in what is fast becoming a crowded eBook market.

iPad and Kindle Slower for Reading than Books, but Better Liked

Can readers plow through a book faster if it's on an iPad or Kindle? And, do readers prefer the iPad or eBook reader to the printed book? A survey by[...]

Best Weather Apps for the iPad

Your iPad can help you stay on top of the local weather conditions when you're on the go, to ensure that you're never stuck in a rainstorm with a newspaper[...]

Graphite Kindle DX Now Shipping

Amazon's revamped graphite Kindle DX is now shipping. Priced at $379, the new graphite Kindle DX has a significantly lower price tag than its predecessor, the $490 Kindle DX, but[...]

oStylus Enables Precision Drawing on Capacitive Touchscreens

Sketching on a capacitive touchscreen with a chubby digit is not an easy task. In addition to the lack of precision, your fingers and hand block the screen. Enter Canadian[...]

New OLPC XO Getting Multi-touch

The folks working on the latest One Laptop Per Child device the initiative aimed at providing low-cost notebooks to developing countries said that the latest OLPC model, the[...]

Wireless for All: Free WiFi Hotspots a Growing Trend

For Web access in a pinch, free wireless hotspots are popping up fast at restaurants, parks, stores, hotels, airports, and a wide assortment of other public places. Read on to[...]

Ballmer: More Win 7 Tablet PCs Coming this Year

In comments at a Microsoft partner conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer claimed Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and others are working on Windows 7 tablet PCs and that Microsoft was "all in"[...]

Barnes & Noble Readies NOOKstudy for Fall Semester

Nook maker Barnes & Noble today announced NOOKstudy, a free education software application B&N claims is the "ultimate study tool."

Xplore Launches iX104C4HD Rugged Tablet PC

Xplore Technologies Corp. recently made public its new rugged iX104C4HD Tablet PC.

FCC Looks at Acer LumiRead 600

The Federal Communication Commission has looked at the Acer LumiRead 600 eBook reader and filed their reports, WirelessGoodness.com reports.

Analyst: Apple iPad Triples European Tablet Sales

The introduction of the Apple iPad into the European market has tripled sales of tablet PCs in general, resulting in a 257 percent market boost, according to trend watcher Context[...]

Best Travel Organizer and Currency Converter Apps for iPad

When you travel, you always need two things -- a currency converter and a travel organizer. Which converter/organizer combo is the best duo for your iPad-assisted travels? We break it[...]

Cruz Android Tablet and eReaders Coming from Velocity Micro

Velocity Micro today announced a trio of Android touch devices, each sporting a seven-inch screen and ready to compete in the emerging Android tablet market.

Rock Out with the AirTurn iPad Wireless Foot Switch

AirTurn, Inc. has developed and is showing a prototype of a wireless footswitch for the Apple iPad that let's musicians turn digital sheet music hands free by tapping the switch.

Microsoft Wants to Study iPad Users, Maybe

Has Microsoft thrown on its porch light and invited iPad users to come to its Redmond, WA headquarters to take part in a study that will look at how they[...]

Acer Working on Android Tablets?

Acer plans to unveil both a 7-inch and 10-inch tablet computer in Q4 2010, according to a report from the DigiTimes. The story is short on device specifics other than[...]

Best Language and Translation Apps for the iPad

When you're traveling abroad, it pays to know the language. If you don't speak the local lingo, however, there are a host of iPad apps that can teach you before[...]

HP Delays, Possibly Scraps Android Tablet

HP may have scrapped plans for an Android tablet, and at the very least delayed its release, which was originally scheduled for Q4 2010. The reason? Perhaps HP is focusing[...]

Rumor: Smaller iPad with OLED Display Coming Soon

Perpetual rumor starter DigiTimes is reporting that Apple will launch the second generation iPad in Q4 2010 with at least two new display sizes, 5.6 and seven inches. In addition,[...]

RIM Blackberry Tablet: More than Mere Rumor?

Rumors that RIM is readying a 7-inch tablet outfitted with Adobe Flash are still unconfirmed, yet these reports seem to make sense in light of evidence ranging from a published[...]

50% of College Kids Want an eReader

Fifty percent of college students plan to have an eReader next year, reports Britains The Independent. The figure in the study, conducted by Alloy Media + Marketing, is in stark[...]

Ritescript ritePen 4.0 ‘Touch’ Expands its Multi-Touch Functions

Ritescript's ritePen 4.0 fTouch' was recently released with new features for users of Windows tablet PCs, All-in-One desktops, notebooks, and electronic whiteboards with multi-touch screens.

Apple Releases iOS 3.2.1 iPad Update

Apple has released the iOS 3.2.1 update for the iPad. Outside of a version number reminiscent of a countdown, the update brings what the Mac maker refers to as "Improved[...]

Friend Fujitsu, Win a Lifebook T730 Tablet PC

Fujitsu is holding a drawing of a free Lifebook T730 Tablet PC for those who 'Like' the company on Facebook.

New Getac V100 Rugged Tablet PC Unveiled

Getac Inc. recently unveiled their revamped rugged V100 convertible PC. Whats interesting about the newest version is its Intel Core i7 1.2 GHz processor, which stands to make it the[...]

Analyst: Tablets to Account for 40% of Notebook Demand

Citing a report from investment firm Goldman Sachs, the Chinese-language Commercial Times claims that 40% of total notebook demand in 2010 and 2011 will come from consumers clamoring for tablets.

B&N FCC Filing Reveals Updated, Not New, Nook

Some eagle-eyed eBook reader fans spotted a Barnes & Noble filing with the FCC for two new 3G Nook models referred to as CR NOOK 3G and BRAVO DELTA 3G[...]

iPad Unleashed, Set to Conquer Nine More Countries

Apple will extend the release of all iPad models of to nine more countries come Friday, July 23.

Updated: The webOS Tablet Gets a Name? HP Files “PALMPAD” Trademark

HP recently filed a trademark for the term "PALMPAD" leading to speculation the company has revealed the name of their rumored webOS-powered tablet. Update: Sources now claim the PalmPad will[...]

Lenovo Preps LePad Tablet for China

Lenovo has announced its intentions to release its LePad tablet computer in China late this year, TradingMarkets.com reports.

Amazon Celebrates Early Kindle Victory in eReader Price War

The eReader price war may well be a slog, but Amazon has pulled away with an early victory, announcing that sales of the Kindle have tripled since the price drop[...]

ASUS Eee Pad Dropping Windows CE for Android

The ASUS Eee Pad unveiled at Computex earlier this year may ditch Windows CE in favor of Android 3.0. If true, this provides further evidence that Android 3.0, codenamed "Gingerbread,"[...]

Toshiba Outs “Smart Pad” Tablet

Toshiba unveiled a prototype "smart pad" tablet Down Under earlier this week, claiming the device, which could run either Windows 7 or Android, will be available this October.

Sharp Developing New eReader Format

Sharp has developed a new eBook format the company dubs XMDF (based on international standard definition XML, standing for eXtending Mobile Document Format), which will support Sharps entrance into the[...]

enTourage eDGe Gets More Textbooks

As part of its ongoing attempt to expand the reach of academic eBooks for its eDGe, enTourage announced this week it is partnering with three additional academic text providers.

Apple and Analysts: iPad Demand Keeps Soaring

Who wants an iPad? Apparently, many people want Apple's tablet computer. Apple has already sold three million plus iPads in little more than three months, but the demand won't be[...]

Android Nook App Finally Available

Its hard to believe that the Barnes & Noble Nook the eReader running the Google Android OS - did not have an Android app until today. But apparently that[...]

Flipboard App for iPad Compiles and Presents Social Media Stories

Flipboard, a company founded by a former iPhone engineer and funded by the Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, has launched a social magazine for the Apple[...]

Analyst: 11 Million Media Tablets to Ship in 2010

Analysts at ABI Research are revising earlier estimates of 2010 tablet shipments, upping the number to 11 million from their original estimate of four million, a figure reached before the[...]

Update: HP Releasing Windows 7 Tablet PC for Enterprise, PalmPad for Consumers

Speaking at the 2010 Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference, HP executive VP, Todd Bradley claimed HP is still making a Windows 7 tablet PC, only it's for the enterprise. HP's webOS[...]

India HR Ministry Unveils $35 Tablet Initiative

The Indian HR Ministry announced the release of its low-cost tablet computer to support the spread of education in rural India.

Best Travel Apps for the iPad

Over the last three weeks, we've published a series of round-up reviews highlighting some of the best iPad travel apps. Now it's time to pick the best of the best[...]

Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Review

Borders may be late to the eBook market, but it is a major force in the book biz. Unlike Barnes & Noble and Amazon, Borders has no dedicated hardware. Instead,[...]

Motorola To Introduce a 10-Inch, Android OS-based Tablet this Fall

Motorola is reportedly going to introduce its first tablet computer running Google's Android OS late this fall. At this point, details are scanty, but this device will supposedly have a[...]

Best Student Organizer and Notetaking Apps for the iPad

The iPad is great for entertainment purposes, but can it also serve as an educational tool when loaded with the right software? Read on to learn about a selection of[...]

Apple’s iPad Supply Might Be Greater if Other LCD Makers Enter In

Apple's expansion plans for the iPad could get bogged down by LG's inability to make enough of the right displays, but recent rumors are rife that Apple might be ordering[...]

BlackBerry Tablet Could Be Named the BlackPad

Rumors that smartphone-maker RIM is working on a BlackBerry tablet computer jumped up a notch this week when the company purchased rights to the domain name "BlackPad.com". This device will[...]

Ballmer Promises that Windows 7 Tablets Are Coming ”Soon”

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says that his company is working with Intel and device makers to produce tablet computers running the full version of Windows. He was responding to questions[...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Android OS Tablet Appears in Another Leaked Image

Another image of Samsung's upcoming Android OS-based tablet has leaked out, giving a better sense of the scale of this device. Sporting a 7-inch display, the Galaxy S Tab is[...]

Amazon Pulls Kindle Surprise with $139 Third-Generation eReader

To the astonishment of many, Amazon on Thursday unveiled a greatly improved edition of its Kindle eReader at bargain basement pricing. The Kindle 3 is going to offer a faster[...]