August 2004 Tablet Articles

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Tablet Articles for August of 2004

Below are the 16 Tablet articles for August of 2004

New “Scribbler” SC-2100 Tablet PC from Electrovaya

This new "Slate" Tablet PC from Electrovaya offers some impressive power, a docking station, built in Wirleless G and a whopping 9 hour battery life...

Going Back to School with a Tablet PC?

Ok, so you've picked out the "bedspread", the cofee maker, hot plate and posters for your your dorm room. Have you thought about a computer yet?

Photos of New Tablet PC from NEC

This new Tablet PC from NEC weighs in at under 2 pounds. It is 11 millimeters thin!

Tablet PCs becoming note-takers’ choice

In a related story we urged students who are heading back to school and getting ready to make a computer purchase to consider the Tablet PC option. We recently[...]

XP Service Pack 2 w/ Tablet PC Enhancements Due This Week

The final and complete version of the Windows XP Service Pack 2 which contains numerous enhancements for Windows XP Talbet PC Edition is expected to be released for public download[...]

“Service Pack 2 – one small step for Windows XP but one giant leap for Tablet PC”

Editor's Note: According to, the Windows XP Service pack is a "nothing less than a true revolution". This is the kind of news that Tablet PC users[...]

$1000 NEC Versa Litepad Tablet PC

Students and budget minded shoppers looking for a good deal on a "slate style" Tablet PC might want to check out the NEC Versa Litepad. Prices on this model[...]

Review: Cross Penabled Executive Tablet PC Pen

If one word besides "sleek" and "stylish" can describe the functionality, comfort, and design of the Cross Executive pen, it is the word "fabulous." For those who...

Apple’s Tablet Computer Finally on the Way?

...hype surrounding the Tablet PC (which essentially runs Windows), the Apple crowd has been just a bit antsy about an answer from Apple...

USA TODAY Talks Back to School with the Tablet PC

It is a pleasure to see the Tablet PC making big news. It is an even bigger pleasure to see Averatec make big news. Both the Tablet PC[...]

Tablet PC Imposters: “Tablet Terminals”

Gadget junkies, be sure to check out the new "GooRoo RugBoard". Gizmodo has a featured editorial about these toys, which have the built-in potential to lend themselves for[...]

Second Quarter Shipments of Tablet PCs Down

Etitor's Rant: Hello? Microsoft? Do you hear me now? Hurry up with your XP Service Pack (Tablet OS update). This is getting rediculous...

Prototype Tablet Computers Powered by Direct Liquid Fuel Cells

The future is now. Death surely awaits batteries as fuel cell technologies will provide a much improved "unplugged" experience...

WOW! Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Officially Released at just over 2 months since the expect release date, the final version of Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 is available!

Tablet PC Best Deals as of 8/27/2004

Acer TravelMate C110 (PM) $999 Acer TravelMate C100 (P3) $949 NEC Versa LitePad $978

We Spy New “Unannounced” Fujitsu T4000 Tablet PC

...we just happened to stumble upon what we believe to be the upcoming Fujitsu T4000 series Tablet PC...