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Tablet Storage Limited, But Options Abound

Limited internal storage capacity on tablets calls for either constant synchronizing to your computer, or external storage options. So what are the best solutions that are available now?

Wacom Bamboo Stylus solo Review

Many contend that real tablets have pens, like the Wacom and N-trig supported Windows 7 business tablets, and unlike the pen-less iPad and iPad 2. Wacom is now making a[...]

Apple iPad, USB and SD Cards: Making the Most of a Connection Kit

Apple iPad owners are painfully aware that their tablet of choice does not have a USB input or SD card slot. However, that doesn't mean they can't take advantage of[...]

Logitech Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Review

The on-screen keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is nice, but not great for entering large amounts of text. When it comes time for real work, turn to an[...]

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case Review

TabletPCReview takes a close look at an iPad keyboard case with a strange name: the iPad Bluetooth Keyboard with folding PU leather protective case. It may have an unwieldy name,[...]

ZAGGmate iPad Keyboard Case Review

The ZAGGmate serves double duty as both a keyboard and a cover for the relatively vulnerable iPad screen. It is currently available for $99.99, or $69.99 sans the keyboard. Does[...]

Kingston Wi-Drive vs. Western Digital My Book Live

16GB or 32GB might sound like a ton of iPad storage, but once you start loading your new tablet with music, HD movies and TV shows, and a few dozen[...]

Seagate GoFlex Satellite Review

The Seagate GoFlex Satellite provides portable wireless storage for iOS and Android tablets. The 500GB hard drive features its own Wi-Fi connection, letting you access files and stream media, but[...]

How to Choose an iPad Keyboard

Most will improve your text entry, some also provide a protective case -- but not all are the same. In the first part of a two-part series, we look at[...]

Griffin GuitarConnect Cable and iShred Live for iPad 2 Review

Griffin Technology has developed a unique iPad 2 accessory: a cable that runs directly from a guitar into the tablet, potentially turning it into a musician's best friend. We tested[...]

Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG for iPad 2 Review

The Logitech Keyboard Case by ZAGG, designed for the iPad 2, looks to fulfill its predecessor's mold by not only functioning as a wireless keyboard, but also a protective case.[...]

What Is the Best Apple iPad Keyboard?

So Santa brought you a new iPad, but to get full use out of your gadget, you'll need a good keyboard. Part 1 focused on feature and usability issues, and[...]

What are the Best Cheap Kindle Cases and Lights?

Kindle accessories are too expensive and often cost nearly as much as the eReader. Off-brand options abound, but some are just plain junk. Find out which are the cream of[...]

iPad 2 Case and Accessory Roundup

The release of the iPad 2 has spawned a mass of peripherals for the tablet. TabletPCReview cuts a swath out of the innumerable possibilities and outlines a selection of what's[...]

Cyber Monday Tablet and eReader Deals Guide

While Cyber Monday sales are not as robust as Black Friday deals, many retailers are offering discounts on tablets, eReaders and accessories. As a bonus, Cyber Monday shoppers don't have[...]

DryCASE Tablet Water-Proof Case and Hard Candy Street Skin Review

Let's take a look at two very different iPad 2 cases. One is a fully enclosed, water-tight case for beachgoers, pool loungers, boaters, and other outdoor adventurers. The second is[...]

Apple Wireless Keyboard Review

The Apple iPad's on-screen keyboard is a handy way to make status updates or write short emails, but if you want to enter large amounts of text you should get[...]

Atari Arcade and Atari Greatest Hits App Review for iPad

Looking to go retro with your Apple iPad? There is no better way than with the Atari Arcade and Atari Greatest Hits app. It's totally rad, and a definitely tubular[...]

Trident Aegis and M-Edge Executive Jacket NOOK Color Case Reviews

This two-product review evaluates a couple of cases. The Trident Aegis is a futuristic, highly protective case, while M-Edge's Executive Jacket is a professional leather folio. How do these disparate[...]

Genius MousePen M508W Graphics Tablet Review

The Genius MousePen M508W is an affordable option for consumers as well as semi-pro photographers and artists who want the flexibility of a wireless graphics tablet. Is it any good?