Amazon 2011 Tablet Articles

Popular Amazon Articles for 2011

What’s the Best Business Tablet? Surprise, It’s Not the iPad!

The Apple iPad is by far the most popular tablet with enterprise users. But that doesn't mean the Apple iPad is the best tablet for business types who want a[...]

Amazon Kindle Fire Second Look Review: Features and Content

The Amazon Kindle Fire is more than just a low-cost Android tablet. With it comes Amazon's vast content services, including music, eBooks, apps, and video. The question is how much[...]

What’s the Best Remote Desktop App? LogMeIn Ignition vs GoToMyPC

If you bought an iPad and are looking to expand its utility, remote access to your desktop will do just that. But which should you choose to stay connected while[...]

Amazon Kindle Fire Review: A True Consumption Tablet

Amazon is putting all its mighty marketing muscle behind the Kindle Fire, suggesting the 7-inch tablet is poised for big holiday sales. But beyond the hype, is this consumption-oriented Android[...]

Kindle Fire vs. NOOK Tablet: Which Should Be On Your Holiday Wish List?

This will be the season for tablets, particularly low cost tablets, and both Amazon and B&N are offering a potential Christmas gift for those that can't fit a pricier iPad[...]

Velocity Cruz Micro Review

The Velocity Cruz Micro tablet features a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen with Android 2.0, 256MB of RAM, and Wi-Fi wireless networking. It is currently available for $249, with some online stores[...]

Amazon Kindle Touch Review: The Best New eReader

The Kindle Touch is the new flagship Amazon eReader. With no physical keyboard or navigation buttons, the Kindle Touch is the first Amazon eReader to rely exclusively on touch. Find[...]

New Amazon Kindle Review

The new Amazon Kindle is smaller, lighter, and less expensive than its predecessor (the newly-dubbed 'Kindle Keyboard'). But is that enough for Kindle and NOOK owners to ditch their older[...]

As eBooks Soar, eReader Battle Hits Full Tilt

With eBooks now flying off the virtual shelves, major sellers like Amazon and B&N are re-inventing themselves in their own ways, while publishers try to cash in on the rising[...]

Can Amazon’s Kindle Fire and New eReaders Burn the iPad?

After managing a first-hand look at the Amazon Kindle Fire and new eReaders, the first question that comes to mind is, can the Kindle Fire succeed where other Android tablets[...]

Sound Off: The Book is Dead, Long Live the Kindle App

Amazon touts its Kindle apps under the slogan, "Buy Once, Read Everywhere." It intriguied TabletPCReview contributor and bookworm Vince Font, who decided to give the Kindle apps a try. Is[...]

Amazon Announces Kindle Fire Tablet

Amazon is the next to step up to the tablet plate, and it looks like it's trying to do it right, as it unveiled its Kindle Fire tablet at an[...]

Toshiba 10.1-Inch Tablet and Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi Spotted on Amazon

Toshiba's 10.1-Inch tablet is getting a spot in Amazon's marketplace before it even gets a name, and the unannounced Dell Streak 7 Wi-Fi-only is currently available for pre-order.

Amazon Prepares for Kindle 4

With Amazon slashing prices of its refurbished Kindles, the company is gearing up for a release of a fourth-generation eReader.

Amazon Trade-In Now Accepting eReaders

Amazon has updated its Trade-In program to include Kindles and other eReaders, adding to the vast selection of gadgets the service already accepts.

Xoom Users Get Exclusive First Access to Google Music Beta UPDATE

Google is preparing to launch a new cloud-based music service known as Music Beta. The intriguing new service, set to compete with the Amazon Cloud Player, will first be available[...]

Amazon Tablet Rumors Gain Momentum

Rumors regarding the release of an Amazon tablet gained credence after reports detailing the device leaked from component makers.

NOOK Tablet First Look: B&N Sparks a Fire with Second Color Device

With much fanfare, along with frequent criticisms of the Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble (B&N) rolled out the Nook Tablet in a press conference at B&N's flagship store in[...]

eReader News: Kindle Getting Tablet Apps, OverDrive Release eBook App

The pervasiveness of eBooks grows stronger as two more means for users to download and read the digital medium have recently been introduced by Amazon and OverDrive.

Amazon Kindle App for Android Optimized for Tablets

The Amazon Kindle app for Android finally feels at home on Honeycomb, thanks to an update released today that optimizes the e-reader app for tablets.