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Popular Amazon Articles for 2014

Cloud Services Compared: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, and Amazon Cloud Drive

What are the best ways to store photos, Office docs, and other files online, and share them across devices? We take a look at five leading cloud storage apps.

Amazon Fire HD 7 Review

The Fire HD 7 is a mid-size tablet that that runs Amazon’s modified version of Android. It's capable of more more than its $139 price would suggest.

Amazon Fire HD 6 Review

The Fire HD 6 is intended for those who want a small, inexpensive tablet for reading ebooks, keeping up with friends, and online shopping. How well does it meet these[...]

Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 (2014) Review

Amazon released the Fire HDX 8.9 last year, and then updated it this fall with a faster processor, better sound, and updated software, but kept the same display and design.[...]

Apple, Samsung, Amazon Top U.S. Tablet Sales, But Is Interest in These Tablets Slowing?

According to new research by a market-analysis firm, Apple, Amazon and Samsung are the top three tablet brands in the United States, but will these companies keep enjoying huge annual[...]

Amazon’s Digital Currency is Now Available on More Android Tablets

Amazon Coins are now open for use on Android devices other than Amazon's own Kindle Fire tablets, the e-commerce giant announced today.

Amazon Could Be Working on Kindle-Based Retail Checkout System

Amazon will soon be going from virtual stores to physical ones with the help of its Kindle tablets, if a recent report holds true.

Global Shipments of Branded Tablets Up 24% Last Quarter

The market for brand-name tablets was up strongly in the final quarter of last year, with Android-based devices narrowly outselling Apple's iPad, according to industry analysts.

Beware of Holiday Tablet Deals That Aren’t Actually Bargains

Plenty of tablets will be available this holiday shopping season for low prices. Just be aware, though, that not everything advertised as a special deal is really a bargain.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Takes on Chromecast, Roku

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is an HDMI dongle that allows instant access to numerous streaming services via Wi-Fi. It can be controlled from a tablet or phone running Android[...]

Amazon Standing Leather Case for Fire HD 6 Review

Folio tablet cases protect the valuable device without adding too much bulk and inconvenience. Amazon offers one for the Fire HD 6 -- the Standing Leather Case is made of[...]

Amazon Fire HDX 8.9 Headlines the Latest Kindle Tablets

Amazon has introduced a trio of new tablets, designed to appeal to fans of ebooks. This includes the new mid-size tablet, the Amazon Fire HDX 8.9.

Read All the Ebooks You Want for $10 with Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Amazon has begun offering Kindle Unlimited, a new subscription service giving users “all you can eat” access to a selection ebooks for a flat monthly fee of $9.99.

Amazon Fire HD 7

This is a low-price, mid-size tablet that that runs Amazon’s modified version of Android, the Fire OS.

Amazon Fire HD 6

The Fire HD 6 comes in just under $100. It has a 6-inch display but packs a lot into a small package.