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Google Android 4.1 vs. Apple iOS 6: Head to Head

We take a hands-on look at the latest operating systems from Apple and Google, comparing them feature by feature. Good reading for those trying to pick their first tablet.

Apple iPad mini vs. Google Nexus 7

The iPad mini was announced this Tuesday. The small 7.9-inch tablet is Apple's slimmer option to the already popular tablet. Considering that the new device is smaller, it is a[...]

Tips for Tablet Shopping this Holiday Season

Some say we're living in the Post-PC Era, when tablets and phones are replacing desktops and laptops. We have suggestions for people who want to join in.

Holiday Guide: Best Android Tablets

The Android tablet market exploded in 2012 thanks the Google Nexus program and an influx of brand-name budget devices. Find out which Android tablets are worth buying this holiday season.

Google Loses in Samsung vs. Apple Lawsuit

Samsung is the obvious loser in its patent lawsuit with Apple, although Google and its Android OS, as well as tablets, may also be in the line of fire. [...]

VIDEO: Windows 8 Preview – Top Features & Functions

Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is finally available! TechnologyGuide Chief Editor Jamison Cush provides a look at some of the key features.

BLOG: Coming This Summer, The iPad Killers

Keep an eye on Computex this summer, because that's where the potential iPad killers will emerge.

Holiday Guide: Five Windows Tablets to Keep Your Eyes On

Microsoft recently introduced Windows 8 and Windows RT, two new versions of its iconic operating system designed to run on devices with touchscreens. There are quite a few models[...]

BLOG: Pump the Brakes on New iPad Hype

It happens every time Apple announces a new product. Tech pundits explain why this iDevice is better than everything else on the market and how Apple seems to perpetually be[...]

Apple iOS 6 Makes iPad Users More Productive

Many people use an iPad instead of a bulkier laptop The new version of Apple's operating system offers a number of improvements for this group.

BLOG: Dominated by Apple, Owned by Amazon, What’s Next for Android Tablets?

Where are we, and where are we going? A mess of numbers came out this week to shed some light on those two questions in regards to the Android tablet[...]

Book Publishers Must Learn the Same Lessons Music Publishers Did

Last week, the U.S. Justice Dept. sued some of the largest publishers and Apple, accusing them of eBook price fixing. This lawsuit wouldn't be necessary if eBook publishers learned the[...]

Holiday Guide: Best eReaders on the Market

Who needs a tablet? Bookworms know that eReaders offer the most pleasant reading experience, by far. There are multiple Kindles and NOOKs available, here are the best.

Sprint’s Unlimited Data Plan Likely Keeping It from Offering the iPad

Sprint finally offered the popular iPhone last fall, but don't expect Apple's other popular iOS device, the iPad, to join network so long as Sprint offers unlimited data to users.

Holiday Guide: Best Tablets from Apple Available Now

When people go out to get a tablet from Apple, they generally think "I want a iPad." It's a little more complicated that that, though, as there are more options[...]