Apple 2013 Tablet Articles

Popular Apple Articles for 2013

Apple iPad Air Review

Apple made its fifth full-size tablet faster and more portable so it would have greater appeal to serious tablet users. Did it succeed?

Expect Big Changes in Apple’s iOS 7

Apple is expected to unveil iOS 7 in a few weeks. This operating system is being redesigned by Apple's Jony Ive, and some of the details of the changes have[...]

Apple iPad mini 2 Review

The iPad mini 2 is the second generation of Apple's mid-size tablet line, boasting improved specs and Apple's signature Retina display. How does it stand up in the tablet market?

Apple Might Be Getting Serious About iWork

It has been about two years since Apple released an iOS version of its iWork suite of Office apps, and a major upgrade might be in development.

Don’t Buy Apple’s iPad 2

There's a very easy answer for those trying to decide between the new iPad Air and the older iPad 2.

First-Gen iPad Users Can Now Install Older Versions of Apps

The Apple iPad released back in 2010 isn't compatible with the latest version of many applications. The App Store will now allow this tablet to install older versions of software[...]

Apple iOS 7 for iPad Review

Everyone knows Apple's iOS 7 has a new look, but do you know why? And there's an often-overlooked feature that will make iOS tablets more productive.

The Non-Fixable Trend in Tablets

IT and tech-smart users won't be able to open up their tablets and tinker. A good move or not? It depends on who you ask.

Look for a 12.9-inch Apple iPad and a 12.2-inch Samsung Galaxy Note

Windows tablets are typically larger than iOS or Android ones, but that may change soon, as both Apple and Samsung are rumored to be working on extra-large versions of their[...]

Tablet Sales Surge as Laptop/PC Sales Decline

Large numbers of consumers are switching to tablets as their main computer, according to market-research firm Gartner. And the analysts say this isn't a temporary blip, but a long-term trend.

Apple Unveils 64-Bit A7 Processor for Next iPad

The world got its first look today at the Apple A7 processor, which will be used in the company's next generation products. This will be a 64-bit chip, and so[...]

It’s Time for the iPad to Go Pro

For many, the iPad isn't a toy but an important part of their job. It's high time Apple realized it.

iOS 7.0.1 Is Just for the iPhone, There’s No iPad Version

iPad users shouldn't waste their time trying to download the first update to iOS 7, as it's only for smartphones.

CES 2013: MMGuardian Android Tablet and Phone Parental-Control Apps To Be Launched

At CES, Pervasive Group will give an official launch to two MMGuardian apps for letting parents control the use of tablets and smartphones by children and teens.

Apple iPad: What a Difference Three Years Makes

The iPad was unveiled Jan. 2010, and was pronounced dead on arrival. Instead, this device went on to create today's flourishing tablet market.

Apple Could Release a $280 iPad mini This Fall

The release of a second-generation iPad mini is near. Even more significantly, a more affordable version of this tablet is likely to debut at the same time.

Apple’s ’12 Days of Gifts’ App Now Bringing Free Digital Goodies to U.S. Users

Apple's '12 Days of Gifts' app is back to shower iOS users with free downloads -- and this year, for the first time, the U.S. is in on the freebies.

Apple iPad Getting iOS 7 on Sept. 18; Apple’s Top Paid Apps Going Free

Despite rumors to the contrary, Apple has just announced that its tablets will be getting upgrades to the latest version of the iOS at the same time its phones are.[...]

Apple iOS 7 Will Bring a New Look, New Features to the iPad and iPhone

Apple CEO took to the stage this afternoon to unveil iOS 7, a significant redesign of this mobile operating system. A host of new features will be included as well.

Apple iPad 3 on Sale for Just $315 from Best Buy

Best Buy is clearing out its stock of third-generation iPad units, and is now offering this device at very low prices. Some prices have been cut by as much as[...]