BlackBerry OS 2011 Tablet Articles

Popular BlackBerry OS Articles for 2011

BlackBerry PlayBook Review

RIM is walking the fine line between enterprise and consumer tablet with its BlackBerry PlayBook. Is the business-friendly tablet still fun and useful for consumers, or is it a tweener[...]

BlackBerry PlayBook Price, Release Date Leaked

Do not tell major electronics retailers any important secrets. Less than a week after Best Buy jumped the gun announcing the release date of the Motorola Xoom, Office Depot has[...]

Buying a Tablet for the Holidays? You Might Want to Wait

The holidays are here, and tablets will undoubtedly be on wish lists. But with the next generation of tablets queued up for a CES 2012 unveiling in January, and the[...]

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Preview

The closest anyone came to the BlackBerry PlayBook outside of RIM, until last week, was to stare at it behind glass. Working units were at CES, and today RIM hosted[...]

Tablets Fit for Moms, Dads, and Grads

They may look alike, but tablets are not one-size-fits-all devices. Different tablets have different features that appeal to different users. As such, mom's tablet may not be the best fit[...]

2011 Tablet Release Schedule

Have you had trouble keeping up with details on the surplus of upcoming tablets? Now that slate season is in full swing there are literally dozens of devices in the[...]

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Coming to Sprint, Dubbed BlackBerry 4G PlayBook

It looks like Sprint wasn't content to let Verizon and T-Mobile hog the CES spotlight as today the carrier announced it will carry the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet on the Sprint[...]

Adobe Killing Flash Player for Tablets UPDATE

Adobe will cease development on its Flash plugin for mobile devices, including Android tablets, according to an internal Adobe document. The move has since been confirmed by Adobe.

Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook’s Release Date Set

RIM hasn't made any official announcement yet, but it's being rumored that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet's launch date has been confirmed.

RIM Talks PlayBook Tablet App Dev

By the time the PlayBook officially launches, RIM's tablet will be outfitted with a music store, games, and other apps built on the Adobe Flash and RIM WebWorks platforms, but[...]

Tablet Security Creates Headaches for Businesses, but There’s a Cure

There are close to 40 different tablet PC systems available or ready to jump into the tablet market. The problem is these mobile devices can present a management and security[...]

Rumor: Retailer Leak Reveals Major Tablet Releases Update

A photo of a retailer's tablet release spreadsheet has surfaced on PreCentral, revealing the pricing and release dates of numerous tablets, many of which were previously unknown.

RIM Talks BBX, Tablet OS, and PlayBook App Future

RIM's Alec Saunders was on hand at this year's Hackathon in Boston to discuss the benefits of the company's recently-announced BBX operating system, as well as some of the tablet[...]

BlackBerry PlayBook to Sell Big, Claims Analyst

Mike Abramsky, an analyst for RBC Capital, projected today that the Blackberry PlayBook tablet would sell 4 million units by the end of 2011, and 6 million in its first[...]

BlackBerry PlayBook vs. Apple iPad 2 vs. Motorola Xoom

RIM's new BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is now available. How does it stack up against the two biggest players in the tablet market right now? Does it have the mettle to[...]

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Could Run Android Apps

A world of applications might be opening up to BlackBerry users. There are rustlings that because of RIM's shift to a new OS and the consequent addition of a new[...]

Rumor: 3G BlackBerry PlayBook Coming to AT&T

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablet could be headed to AT&T's 3G network as soon as March. In addition, an LTE 4G PlayBook could launch soon after, according to rumors first reported[...]

MWC: RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Could Come to All Carriers

The Mobile Word Congress is heating up, as Research In Motion announced two new 4G connection options for its anticipated BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. In addition to an already revealed WiMax[...]

Official: PlayBook Will Run Android Apps

Research in Motion (RIM) has officially confirmed that the BlackBerry PlayBook, which will run the BlackBerry Tablet OS, will be able to run certain Android apps, forming an intriguing alliance[...]

BlackBerry PlayBook Hands On

The BlackBerry PlayBook is a 7-inch tablet running RIM's new BlackBerry Tablet OS. It's designed to appeal to the enterprise with BlackBerry's notable security, and consumers with power and speed.[...]