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What Are the Best Honeycomb Games?

With E3 literally days away, TabletPCReview takes a look at the current Honeycomb offerings to see which games impressed the most. Even though Apple still has Android beat in terms[...]

What Are the Best Apple iPad Games?

TechnologyGuide's E3 coverage kicks off next week as the gaming showcase opens in downtown LA. But before getting to the best iPad games of tomorrow, let's take a look at[...]

E3 2011: OnLive for Tablets Hands On

OnLive is coming to tablets, and for our money, that news will have the most direct impact on tablet gaming, more than any other at E3. Could it really bring[...]

E3 2011: Game Over, Continue?

E3 wrapped up in Los Angeles this week, but not after showcasing the next must-have gaming technology. With the unveiling of the Nintendo Wii U controller and the PS Vita[...]

E3 2011: Wii U and Razer Switchblade on Display, OnLive Coming to Tablets

Judging from the lines at E3, the Wii U will be the big story coming out of Los Angeles, but Razer and OnLive are also at the show, each with[...]

E3 2011: Nintendo Announces Wii U with Tablet Controller

Nintendo announced the successor to the Wii today, officially called the "Wii U". The defining feature of the Wii U will be the tablet-like controller that features a 6.2-inch touchscreen.

E3 2011: Nintendo Wii U Mixes Tablets with Consoles

The Nintendo Wii U controller unveiled at E3 is not a tablet in the strictest sense, but it incorporates many tablet features and combines them with traditional gamepad elements to[...]

E3 2011: Glitz, Glamour, Tablets and Gaming

Greetings from Los Angeles! The TabletPCReview team is in the City of Angels to experience the glitz and glamour, not of Hollywood, but of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known[...]