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Popular Gaming Articles for 2012

How to Play Old-School Video Games on Android Tablets

If you're looking to enjoy some old-school gaming on your Android tablet, check out our easy how-to guide on getting started with emulators and ROMs of some of your favorite[...]

Amazon Vs. Google Play: Which Reigns Supreme?

Amazon and Google built their respective tablets, the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7, around their content services. But which service has more to offer?

Bad Piggies for iPad Review: Frustrating Fun

Bad Piggies flips sides on its predecessor, Angry Birds, by letting players guide the pigs through obstacles via makeshift vehicles. Sound fun? Find out in this review.

E3 2012: NVIDIA Shows Off Tegra 3 Exclusive Content

Part of the appeal of NVIDIA's Tegra 3 chipset is the superior graphics power it brings over the prior generation. At E3 this week, the company showed off some of[...]

What are the Best iOS Arcade Games? Part II

An Apple iPad is only as fun as you make it, and these arcade hits from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s turn your tablet into an arcade cabinet.

Nine Cool Apps for Holiday Planning

Appy Holidays! As a present to you, here are tips on nine apps -- for buying gifts, sending invitations, and more --that can help you through the season. Enjoy!

Apple iPad mini 2 with High-Res ”Retina” Display Might Debut Next Year

The low-resolution screen on the iPad mini has drawn its share of criticism. Those who want something with a lot more pixels per inch should be happy to hear that[...]

Angry Birds Space Is Now Available For Download

Rovio's newest time-wasting, bird-flinging, pig-maiming game, Angry Birds Space, is now available for download for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android devices, and even Macs.

GDC 2012: EA Mobile Games Round-Up

EA Mobile held an event for the press at GDC 2012 to show off some of its upcoming mobile titles, and for the most part, we liked what we saw.[...]

Warner Bros. Puts All iPad and iPhone Games on Sale

To celebrate the holiday season, Warner Bros. is now offering all its iOS games at substantial savings.

Google Takes a Nod from Apple, Starts Offering Google Play Gift Cards

Looking for the perfect gift for the Android tablet owners in your life? Well Google has just made things a little easier by rolling out gift cards that customers can[...]

GDC 2012: NVIDIA Unveils Nvision, A Daily News App For Tegra-Powered Devices

Hardware manufacturer NVIDIA announced this week from GDC in San Francisco that it will be launching its Nvision app, a daily news source for all Tegra-powered Android tablets.

Mass Effect Infiltrator for iOS Review: Worthy Of Its Namesake?

Mass Effect junkies can try to get their next fix in the form of Mass Effect Infiltrator, a third-person cover shooter for the iPad that offers some, though far from[...]

ARCHOS Unveils GamePad Tablet

ARCHOS unveiled the GamePad today, an Android tablet that will be outfitted with physical controls ideal for gaming, like joysticks, a d-pad, and face buttons.

Gameloft Puts iPad, iPhone, and Android Games on Sale

Like several other companies, Gameloft is having a holiday sale. It has bargains on a number of its iOS and Android games.

Sony Rolls Out Android Update for Tablet S

With Sony's latest Xperia Tablet stealing the spotlight from the Tablet S, the company has decided to give a little love to last year's flagship slate by rolling out a[...]

GDC 2012: Putting Tactility Back Into Touch Controls: Is There Hope For Tablet Gaming After All?

Indie developer Zach Gage spoke at length at GDC 2012 about the improvement and better implementation of touch controls for games, inspiring hope for the future of tablet and smartphone[...]

Where Is OnLive for the iPad?

Apple has yet to approve the OnLive app for iOS.

Microsoft Xbox Surface Gaming Tablet Rumors Heat Up

Sources familiar with the situation say that Microsoft really is working on the previously-rumored 7-inch Xbox Surface gaming tablet.

Wikipad Gaming Tablet Delayed At Last Minute; New Release Date Coming ‘Soon’

The Wikipad gaming tablet, defined by its unique dual analog sticks and gamepad controls, was delayed from its original launch date of October 31 at the last minute.