Google 2008 Tablet Articles

Popular Google Articles for 2008

Use your Tablet PC to Doodle for Google

Many students across the U.S. use Tablet PCs for school work. Now you have a chance to put your tablet to use and create a new homepage logo for Google.[...]

News Bits: TabletKiosk adds Eyesboard to Tablets, Microsoft Surface on MSNBC, Intel SSDs

TabletKiosk adds Eyesboard to Tablet PCs and UMPCsMicrosoft Surface on MSNBC this election seasonIntel SSDs now shippingGoogle working on floating data centers

3DConnexion Space Navigator for Notebooks Review

The 3DConnexion Space Navigator for Notebooks is a 3D environment manipulation tool for graphics or CAD designers, or those who just want to have some fun. It is a 3D[...]