HP 2014 Tablet Articles

Popular HP Articles for 2014

HP Omni10 Review

Buyers looking for a budget-friendly, full-size Windows 8.1 tablet as an alternative to the pricier Surface Pro 2 or Dell Venue 11 Pro should take a peek at the HP[...]

Microsoft Windows 10 Continuum To Switch Seamlessly Between Tablet and Laptop Modes

Microsoft revealed how the next version of Windows will change in response to complaints about its predecessor.

HP ElitePad 1000 G2 Review

The ElitePad 1000 G2 is HP's latest 10-inch Windows 8 tablet. Should casual users choose it over Microsoft and Lenovo's offerings, or is it better suited to business users? TabletPCReview[...]

Google’s Chrome OS Could Replace Android on Full-Size Tablets

The first tablet running Google's Chrome OS could be on the market soon, and it's possible this operating system will eventually supplant Android on large tablets.

HP Stream 7 and Stream 8 To Be Very Affordable Windows 8.1 Tablets

The Stream 7 and Stream 8 from HP will soon roll out with Windows 8.1 and very low prices.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 vs HP Omni10

The Surface Pro 2 is the best full-sized Windows 8.1 tablet, hands down. But starting at $900, it's expensive. Is the $400 HP Omni10 a viable alternative?

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update for Tablets Review

The first major update for Windows 8.1 is available to download, and it comes with a number of user interface (UI) improvements that tablet users should be aware of.

Mid-Range Tablets Will Turn Microsoft Around

Microsoft is going through a rough time, but there's room for optimism: a new crop of Windows tablets offer good featuresets for low prices.

VIDEO: HP Omni 10 Unboxing

The HP Omni 10 has attracted attention for being a full-size Windows tablet that still has a mid-range price. Let's open it up and see what we get.

TechnologyGuide Is Giving Away Tablets

We have tablets to give away! We're making room in the TechnologyGuide test lab for very new models by giving away some relatively new tablets.

HP Slate VoiceTab 7 and Slate VoiceTab 6 Hands-On Preview

HP is reaching out to those who want a voice-enabled tablet with the Slate VoiceTab 7, and entering the phablet market with the Slate VoiceTab 6.

New HP Enterprise Tablet, ElitePad 1000 G2, Hits the Market

The HP ElitePad 1000 G2 is now available to order for business and individuals looking for a enterprise-focused tablet.

VIDEO: Microsoft Surface Pro 2 vs. HP Omni10

The TechnologyGuide Test Lab compared two popular two full-size tablets to see how well the $400 HP Omni10 stands up to the $900 Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

HP 7 Plus Debuts Under $100

HP's newest tablet, the HP 7 Plus, is now available for purchase in the United States at a dirt-cheap price of $99.99.

HP Refreshes Its Enterprise Tablets with ElitePad 1000 G2 and ProPad 600 G1

HP's newest slates out of MWC give some love to the enterprise. There are a pair of Windows 8.1 models to choose from.

Next Microsoft Update Could Lead to Very Inexpensive Windows Tablets

Recent months have seen a slew of Windows tablets that sell for about $300. A new version of Microsoft's operating system expected next month might lead to an array of[...]

How To Get the Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update, and Why You Need It

Everyone running Windows 8.1 should install a major update released today, even though this doesn't bring major new features for tablet users.

HP Pre-Announces Slate 7 VoiceTab Tablet/Phone

HP's next tablet will also be a phone. The Slate 7 VoiceTab can be thought of as a voice-enabled tablet or one of the largest phablets announced so far.

Beware of Holiday Tablet Deals That Aren’t Actually Bargains

Plenty of tablets will be available this holiday shopping season for low prices. Just be aware, though, that not everything advertised as a special deal is really a bargain.

HP 8 Brings More Budget Android for $170

HP has quietly launched a new 7.85-inch Android slate, dubbed the "HP 8". It's available in the US today for $170.