HowTo 2006 Tablet Articles

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Samsung Q1 — First Thoughts Review

The Samsung Q1 is the first in a new breed of mobile computing dubbed UMPC, ultra mobile PC. The idea behind the UMPC is nothing new, but with a little[...]

News – Tablet PC Classroom Flexibility, How to Steal a Laptop, Franklin Wireless USB EVDO Card

Tablet PC Classroom Flexibility - Making a Great Case to go for a Tablet Great Video! How to Steal a Laptop Franklin Wireless USB EVDO Card (First Look)

Microsoft Windows Vista SideShow – In-Depth (pics)

Windows Vista SideShow is a secondary display that's going to be built into notebooks and Tablet PCs in the second half of this year. The display can be used to[...]

News – UMPC, Origami Outshine the Tablet PC? No, but We’ll Sicken You with the Latest!

Microsoft Guide: How to Buy a UMPC First Look at the Tablet Kiosk V-700 Ultra-Mobile PC Agilix Supports GoBinder for UMPC Platform