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Cleaning Your Notebook Guide Part 1: Cleaning the Air Vents

In the first of a four part series we'll take a look at how to clean various aspects of your laptop. To start with we'll look at cleaning the vents[...]

Ergotron LX Dual Arm Desk Mount Review

Computer users who multitask have always run into the problem of how to get multiple computers or displays running on a small desk surface. LCD stands take up precious space,[...]

Safer, Faster Charging and Longer Lasting Tablet PC Battery Coming Soon?

A company called Boston Power is showing off a battery at the Demo 2007 show today in Palm Desert California that they claim can charge to 80% in 30 minutes,[...]

Bill Gates Speaks Highly of Tablet PCs

Bill Gates has been the man in the news lately due to Microsoft's launch of Vista and Office 2007 yesterday. He has had interviews with just about everyone from NBC's[...]