Intel 2004 Tablet Articles

Popular Intel Articles for 2004

Motion Launches New Tablet – The Motion M1400 Tablet PC

Motion Computing announced a refresh of their M1300 Tablet PC today. The M1400 will feature Intel's new 1.1 GHz ultra low-voltage processor, improved display and 802.11 b/g. Units are now[...]

Sunlight Proves No Match for New Fujitsu Tablet PC|ViewSonic Adds Centrino 802.11g WiFi to Convertible Tablet

Stylistic ST5000 Tablet PC Brings Extraordinary Flexibility, Increased Productivity with Reflective Front-Light Screen Technology ViewSonic announced the launch of its V1250S, a convertible tablet PC that includes integrated 802.11g[...]

New “Dothan” Chip Fuels Gateway’s M275 Tablet PC

The long-awaited second generation of Intel's successful "M" processor has finally been made available for computer manufacturers to incorporate into their Tablet PC's and "highly-mobile" notebook product lines. The[...]

Tablet PC News – TABLET PC Tales|HP introduced the intelligent HP Compaq tablet PC — TC 1100 — at a lucky draw competition|Flarion Unveils Chipsets for use in laptops, tablet PCs, …

TABLET PC Tales HP introduced the intelligent HP Compaq tablet PC -- TC 1100 -- at a lucky draw competition Flarion Unveils Chipsets for use in laptops, tablet[...]

Tablet PC Surfboard? You Gotta See This!

Surf's up with the Tablet PC, dude. It seems that Intel has decided to spice up the Tablet PC form factor by integrating the Tablet as we know it[...]

Will Bluetooth Be Dead By 2006?

If Intel has its way, Bluetooth will be a dead technology by the end of 2005. Intel s pushing hard for a new wireless USB standard, called WUSB. The goal[...]