Intel 2014 Tablet Articles

Popular Intel Articles for 2014

Windows vs. Android Battle Heats Up with Launch of Very Affordable Windows Tablets

Last week saw the debut of two Windows tablets with prices so low that they have the potential to shake up the mobile device market.

64-Bit Processors Will Soon Be Common in Tablets and Smartphones

2014 is gearing up to be the year of the 64-bit mobile processor, but what does that mean for the average tablet and smartphone user? Read on to find out.

More Efficient ”Cherry Trail” Processor Expected to Replace Intel’s Bay Trail in Tablets Starting Late this Year

The Bay Trail series of Intel Atom processors were a significant improvement in battery life and performance when compared to their predecessor. Now Intel is preparing a new version that[...]

Now Is Not a Good Time to Buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Those in the market for a high-end Windows tablet might want to hold off a week or so.

For Intel, Android Tablets Are Key To Success

If Intel wants to stop its revenue slide, it needs to get its chips used in more Android tablets, as sales of Windows-based tablets are anemic.

Expect a Range of Low-Cost Tablets with Intel Processors

Intel will soon introduce an Android-only Bay Trail chipset in the hopes of powering $100 Android tablets, according to a new report.

Intel is Paying Tablet Makers to Use Its Chips

Intel wants its Bay Trail chips to power 40 million tablets in 2014, and it's willing to help pay tablet manufacturers to make it happen.

Two of the Three Wireless Charging Standards Come to Agreement

Two major wireless charging groups have signed an agreement that will see their standards coexist on future devices, which could lead to wireless power becoming more prevalent.

Will Windows/Android Hybrid Tablets Really Find a Market?

At CES, Intel and AMD separately unveiled plans for tablet/laptop combos running both Windows and Android. But will consumers really buy these hybrid devices? NotebookReview explores the issue.