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Popular Microsoft Articles for 2004

Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2004 is on Its Way!

In the second half of 2004, Microsoft plans to officially launch the second major release of its Windows XP Tablet PC Edition OS. With this new version, consumers can[...]

WOW! Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 Officially Released at just over 2 months since the expect release date, the final version of Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 is available!

Software Adds “Ink” Functionality to MS Outlook on Your Tablet PC

A great option for Tablet PC users who want to add full "ink" functionality to Microsoft Outlook is available from Einstein Technologies...

Tablet PC Campus Demo Tour

It seems that Microsoft has begun its anticipated 2004 Tablet PC marketing campaign with more than just recent magazine spots and internet banner ads. Today an official schedule for[...]

Tablet PC News – Sony Thinking Tablet? | Tablets Go Trucking | Magnetic Tablet PC Headsets | More…

Sony is releasing an electronic paper display which gets them closer to the Tablet world Microsoft is showing off real world Tablet PC applications in a semi-truck Magnetic[...]

Will Windows CE Based Tablets be the Future?

In the news lately, we have observed conflicting reports and opinions as to the fate of Tablet PC support in the future of the Windows XP Operating System. At[...]

Kill Bill Volume 3 – Rob Enderle on the Monopolistic Microsoft

Rob Enderle's commentary on "Tablet PC is Dead" and other takes on Microsoft's positioning in the PC market...

Microsoft Launches Tablet PC Pilot at the University of Virginia

With all this recent talk of a possible "vanished" future of the Tablet PC, it is interesting to see that Microsoft is still launching projects. At the University of[...]

New Microsoft Portable Media Center, Why Not Just Use a Notebook or Tablet PC?

Microsoft last week announced that its new consumer targeted device, the Windows CE OS based Portable Media Center (PMC), will become available in August and can be preordered exclusively through[...]

NEW Tablet and Mobile PC Developer Conference Announced

Calling all Programmers and Technofiles Everywhere! New Microsoft Conference Set for San Francisco in February 2005...

Microsoft OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1 Released

Tablet PC OneNote users rejoice! Microsoft has finally released the "official" OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1. New features include...

Tablet PC News – HP/Starbuck’s deal goes South|Language Support for Tablet PC|CeBIT Hannover 2004 begins this Thursday, March 18th

HP/Starbucks's joint venture: 'listen-while-you-sip' venture is unworkable Microsoft Announces Enhanced Language Support for Tablet PC CeBIT Hannover 2004 begins this Thursday, March 18th

Microsoft Tablet PC Demo in Chandler, AZ a “No Show”

We recently featured a story about Microsoft's national effort to show off it's Tablet PC technology with its "Tablet PC Demo Days". We checked out the schedule on the[...]

Tablet PC’s to Vanish? I call Bullsh… I mean Baloney

How confusing. You pick up practically any current computer magazine or even a copy of Time and along the edge of the pages you will surely run accross[...]

Tablet PC Emerging as a Gaming Platform!

Calling all gamers (and developers). Microsoft is soon to release a Tablet PC game software development kit (SDK) and a new Tablet PC specific game, both meant to attract[...]

Second Quarter Shipments of Tablet PCs Down

Etitor's Rant: Hello? Microsoft? Do you hear me now? Hurry up with your XP Service Pack (Tablet OS update). This is getting rediculous...

Send Your Holiday Cards From Your Tablet PC!

...send customized cards to your family and friends using your Tablet PC, Microsoft Journal, and a bit of imagination.

BargainTabletPC News – Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Microsoft kicks off 80-college tour to demo mobile products Microsoft OneNote Service Pack 1 Preview Released For Beta Testing

Win $100,000 from Microsoft!

Microsoft is holding a contest for Tablet PC developers. You can even write your application on any desktop running XP.

“Microsoft Windows Home” Includes Tablet PC in Visions of the Future

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Microsoft Windows Home Concept, you may find the initiative between the Redmond Software Giant and its partners quite intriguing...