Microsoft 2005 Tablet Articles

Popular Microsoft Articles for 2005

Tablet PC News – Fujitsu Tablet PC’s Go Sonoma, High-Speed In-Flight Wireless Internet, Microsoft’s Software Roadmap

Fujitsu Tablet PC's Go Sonoma High-Speed In-Flight Wireless Internet Microsoft's Software Roadmap

First Look: Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

So is this a Tablet or PDA? More on that debate in our full review. Our first impression is that this most certainly is a hell of a fun digital[...]

Inside Scoop: New “Mini Tablet PC” Coming to Market?

"Convertible or Slate? Wait, you may have yet another option to throw in the mix. Sources say that Microsoft is working with a new form-factor Tablet PC "a type of[...]

Microsoft Giving Away Free Tablet PC’s

"Are you new to the Tablet PC? Want to see a Tablet PC demo in person? Microsoft is offering demos at CompUSA stores in several states through June 19th..."

CES 2005 – Tablet PC’s Steal the Show!

Visitors flocked in droves to learn all about the Tablet PC from the Microsoft Reps. Better yet, Microsoft offered a giveaway...

EverNote Latest Release Offers Exciting New Features

Microsoft's OneNote (sometimes called "the reason to by a Tablet PC") is undoubtably the most popular software title for tablet users. Riding hard on MSFT's tails is EverNote, the second[...]

Microsoft Has Fixed the Tablet PC Memory Leak Problem

A memory leak gradually decreases RAM availability until performance gets so bad, only a reboot will resolve the poor performance. Of course the problem repeats in a nasty cycle until[...]

Newest Microsoft Software Releases/Discounts

Get Windows Vista Beta 1 with TechNet Plus (30% off) Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP (free) Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006 ($30 off)

Tablet PC News – Laptop boot time shortened, Microsoft has a winner with Tablet PC OS, NEC’s 4.1-Inch System-on-Glass LCD

Laptop boot time shortened Microsoft has a winner with Tablet PC OS NEC's 4.1-Inch System-on-Glass LCD

“Ultra-Mobile” Tablet PC Out of the Bag (story, pics)

"Some of the best ideas behind this device now dubbed the "Ultra-Mobile" Tablet PC by Microsoft is its small size, "all-day" battery life and constant connectivity."

Next Windows OS “Longhorn” to Combine Tablet PC/Media Center Support

Sources are reporting a new packaging strategy for the upcoming release which is currently dubbed "Longhorn". The final name of this new Windows version is unclear, however it seems[...]

Microsoft Releases Experience Pack for Tablet PC

"...Rather than just releasing a small tool, fix or utility - it appears that on this occasion, Microsoft has really delivered. This full-featured ensemble packs a load of functionality,[...]

Live from CES: New Tablet PC OS Updates from Microsoft!

Last night while attending the Digital Focus event here at CES in Las Vegas, we had a chance to chat with Microsoft's Tablet PC gurus...

Tablet PC News – Users Petition Microsoft to Include Tablet PC OS Recovery Media, Tablet PC Is Stronger Than Predictions Suggest, Tablet PCs’ Future Uncertain?

Users Petition Microsoft to Include Tablet PC OS Recovery Media Tablet PC Is Stronger Than Predictions Suggest Tablet PCs' Future Uncertain?

Bug Found in Windows Tablet PC Edition

A bug in Microsoft Tablet PC Edition has been confirmed. Apparently this issue surrounds the small application "Tabtip.exe" which is necessary to allow handwriting recoginition functionality...

All New MSN Messenger Version 7 Released

Microsoft's MSN Messenger Version 7 has been released in its final build 0777. The new feature packed chat client is available for a free download.

Tablet PC News – Microsoft Agent 2.0 Enhances Tablet PC, Lenovo Short on X41 Tablets

Microsoft Agent 2.0 Enhances Tablet PC Lenovo Short on X41 Tablets

Tablet PC News – Details on Microsoft “OneNote 12”, New Stones Album to be Released on SanDisk Chip, Printer that Prints Objects

Details on Microsoft "OneNote 12" New Stones Album to be Released on SanDisk Chip Printer that Prints Objects

Microsoft Branded Tablet PC? “It is abjectly NOT TRUE”

News swarmed the web recently that Microsoft had plans to offer actual Tablet PC hardware bearing its mighty brand name...

Next Tablet PC Chat with Microsoft Wednesday, Dec. 7th – You’re Invited!

Mark your calendar for Wednesday Dec. 7th. Better yet mark the first Wednesday of every month for Microsoft's monthly live Tablet PC chat. The chat starts at 10:00 A.M. Pacific[...]