Microsoft 2008 Tablet Articles

Popular Microsoft Articles for 2008

HP TouchSmart IQ506 Review (Video)

The HP TouchSmart is an all-in-one desktop computer, according to the sales team, but it has many features of a Tablet PC, well a big slate tablet that is. It[...]

Tablet PC News: DIY Asus Eee PC Touchscreen, Gigabyte M912 Spotted at Computex, Robbie Bach Speaks about Microsoft Surface

DIY Asus Eee PC touchscreen kitGigabyte M912 tablet spotted in TaipeiMicrosoft set to release Windows 7 Multi-Touch SDK in OctoberRobbie Bach speaks about Microsoft Surface technology

Windows Vista SP1 Now Available … Is It Worth It?

Today Microsoft released the long awaited Service Pack 1 update for Windows Vista. We have seen some positive performance gains with the prior release clients offered to the public, and[...]

News Bits: Unique Panasonic Toughbook, Fujitsu Partners with Socket Mobile, OtterBox Introduces Rugged Cases for Samsung Q1

Unique Panasonic Toughbook is all the talkLiveScribe Pulse Smartpen, a new spin on writingFujitsu partners with Socket Mobile to improve mobile data collectionOtterBox announces new cases for Samsung Q1 UMPCStudent[...]

A Closer Look at the Microsoft Sphere (Video)

With touch technology becoming more and more popular and the thing to have, it's a no brainer that Microsoft would take it to the next level. They managed to take[...]

News Bits: New Intel Mobile Processors, X61 with Penryn, and Vista SP1 RC Refresh

Intel to launch new mobile processors in Q3Lenovo brings Penryn processors to the X61Microsoft releases Vista SP1 RC RefreshQuanta increases notebook shipment goal

Microsoft Surface in Action on Vegas Strip

With all the emphasis on touch these days, it's a not a surprise Microsoft has been demoing the Surface tables in public, so consumers can get that hands-on feel. Today's[...]

Microsoft Surface Says Happy Halloween (Video)

If you have been following all the developments with touch technology, then you know Microsoft is on top of things. The Microsoft Surface has not only been used on MSNBC[...]

Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2.0 Review

The latest version of Microsoft's Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 sports just minor design changes and a much smaller wireless transceiver than its predecessor. You'll still find the same controls, same[...]

News Bits: Roper Mobile Technology unveils Duros Rugged Tablet, Dell adds Ubuntu to Inspiron 1525, Toshiba Discontinues HD DVD

Intel to use Centrino 2 branding for MontevinaToshiba discontinues HD DVDMicrosoft is giving free development software to students

News Bits: TabletKiosk adds Eyesboard to Tablets, Microsoft Surface on MSNBC, Intel SSDs

TabletKiosk adds Eyesboard to Tablet PCs and UMPCsMicrosoft Surface on MSNBC this election seasonIntel SSDs now shippingGoogle working on floating data centers

News Bits: Nvidia 9400M Grabs Market Share, Microsoft Tries “Cloud” OS, Vista SP2 Coming Soon

New Nvidia 9400M may take 20% market shareMicrosoft talks about 'Cloud' operating systemVista SP2 beta coming soon

News Bits: New Eee PC in April, AMD Cuts Workforce, Yahoo! Says No To Microsoft … Again

Asus second-gen Eee PC to hit late AprilAcer to introduce low-cost 12.1-inch notebookAMD versus Nvidia: the Mobile LineupYahoo to Microsoft: No, againAMD to cut workforce by 10%

News Bits: Yahoo! rejects Microsoft, Starbucks gives away free WiFi, Dell gets wireless USB

Starbucks to use AT&T for free WiFiYahoo! rejects Microsoft offerDell adds wireless USB optionNvidia introduces GeForce 9500M and 9300M graphics