Microsoft 2010 Tablet Articles

Popular Microsoft Articles for 2010

Office2 HD for iPad Review

Office2 HD from Byte2 includes a Microsoft Word document processor and a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application combined into one iPad app. It is currently available for $7.99 in the Apple[...]

Asus Eee Pad To Have a 12-Inch Touchscreen, Windows 7

Asus has announced its much-anticipated Eee Pad. One version of this tablet computer will run Microsoft Windows 7 and have a 12.1-inch touchscreen, while a second will have a 10-inch[...]

Hands on the mTouch Table Tablet

Merel Technologies' mTouch has the specs of a high-powered slate. However, with a touchscreen topping out at 42-inches, it's more of a tabletop tablet than tablet PC; and its gunning[...]

Microsoft Courier Not Expected Before 2011

The first details on Microsoft's supposedly secret Courier project emerged last year, and its design for a folding, dual-screen tablet has drawn a great deal of attention. But this device[...]

Asus Eee Pad Will Come in Two Versions: Microsoft or Google

Asus is going to take the wraps off a tablet computer at the Computex tradeshow early next month. The first version of the Eee Pad will run Microsoft Windows, while[...]

Ballmer: Windows 7 Tablet PCs Ready for Christmas

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer boldly proclaimed that Windows 7 tablet PCs will be available in time for Christmas.

Toshiba Planning a Dual-Screen Tablet PC Running Windows 7

Toshiba is working on a tablet PC with dual screens and Microsoft Windows 7. It is also developing a less expensive tablet based on Google's Android OS, which will be[...]

Tablet News Week in Review: The Windows Phone 7 Tablet News that Wasn’t

The big tablet news was news that wasn't, actually. On Monday, Steve Ballmer officially unveiled Windows Phone 7 with no mention of tablets. It seems Microsoft is sticking by Windows[...]

Ballmer: More Win 7 Tablet PCs Coming this Year

In comments at a Microsoft partner conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer claimed Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and others are working on Windows 7 tablet PCs and that Microsoft was "all in"[...]

Microsoft Readying Windows Tablet PCs for CES

Expect Microsoft to give the tablet market another go in 2011 as the software giant is said to be working with hardware partners on a number of Windows-powered tablet PCs,[...]

Acer May Soon Launch a Chrome OS-based Tablet

Acer will soon introduce a tablet computer that will be based on Google's Chrome OS, if an unconfirmed report from Taiwan is correct. Acer decided to forgo Microsoft Windows to[...]

Ballmer Promises that Windows 7 Tablets Are Coming ”Soon”

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says that his company is working with Intel and device makers to produce tablet computers running the full version of Windows. He was responding to questions[...]

HP Slate Might Be Canceled

An unconfirmed report indicates that HP has dropped plans to offer a tablet computer running Microsoft Windows 7. The highly anticipated device was supposedly canceled because HP decided it wouldn't[...]

Windows Phone 7 Tablets not Coming Soon

Don't hold your breath waiting for a Windows Phone 7 tablet, especially if Microsoft product manager Greg Sullivan is to be believed.

Microsoft Getting ARM Friendly, So What Does that Mean for Tablets?

It looks like Microsoft will be branching out beyond its typical relationship with Intel and Advanced Micro Devices some time down the road, as a version of Windows that is[...]

French Government to Tax Non-Windows Tablets

Microsoft apparently has quite a following in the French government, which has recently decided to tax tablets?but only those that aren?t running a Windows operating system.

Microsoft Drops Courier Project

Microsoft's project to create a dual-screen tablet computer has been officially canceled. The company gave no reasons for this but, according to a recent unconfirmed report, the project had run[...]

Analyst Says HP Slate Still Going to be Released

Last week, an unconfirmed report indicated that HP has dropped plans to offer a tablet computer running Microsoft Windows 7. An industry analyst says that he doesn't believe this is[...]

Motion Adds Muscle, Intros Rugged J3500 Tablet PCS

Motion Computing has unveiled a series of tablet PCs that are based on Intels Core vPro processors, are equipped with enhanced touch technology compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, and feature[...]

Microsoft Tactile Display To Change Shape to Form a Physical Keyboard

Microsoft has filed a patent application on a shape-changing, texture-enabled screen that might eventually lead to mobile touchpads with palpable keyboards for faster text entry, or even to Braille-capable tablets[...]