Microsoft 2011 Tablet Articles

Popular Microsoft Articles for 2011

Samsung Series 7 Slate: Powerful, Slick, and the Best Windows Slate to Date

Windows 8 is almost here, and it may be Microsoft's great hope for making a dent in the tablet market. But if any device can make a case for Windows[...]

When Will Windows 8 Tablets Really Be Ready?

Fraught by competition from the Apple iPad, RIM PlayBook, and the Android contingent, Microsoft is working furiously on a new edition of Windows. Yet some partners not willing to identify[...]

Quickoffice Pro HD Review: Bringing Office to the iPad

Although not without limitations, the iPad edition of Quickoffice is aimed at compatibility with Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac. Can this robust app turn the iPad into a productive[...]

Microsoft OneNote for Apple iPad Review

After trying to ignore or repel the iPad for years, Microsoft has finally come around and released an Office app for Apple's tablet with OneNote for the Apple iPad. The[...]

Microsoft to Launch Its Own Windows 8 Tablet?

The industry at large did not expect Microsoft to develop its own Windows 8 tablet, but instead to just partner its software with other manufacturers. One media outlet, however, is[...]

What Role Will Windows 8 Play in Enterprise Tablet Adoption?

Windows 8, Microsoft's next release of its Windows operating system, is currently expected to include touch/tablet-oriented features. Given the Windows-centric enterprise, will Windows 8 tablets find a home in business?

No Windows Tablet OS Until 2012?

Inside sources at Microsoft have revealed that the company doesn't intend to release a competitor to the Google Android and Apple iOS tablet operating systems until 2012.

Microsoft Courier Reborn in Tapose App

The Microsoft Courier has been dead for a long time now. Two engineers, however, have made it their goal to reinvent the Courier's unique user interface on today's modern tablets.

Consumers Crave Windows Tablets; Survey Finds

What do consumers looking to buy personal technology want? According to one survey, 42 percent of US consumers would like a tablet that runs the Microsoft operating system.

Tablet News Bits: Tablet Sales Lag, Sony Preps New eReader, No Win Phone 7 on Tablets

With so many stories in the tabletshpere, some are overlooked. Here are some of the biggest little stories from the industry this week, which include lagging tablet sales in Q1,[...]

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2 to Feature Windows 8?

Windows 8 is still a longs ways away, but a rumor has already sprouted that the next iteration of the popular ASUS Eee Pad Transformer could sport Microsoft's tablet software.

Microsoft Shows Off Windows 8

Microsoft finally showed off a sneak peak at its next-generation Windows operating system. Microsoft reps confirmed speculation that the operating system will be touch friendly by unveiling a new start[...]

Microsoft Updates OneNote App to Include iPad

The Microsoft Office team has just released an updated version of the OneNote app for iOS to include iPad compatibility.

Analysts: New App Stores for Tablets, Desktop PCs, and Even Cars

In line with further rumblings this week about future app stores for Microsoft's Windows 8 and HP's WebOS 3.0, Forrester Research analysts are advising that major hardware and software companies[...]

Microsoft Shows off Windows 8 on Tablets at BUILD

Though Microsoft BUILD is a conference for developers working on Windows 8 apps, the Redmond-based tech giant still showed off multiple tablets running the new operating system during Windows president[...]

iOS Most Popular Platform for Developers, Android Slipping

The number of apps a tablet can claim has become a major talking point in the Android vs. Apple vs. everyone else battle for mobile supremacy. A recent survey of[...]

Windows 8 App and Program Download Details Emerge

Microsoft has been adamant in its claim that Windows 8 will be a universal experience across all devices. So it comes as little surprise to learn that Microsoft is encouraging[...]

Microsoft Planning Office App for iPad

It appears Microsoft is planning an iPad-oriented version of its Office business app, according to a new report.

Windows 8 Tablet OS May Be Unveiled in the Summer

Times have changed thanks to tablets, and Microsoft senses that. The company intends to unveil its new tablet-tailored Windows 8 design by the end of its fiscal year in June,[...]

Microsoft Making Four ARM-Friendly Windows 8 Versions: UPDATE x2

It looks like someone at Intel has loose lips as a company exec let slip Microsoft plans to release multiple versions of its next Windows operating system, Windows 8, and[...]