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Microsoft Surface RT Review: Not an Average Tablet

The Microsoft Surface is something not available before: a tablet that's a shrunk-down laptop rather than a blown-up smartphone. Learn more in our full review.

Microsoft Office 2013 Review: Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook

Microsoft Office 2013 arrives months before its companion, Windows 8. While it's obvious Microsoft designed the new Office apps around Metro and the latest OS, it also added new features[...]

Microsoft OneNote Mobile for Android Review

Microsoft already released a mobile version OneNote, its popular notes app, for iOS. Now it's also available for Android. The iOS version certainly had its limits, is the Android version[...]

Can Microsoft Windows 8 Tablets Really Make a Dent in Apple iPad Sales?

In Microsoft's uphill battle against Apple iPad, will Windows 8 garner enough tablets from hardware makers, apps from software developers, and interest from consumers? Here are some insights from analysts[...]

Microsoft Surface Tablets & Apple iPad Head to Head

The Apple iPad dominates the tablet market, but Microsoft is diving in head first with their new Windows 8 Surface tablets regardless. The two tablets target different user types, and[...]

Will Windows 8 Get Business Users Off the iPad?

Windows 8 is coming soon to a tablet PC near you, heralded by the unveiling of the Microsoft Surface tablet. For many, its arrival is predicting some major changes to[...]

VIDEO: Windows 8 Preview – Top Features & Functions

Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system is finally available! TechnologyGuide Chief Editor Jamison Cush provides a look at some of the key features.

Does Google’s Quickoffice Deal Hasten Office for the iPad?

When will Microsoft release an Office app for iPads and Android tablets? As some analysts see it, editions for Windows 8 and RT will come first, regardless of Google's new[...]

Microsoft Surface Windows 8 Tablets Unveiled at Last-Minute LA Event

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage in LA to unveil new hardware under the Microsoft Surface brand, which includes both ARM and Intel Windows 8 tablets.

Microsoft Details Office 2013 RT Availability and Features

Microsoft has shed some light about when and how Office 2013 will become available for RT devices, as well as some of the differences between the RT and x86/x64 versions.

Windows 8 RT and Surface Tablet: Microsoft’s Deliberate Smokescreen and Balancing Act

On Windows 8 launch day this much is clear, Microsoft will have us all believe there is no difference between Windows RT and Windows 8. Both are the next-generation Windows[...]

Microsoft Windows RT: Known and Unknown

With the countdown on for Windows RT tablets, and a lot of details still on the way, what's known at this point about Microsoft's OS, and what's hanging in the[...]

Microsoft Surface: A Windows Nexus Tablet or a Kick in the Butt?

Microsoft recycles the Surface brand name in its own tablet, but says it's not competing with its OEM partners. Really? Either the Surface tablets are reference designs for partners, or[...]

Microsoft Windows 8 Release Preview Hands On

What has Microsoft done to Windows 8 since the February Consumer Preview release? Quite a bit, making it a much more complete operating system. But, the Release Preview is still[...]

Holiday Guide: Five Windows Tablets to Keep Your Eyes On

Microsoft recently introduced Windows 8 and Windows RT, two new versions of its iconic operating system designed to run on devices with touchscreens. There are quite a few models[...]

Samsung Unveils Series 7 and Series 5 Convertible Windows 8 Tablets

Using the IFA stage in Berlin as an ideal platform to announce a slew of new products, Samsung has just took the wraps off the Series 5 and Series 7[...]

Microsoft Making It Easier for Customers to Try a Surface Tablet Before They Buy

The Microsoft Surface tablet has drawn huge amounts of attention, but those who are interested in buying one will only be able to get one at a Microsoft store.

CES 2012: Hands On With Windows 8 Metro Apps

What will turn up in Microsoft's first app store, and how are those beta apps now coming along? TabletPCReview picked up some hints at CES in a variety of places,[...]

Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro Coming in January, Starting at $900

The version of the Microsoft Surface tablet running Windows RT will soon be joined by one with Windows 8 Pro. Microsoft has just revealed the prices for this model.

OnLive Desktop Plus Review: Internet Explorer and Flash on the Apple iPad

OnLive Desktop brings virtualized versions of Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint to the Apple iPad, and it's available for free in the App Store! Now, for $4.99 a month, users[...]