Microsoft 2013 Tablet Articles

Popular Microsoft Articles for 2013

Microsoft Surface Pro Review: Powerful Windows Tablet

The Surface Pro is Microsoft's business-oriented Windows 8 tablet. Is it the device you've been waiting for? Read our full review.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Review

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 may be a tablet, but it has powerful notebook specs and a high notebook price. Its combination of power and mobility is unmatched in the[...]

Microsoft Surface 2 Review

Microsoft has thrown its full support behind Windows RT 8.1 and the Surface 2, but how does it stand up in the real world? Read this review to find out.

Microsoft Permanently Drops Price of Surface Pro, Cuts Price of Touch Cover

The Microsoft Surface Pro was on sale this month, $100 off its regular price. The company has now made this new price permanent.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 Hands-On Preview

Here are our initial impressions of Microsoft's second-generation tablets, the Surface Pro 2 which will run Windows 8.1 Pro and the Surface 2, which will run Windows RT 8.1.

Next-Gen Windows 8 Tablets Will Nearly Eliminate Windows RT

Windows 8 tablets with Intel's Bay Trail processor are going to offer performance and battery life that will drastically reduce demand for Windows RT.

Microsoft Surface Mini Could Launch Next Month for $250

Microsoft is close to introducing an 8-inch version of the Surface tablet, according to an unconfirmed report. This may be the low-price model many are hoping for.

Why One Analyst Recommends Windows 8 Tablets Over iPads for Large Companies

An analyst from Moor Insight & Strategy has weighed in to recommend devices running Microsoft Windows 8 to large companies, rather than the Apple iPad.

Microsoft: Stalling Office for iPad & Android To Give Windows RT a Chance?

MS Office for iPad and Android won't be ready until fall, 2014, says a leaked report. As some analysts see it, the strategy is to give RT tablets a better[...]

All Small-Screen Windows 8.1 Tablets will be Bundled with Microsoft Office

The Acer Iconia W3 was unveiled this week, and many were surprised that this 8-inch Windows 8 tablet will be bundled with a version of Microsoft Office. Microsoft has just[...]

Microsoft Surface Pro Getting Off to a Slow Start

Microsoft has reportedly sold about 400,000 Surface Pro units in the five weeks this Windows 8 tablet has been on the market.

Microsoft Surface 2 with LTE Headed for AT&T

There is good news and bad news for those who want an LTE-enabled version of a Microsoft tablet: one will be released by AT&T, but it won't be the Surface[...]

Microsoft Surface Pro Coming Feb. 9

The official release date for the Microsoft Surface Pro has just been announced: this Windows 8 tablet is going to hit store shelves Feb. 9.

Microsoft Working With Adobe To Bring Full Support for the Surface Pen to Photoshop

Early adopters of the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet have discovered that Adobe Photoshop doesn't fully support the stylus that comes with this tablet. That might change soon.

Microsoft Outlook RT Benefits Outweigh Limitations

Microsoft's new Outlook RT 2013 is much better than RT's built-in mail client, analysts say. But how will Outlook RT's missing features impact business adoption?

64-Bit Version of Windows 8.1 for Latest Intel Atom Processors Won’t Be Available until Next Year

Consumer-oriented tablets released this fall running Intel's latest Atom processors will have to run the 32-bit version of Windows 8.1, as the 64-bit version is not yet finished.

Microsoft Surface With Windows 8 Pro Now Available

Today is the launch of the Surface Pro, Microsoft's first tablet that runs Windows 8 Pro. It's available directly from Microsoft, as well as Best Buy and Staples.

Microsoft Says Additional Accessories in Development for Surface Pro Tablet

Microsoft already offers a pair of keyboard covers for the Surface Pro tablet, but has also made it clear that more such accessories are on the way.

Dropbox App for Windows 8 Now Available

Months after being showcased at Microsoft's build developer conference in October, the Dropbox app for Windows 8 and Windows RT is finally available for download, giving users access to their[...]

VIDEO: Microsoft Surface Pro Overview

The Microsoft Surface Pro is probably the best-known tablet running Windows 8 Pro. Watch our video showing this powerful computer in action.