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Huawei Mobile WiFi E5220 Review

This accessory from Huawei can turn a cellular-data signal into a Wi-Fi hotspot. How well does it work? Read this review to find out.

Microsoft Surface 2 with LTE Headed for AT&T

There is good news and bad news for those who want an LTE-enabled version of a Microsoft tablet: one will be released by AT&T, but it won't be the Surface[...]

AT&T To Offer $5-a-Day Data Plan for Tablets

On a trip and want to check your email for a low price? AT&T will soon begin offering a one-day pass to its data network for only $5.

AT&T and Boingo Team Up to Offer Users Wi-Fi Around the Globe

AT&T has announced a partnership with Boingo, allowing its users to access Boingo's global network of Wi-Fi hotspots while traveling abroad.

FCC Proposes Free National Wi-Fi Network

Imagine being connected to the Internet at all times and not having to pay a wireless carrier to do so? Well, that's what the FCC is looking to do, following[...]

Microsoft Surface 2 LTE Coming Next Year

It wasn't announced at the press event Microsoft held yesterday, but the head of development for Microsoft own line of tablets has committed to a version of the Surface 2[...]

IOGear NetShair Link Is a Portable Wi-Fi Router and Streaming Media Server

Although there's no direct way to use a USB drive with an Apple iPad or many Android tablets, the new NetShair Link from IOGear provides an indirect option. It can[...]

Google Nexus 7 II LTE Now Available for T-Mobile’s 4G Network

The wait is over for those who want a version of the new Google Nexus 7 II that has 4G LTE access -- one that can connect to T-Mobile highest-speed[...]