Nokia 2012 Tablet Articles

Popular Nokia Articles for 2012

Nokia Allegedly Preparing its First Windows 8 Tablet

Nokia is reportedly developing its first Windows 8-powered tablet.

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Coming in Q4? UPDATE

According to insiders, Nokia is looking to take a stab at the Microsoft Windows 8 tablet market by releasing their own later on this year.

Nokia Officially Working on a Tablet

For months, there has been speculation about Nokia creating its own tablet. Today, a Nokia official announced that the company is in fact developing a tablet.

Nokia Considering a Windows Tablet

Nokia may once again extend its reach beyond phones, as the company's CEO has made it clear that a tablet is a real possibility.

Nokia to Launch Range of Tablets

Nokia chairman Jorma Ollila recently said that the company will eventually launch a range of tablets and hybrid smart mobile devices.

Nokia Once Again Prepping a Windows RT Tablet

Nokia is reportedly re-starting its project that will result in the smartphone company introducing a tablet running Windows RT.