RIM 2006 Tablet Articles

Popular RIM Articles for 2006

News – TabletKiosk Roadshow, Arima UMPC Released, Office 2007 Visio Tablet PC Features

TabletKiosk Roadshow Hits Orlando & Houston Arima UMPC Released Office 2007 Visio Tablet PC Features

Tablet PC News – Robert Fripp Recording Vista Soundtrack, Vista Features “Unlockable”, Dual-CPU PDA Runs Tablet OS

King Crimson Founder Robert Fripp Recording Windows Vista Soundtrack. Vista said to Ship with Unlockable Features in Every Copy. Dual-CPU PDA Runs Windows Tablet PC Edition AND Windows[...]

Tom Bihn Archetype Case for MacBook Pro Review

ar che type n. 1. a typical, ideal, or classic example of something 2. Synonyms: epitome, prime example, original, classic. Archetype is an apt name for[...]

News – ThinkPad Creator Predicts Future of Notebooks, TabletPc2 eo UMPC Review, $100 PCs for “the Poor”

ThinkPad Creator Arimasa Naitoh Predicts the Future of Notebooks Linda Epstein of TabletPc2 Reviews the TabletKiosk eo UMPC One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project to Offer $100 Notebooks

ShaggyMAC OptiMist Prime Review

ShaggyMAC, who is well known for their microfiber cloths, has released a new cleaning product called OptiMist Prime. I know, you're already thinking, who needs another screen cleaning solution. Well,[...]