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Best Password Management Apps for iPad

These days you can't do anything without a password, so you probably have lots of them. The right password manager can help you keep track of all of that.

Do Windows 8.1 Users Need Third-Party Anti-Malware Software?

Although supposedly beefed up in Windows 8.1, Microsoft's Defender software still isn't doing enough to keep users safe from malware, AV-Test told TPCR this week.

6 Anti-Theft Apps for the iPad and iPhone

Apple and a flock of other developers produce "anti-theft" apps. What are these apps designed to do? How well do they really work? Read this hands-on roundup.

Do Tablets Really Need Security Apps?

Not that long ago, lots of people would have laughed at the very thought of malware ever afflicting a tablet or smartphone. Now, while some users still question the need[...]

Best iPad Apps for Secure Email and Web Browsing

We use our tablets for email and the Web and don't give it a second thought. Here's some apps that can help keep our communications private.

Kaspersky Releases Multi-Device Security, Plans iPad & iPhone Support

Kaspersky has released a multi-device security product for PCs, Macs and Android devices, while revealing plans to roll in a "safe browser" for iOS by the end of this year.

FileMaker Updates iPad Edition of Bento Personal Database

FileMaker, a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, has released three new editions of its Bento personal database for consumers and SMBs, including a major redesign of Bento for iPad.

Microsoft Windows RT: Known and Unknown

With the countdown on for Windows RT tablets, and a lot of details still on the way, what's known at this point about Microsoft's OS, and what's hanging in the[...]

BlackBerry PlayBook and Apple iPad Found Safest for Enterprise Use

There's no denying that tablets have become an integral part of many people's lives. Yet, as more business adopt bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approaches for employees, a new study takes a look[...]

CES 2013: MMGuardian Android Tablet and Phone Parental-Control Apps To Be Launched

At CES, Pervasive Group will give an official launch to two MMGuardian apps for letting parents control the use of tablets and smartphones by children and teens.

Apple iPad Not Directly Affected by Heartbleed Bug, but One Version of Android Is

The Heartbleed bug has potentially exposed the personal and professional info of millions of people, but users of Apple's tablets should be relieved to learn that this security flaw isn't[...]

Net Nanny iOS Browser to be Joined by Versions for Windows 8 and Maybe RT

After the iOS release of its Net Nanny "safe browser," ContentWatch plans a family security app for Windows 8 and possibly RT, TabletPCReview has learned.

Microsoft’s Windows Store Growing Strongly Again, Closing in on 100,000 Apps

The rate at which developers are submitting apps to the Windows Store has picked up after slowing earlier in the year.

Norton Mobile Security (NMS) Adds Privacy and Anti-Theft Features

A new edition of Symantec's Norton Mobile Security adds a privacy feature for identifying risky Android apps. New for iOS devices is a 'scream' antitheft feature.

Apple Makes App Store Purchases More Secure with Two-step Verification

Those who are concerned about someone making improper use of their iTunes account can now turn on two-step verification, making purchases more secure.

Apple Releases iOS 7.0.3 with iCloud Keychain, Password Suggester, and Bug Fixes

On the same day it unveiled two new tablets with much fanfare, Apple also quietly put out IOS 7.0.3. This new version of its mobile operating system includes some new[...]

Apple iPad Will Soon Be Approved for Use by the Department of Defense

Employees of the U.S. Department of Defense will soon be able to use an Apple iPad as part of their jobs.

Apple iPad and iPhone Score Approval from the Department of Defense

Both military and civilian employees of the Department of Defense (DoD) can now use Apple's tablets and smartphones for tasks that aren't related to high security.

iOS 7.0.2 Released to Fix Lock Screen Security Hole

Users of Apple's new iOS 7 quickly found a bug in the unlock screen that allowed unauthorized users to access some of the features of Apple's devices. iOS 7.0.2 has[...]

How To Make Web Browsing on an Android Device More Secure

Your Internet Service Provider can now legally track you and sell your info. There are some steps Android users can take to protect their privacy, however.