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Popular Security Articles for 2014

Do Windows 8.1 Users Need Third-Party Anti-Malware Software?

Although supposedly beefed up in Windows 8.1, Microsoft's Defender software still isn't doing enough to keep users safe from malware, AV-Test told TPCR this week.

Apple iPad Not Directly Affected by Heartbleed Bug, but One Version of Android Is

The Heartbleed bug has potentially exposed the personal and professional info of millions of people, but users of Apple's tablets should be relieved to learn that this security flaw isn't[...]

Spy Agencies Allegedly Exploit ”Leaky Apps” for End Users’ Personal Data

Could popular apps such as Angry Birds or Facebook tell the NSA your age, friends, and whether you're straight or gay? Brighthand has all the details.

Cryptography Apps: How To Keep Your Personal Info Private

As consumers living in a post-Edward Snowden world, what do we need to know about cryptography applications? Read this guide from NotebookReview to find out.

How Mobile Antivirus Software Works, and How To Know If You Need It

Whether antivirus software is needed on tablets depends on which operating system is being used. Get more details from SearchConsumerization.

Data Suggests Android Malware Threat Greatly Overhyped

The head of Google's Android security team believes that there's little basis for the widely-held belief that Android is plagued by malware. Learn more from SearchSecurity.

Apple iOS 7 Security and Privacy Features for IT

With iOS 7, Apple has included more tools than ever for managing iOS devices. SearchConsumerization explains which iOS 7 security and privacy features IT can control and how.

Samsung Knox to Co-exist with Android’s Secure Container Knockoff

Samsung forges ahead with its Knox enterprise mobility management (EMM) tool, despite a free Knox knockoff in Google Android L. More details are available from SearchConsumerization.