Sony 2010 Tablet Articles

Popular Sony Articles for 2010

Sony Reader Touch Edition Review

The Sony Reader Touch Edition is an electronic reading device with a six-inch eInk Pearl screen, 2GB of onboard memory, and dual SD and Memory Stick Duo expansion slots. Does[...]

Ballmer: More Win 7 Tablet PCs Coming this Year

In comments at a Microsoft partner conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer claimed Sony, Samsung, Toshiba and others are working on Windows 7 tablet PCs and that Microsoft was "all in"[...]

Sony Enters eBook Reader Price War

Sony may be a bit late to the battlefield, but they have entered the eReader price war, dropping digits on all three of their eBook readers.

Sony Talks Tablets

Sony has been very quite in regards to its tablet plans. In fact, outside of a logo cameo on a Windows 7 partner slide during a Steve Ballmer presentation, Sony[...]

Rumor: Two New Sony eBook Readers Coming Soon

While the Kindle and Nook duke it out, rumors are swirling that Sony is quietly refreshing its eReader lineup with thinner form factors, touchscreens and increased capacity.

eReader News Round Up: Sony Gets an App, E-Tab Gets a New Name, B&N Updates Nook

Just like the Kindle, Nook, and Kobo, Sony is finally offering an eReader app for the iPhone as well as Android smartphones this December as a compliment to the Sony[...]

Sony Vaio Tablet Spotted at FCC

Based on comments by Sony CFO Masaru Kato and Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer, we knew Sony was working on a tablet, most likely a unit running Windows 7. Today, we[...]

Sony Refreshes eBook Reader Lineup

Sony today announced an update to its Reader lineup of eBook reading devices, slimming them down while adding touch to the eInk displays.